Shakti 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya see each other at Mr. Bansal’s house

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Shakti 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman blaming Soumya for burning their lives. Soumya says I didn’t light fire, I am burning in fire and that’s why left you and your family so that you don’t get burnt. Harman says you have killed my Soumya. Soumya says she was a kinnar and says if she had not died then would have accused of others’ death also. She asks him to go and sleep. Harman asks she has become so much egoistic and asks where she is working? What does she wants? Saya says she wants freedom from you and asks him to remember that true love never ends and unites somehow. Soumya comes to Vedant and asks him to have breakfast. He says he already had breakfast. He compliments her beauty and then asks why she dresses up nicely being a kinnar and says whenever I think about myself, I feel I am better than you. She says I didn’t think that you will be affected much by my presence and asks him to get well soon so that he don’t have to see her face. She says we, kinnars get ready for ourselves as we love each other, see life with a different perspective and get strength ourselves. She says if society gets this learning from us then this world will be the better place. Vedant thinks she has so much attitude and thinks how to show her value.

Mr. Bansal meets Harak Singh and Harman and finalize the deal by apologizing to them. Harman says I can understand being a son and father. Mr. bansal says lets go to my house and talk to Vedant. Soumya comes to Vedant’s room and looks at something. Raju comes there and is shocked. He asks what is she doing? Soumya says whatever she is doing will make Vedant happy. Raju tells other Servants and calls Mr. bansal worriedly. Soumya comes to Vedant and tells that she wants to show him something. Vedant asks do you want to dance to make me happy. Soumya says she wants to show him something and takes him to his room. They see the mother’s day cards with Vedant and his mum’s pic. She says she got the cards in the drawer and hopes he likes it. Vedant gets hurt and takes out the cards from the wall. Soumya asks what is he doing? Vedant pushes her and falls down from the wheel chair. He asks Servants to stay far from him and says nobody shall come near me. He sits back on the wheel chair and takes out the cards from the wall. Vedant asks her to just leave. Soumya asks what happened? Vedant says these are my cards and my mother, how dare you to touch it and asks her to leave him. He fires her. Soumya asks what wrong did I do? Vedant takes the knife and threatens to slit his throat. Soumya says I will go. She takes her bags and is leaving. She sees Harman coming in car with harak Singh. Noore Khuda plays…..Mr. Bansal also gets down from his car. Soumya hides from their sight. They get inside. She leaves.

Mr. Bansal invites them to come inside. Vedant says it seems you forgot that day insult. Mr. Bansal says I want you to do the business which you like and asks him to remember that they will not get good business partner than them and asks him to do business. He asks Servants why they are standing in shock. Vedant says that kinnar is punished and says she don’t have manners not to touch other’s stuff. Harman asks about her. Vedant says she was his caretaker. He asks them to welcome back. Soumya is walking on the road and thinks how do Harman know that I work here. She calls Saya and asks did you tell Harman about the address where I work? Saya says I didn’t tell him even though he asked me. Soumya says they have come here to Mr. bansal’s house. Saya asks her to check herself. Mr. bansal comes there and reminds Soumya of the promise. Soumya says Vedant kept knife on his neck and threatened to die if I am around her. Harman asks what is your caretaker’s name. Vedant says Tarangi..Tanu. Harman says Tarana..Vedant says she has so much attitude, more than woman have. Harman says description is of Soumya. Mr. bansal brings Soumya there holding her hand.

Precap: Harman tells Soumya that he will tell Vedant who is she? Soumya gives him Soham’s promise and says she is working as a caretaker here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. harman was the first person who taught saumya what do you mean by strength.the day when saumya mother died & harman brought saumya to his house again he taught her now you will have to fight against preeto,she will scream,shout & whatever possible ways to throw you she will do it.that was the day & today is the day where the same ungrateful saumya throwed harman out of her life after he giving his whole life to her.saumya character is selfish,ungrateful,disgusting human being,not trustworthy.whatever it may be but when she leaves harman & go that is not at all right in any way.whoever may say her decesion is not right.shakti has lost that respec from ordians so people have stop watching the show.and this makers have done it.if after fighting & coming so long & they are not together then your effort is waste.after changing such a negative preeto character into positive one & again changing it to negative means makers lost everything after achieving it.if makers wants that appreciation they must show preeto realising her mistake & she deciding to make harman & saumya together.

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