Shakti 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman urges Soumya not to marry Sameer

Shakti 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Saya why did she call her. Saya says it was not right to come to your house and asks where did Jolly go for Khushi’s marriage. Preeto says Jolly will bring Khushi. Saya says they will get nek from there. Preeto says something and asks them to come when her daughter in law and son comes. Sameer gets ready as a groom and thinks he will give so much love to Soumya that she forgets Harman and remember him only. His mum calls Preeto and makes her see Sameer telling that. She challenges Preeto and tells that what will happen to your belief now. Preeto says may be you are right, my motherly love and destiny have failed. Sameer’s mum smirks. Raavi asks Preeto not to cry. Preeto says this is acting and tells that she didn’t accept and tells

that Jolly will eloped with Khushi. Raavi says acting is superb.

Neighbors talk that it is good that Sameer’s mum kept marriage somewhere else, but that also called them. Harman reaches there. Sameer tells guests that he couldn’t bring baraat. Sameer’s mum asks everyone to dance. They dance. Soumya comes to the mandap and sits. Sameer smiles.

Harman comes inside. Guests ask you came here also? Soumya gets up and says she will talk to him. Sameer’s mum stops her. Harman says I came to dance in my friend’s marriage. Sameer asks him to stop, comes near him and says I am giving you some last moments in gift. He smiles and asks Harman to dance. Police is searching Harman.

Raavi calls Harman and tells Preeto that he is not picking her call. Preeto asks her not to worry and says Jolly is like Harman and loves Khushi. She asks her to go and sleep. Raavi asks Preeto why is she eating two tablespoons. Preeto says Harman and I used to have food like this.

Raavi says you still remember that you both have to eat this in night, and asks her to make Harman eat it when he comes. Preeto says when he returns with Soumya, we will eat altogether. Raavi says Harman will come soon with Soumya and asks her to eat it till then. She makes her eat.

Harman and Sameer dance on the song jhoom barabar jhoom……..inspector comes there. guest tell him that Harman came to attend the marriage and not to do any siyappa. Inspector says ok. After the dance performance, Harman tells Khushi to accept his love and says I love you very much. Soumya says are you mad? Inspector runs to Harman and says I never saw such a stubborn lover. Harman says I love you very much Khushi. Inspector is taking Harman with him. Harman tells again and again about his love and says I can’t live without you. Soumya asks inspector to leave Harman. Sameer gets tensed and holds her hand. She brushes off his hand. Sameer’s mum holds her hand. Harman tells her that he loves her very much and promises to keep her happy always. He says I used to miss you every moment after getting separated from you and says we will spend our lives with this love. He asks her to come with him and says I love you. Soumya frees her hand and walks towards Harman.

He says we will make our own world. Soumya lifts her hand and slaps him on his face. Sameer gets surprised. His mum smiles. Harman is shocked.

Harman kidnaps Soumya on knife point and takes her from there. Inspector searches them. Soumya shouts for help. Harman keeps his hand on her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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