Shakti 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat opens tea shop outside Angel’s house


Shakti 14th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. greeting Parmeet and Sant Baksh and says you would have called me, I would have come home. Parmeet asks how are you? Dr. Isha says we shall sit and talk. She asks how is Virat? You didn’t call me for the wedding and asks how is he and his wife? Sant Baksh says we came to talk to you about it. She asks if he is becoming a father and that’s why you are inviting us for the function. Parmeet says actually Virat has married a kinnar, although she is gone out of our home, but not from his heart. Sant Baksh asks her to save her childhood friend. Parmeet says we are going through mental trauma and tells everything. Shyam comes to Heer and asks what happened, asks him to take his help to solve her dilemma. He asks can you answer my question? Shyam asks do you want to see yourself as a kinnar or Heer after a year. Heer recalls her brother’s love, Mahi and Virat’s love. And then her identity truth. She says I am a kinnar and wants to see myself as a kinnar. Shyam says I want to hear this only. He says I want to teach you clapping like kinnars, and dancing like them and all their styles. He asks can we become friends?

Heer shakes her hand with him, accepting his friendship. Shyam says we will start our friendship with sweets, I will feed you with gajar ka halwa made by me. Heer says I will make you eat my favourite Pulao. Saya is looking at them from outside the house. Heer comes to the kitchen to make Pulao, while Shyam comes there to make halwa.

Virat is cutting the wood outside Angel’s house. Shyam plays music on the utensil and also on the table, while grating the carrots. Virat paints on the wood sticks. Shyam plays flute while Heer beats the utensils to make music sound. Tu hi mera khuda is shown as Virat is shown. Shyam makes halwa and says it is ready. Heer says my Pulao is also ready with real whistle.

Shyam tells all kinnars that he made halwa while Apsara made pulao. Angel says you were so busy that you didn’t see what is happening outside. They go out and see Heer-Virat Tea Stall outside Angel’s house. They see Heer-Virat pics hanging on the tea stall. Virat sees Heer and says my first customer, asks if she wants to have ginger garlic tea etc. He asks her to chill and says you can’t throw me out from here, as this is not your land. He says you want to live with your identity, so this is my identity. Angel asks him to take his shop and leave. Virat asks if this land is yours. Shyam says it is not yours too. Virat says it is Govt’s land, my father is a DSP and that’s why this land is theirs. Angel asks Heer to come inside. They all walk inside. Virat says drink atleast tea.

Just then Isha comes in her car to meet Virat and hugs him. Heer looks at him from the window. He says you are here. Isha says yes. Virat says you came here suddenly after many years. Isha says she came to drink tea at his shop and asks him to make special tea. Virat says ok. Shyam and Heer look at them. Shyam goes from the kitchen.

Shyam brings tea for Heer and says our friendship starts with tea. Heer thanks him. Shyam asks what happened? Are you feeling bad or happy that someone came in his life. Heer thinks she had prayed that someone comes in his life and closes the window. Virat asks why did you come here? Isha says I have never lied to you and tells that your parents had come to me and told me everything about Heer and you. She says I want to hear from you, why you want to sell tea in kinnars’ area.

Shyam asks Heer, how the tea will be, if the ingredients will not be the same. Heer says then it will not be tea. Shyam says relations are made between woman and man and tells that kinnars shall not interfere. Isha asks are you doubtful on your decision? Virat tells that he loves a kinnar staying in that house and says he is never doubtful about his decision. He asks her to go home. Isha says no and tells that she will go to Clinic from here. He holds her hand. Heer looks at them from the window again. Shyam also comes there. Virat tells that this is his life’s war and he has to fight alone. Isha says now I am going from here, but will come again. He goes. Virat says you have to come back to me Heer and have to stay with me all life. Shyam says you have to send Virat away from your life, anyhow.

Precap: Heer destroys Virat’s tea stall. He tells her that she can break his heart, his shop, his love won’t lessen for her. Preeto and family come to meet Heer with new clothes and sweets. Shyam tells them that Heer is his, their Apsara. He gives new clothes to Heer. She happily accepts them. Preeto and her family members are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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