Shakti 13th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bua ji reaches Saya’s house to enquire about Heer

Shakti 13th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat drinking chilli powder water and keeps the jug back. Parmeet and Heer are shocked. Heer tries to stop him. Virat says I will order food and come. Parmeet is shocked. Heer comes to room and finds Virat feeling the burning sensation. She tries to give him honey, but he refuses to eat it. Heer makes him drink forcibly and asks what was the need to drink chilli powder water. Virat says if I haven’t drank it then you would have drank that. He says why did you agree? Heer says you might not get affected seeing us staying separately. He says I just know that I can’t see you in pain.

He asks her to leave her stubbornness and trust him. He will bring all the happiness of this world, today or tomorrow. Heer keeps the honey bowl and tells him that she has always waited for tomorrow in her life, says her Papa Harman Singh and Gulabo haven’t returned. She says Preeto used to postponed to fulfill my wishes. When I used to ask Soham and Rohan veer ji about any question, they used to tell that they will tell her tomorrow. She tells that she can’t lose tomorrow as she wants to take her last breath in his embrace and asks him to complete the last three rounds with her, so that she gets her sasural and they get happy too. She hugs him and cries. Virat says lets go down, food might have come. He goes downstairs. Heer thinks why Virat haven’t replied and thinks why he is running away from rounds, thinks if he is hiding something from her, something big.

Bua comes back and finds everyone having food. She thinks nobody cares for her and thinks now I will show who is Teji. Teji takes a stone and hits Sant Baksh’s name plate. Everyone rushes to her. Bua ji tells that nobody gave her food and told that Sant Baksh’s bahu is brought up by the kinnar. She says she has the qualities of a kinnar and tells the lies to provoke them. She says this all happened because of this girl, she was insulted badly by the neighbors. Virat asks what is Heer’s mistake in this. Bua ji says the girl who can’t cook food, can’t handle home. Sant Baksh asks Heer to apologize to Bua ji. Heer asks what is my mistake? Sant Baksh says Didi is insulted because of you. Heer says sorry and goes inside. Bua ji tells that she didn’t tell me anything and went inside. Heer brings chole, kheer and etc and tells that she made it for her. She says a relation will be beautiful if stays in limits. She makes Bua ji eat it and tells that Kheer’s recipe is of her Gulabo, says she is proud to say that she is brought up by a kinnar. She says she has kept respect of her maternal home and will never let her inlaws home get insulted. Everyone go inside. Heer tells that she has a good thing for her and asks her not to go. She brings tablet for Bua ji and tells that it will help in digestion as you have food two times. She asks her to wash her clothes as she kept soap in the bathroom. Bua ji thinks to take revenge from heer on Diwali day. She thins to search in kinnars’ home.

Heer is cleaning the house. Virat comes and tries to stop her, says new bahu shall not do this. Heer says but old daughter can do. He asks her to stop it. Heer says Preeto started this game, you would have ended yesterday. Virat goes and sit on the sofa. Heer tells that she is his wife, and asks him to come with her for some romance. She hugs him, while he tries to go. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Virat takes out chain from his pocket and makes her wear it. He asks if she is happy and wishes happy diwali. Heer says which wife will not be happy to get chain, but she will not and says she would have been happy if he had kissed, and hugged her. Parmeet hears them and thinks there is something wrong for sure.

Virat’s Bua ji comes to Saya’s house and tells that she is Virat’s bua and is doubtful about Virat’s wife. She says she will give them money and asks Saya to find out about Heer. Saya says we can give you more money than this and asks her to love Heer, as she is beautiful and understanding. Bua ji feels insulted and leave from there. Shanno comes there and Bua ji that just like you had gone to kinnars’ home, even I came to know to enquire, but couldn’t find out. She gives Kareena’s pic and says she can tell you. She says Kareena stays in a small village, 65 kms away from here. Bua ji says why to believe you? Shanno asks her to go and find out. bua ji decides to go and thinks happy Diwali, I will find out.

Precap: Heer gets drunk and sings main baawali hogi…Kareena is about to tell Bua about Heer being a kinnar. Bua comes home and tells everyone that kinnar……Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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