Shakti 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanno foils Preeto’s plan and instigates Harak Singh to kill Soumya

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Shakti 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto coming to Dr. Gayatri’s house to see Soumya and gets emotional on seeing her. She smiles and cries too. She thinks Mata Rani has heard Heer’s prayers. Gita asks her to give her injection. Preeto asks her to bring a glass of water. Gita says ok and goes. Preeto sits at Soumya’s bed side and cries. He says I am very happy seeing you breathing. She says after losing Harman, I can’t lose you. She asks her to come back and handle Heer, kids and her. She thanks Mata Rani. She sees notepad there and writes on it, that the patient is her bahu Soumya and asks her to let her here, until she gains consciousness as there is a danger to her life. Gita is coming there with the glass of water. Preeto leaves money and jewellery on the notepad. She says Harman didn’t come, but you gave us a hope that you will return. She leaves. Gita sees her gone and comes out of house. Shanno comes inside the house and hears beeping sound from Soumya’s room. She comes inside and sees Soumya alive there. She gets shocked and says she is alive, but in coma. She says she is born drinking amrit. She sees money and jewellery with the letter and reads it. She tears the letter and says this letter is going into the dustbin with your emotions, it is very sad. She says this money will be my emotions. She takes money and jewellery and says it will be with me safely. She says I will see what to do about this kinnar and will not get a chance again. She takes her pic. Gita calls Gayatri and tells about nurse coming after she left. Shanno escapes silently. Gayatri thinks if she came to hurt her.

Heer gets dream of Soumya asking her to be happy and keep others happy. She wakes up and calls Preeto. She comes out and tells Preeto, Raavi and Sindhu that Soumya came in her dream and asked them to be happy. Shanno says so we shall smile for you. Heer asks what’s wrong if we become happy. Raavi says we will be happy. Preeto prays to God to make Soumya fine.

Shanno comes to meet Harak Singh in the jail and tells that she is feeling bad seeing him here. He says he don’t want sympathy. She says she came with a solution to his problem. Harak Singh asks if Heer died? Shanno says no, but Soumya is alive. Harak Singh asks if she is mad and says I shot her and she fell in the valley. Shanno says she has a thick skin and tells that she is alive and is in coma. She shows her pic. Harak Singh is shocked. Shanno tells him that she will tell Police that she is alive. Harak Singh stops her and says I will kill both Soumya and Heer and nobody will know. Shanno smiles. Harak Singh asks her to search someone who can do his house. Shanno says I and asks how? Harak Singh says I know how is every member of my family and says money speaks, and says he will give her money and asks her to find the man. The thief in the lock up tells that he will do the work and asks for 10 lakh rupees. He says I will do your work tomorrow after coming out from here. Harak Singh agrees to his demand. Shanno then calls Sindhu’s inlaws and inform them about her.

Preeto and Raavi ask the kids why they don’t want to go on a picnic. Heer says we don’t want to go now, we will go once Gulabo returns. Preeto asks them to take their school bags and finish tiffins. Heer says you talks like Gulabo. Preeto says what did Gulabo say in the morning? Heer says I am happy and we will go for picnic. Preeto thinks the day is like mountain without Soumya and asks when you will come. Heer thinks to take raisins chocolate tomorrow as it is Soumya’s favorite. Gita is in her house and thinks which chocolate to take, tells Soumya that tomorrow is the first day in school and picnic day too.

Veeran calls Sindhu and asks her to pack her bags, says I will drop you to your sasural. Sindhu asks if everything is alright. Veeran says Ankush called and said that his father is unwell and his mum wants you to stay in the house. Shanno smirks and thinks everything is as per the plan. Sindhu tells Preeto that she has to leave. Preeto asks her to go. Sindhu says bye to heer and hugs her. She hugs Shanno. Soham asks heer to stop Sindhu. Heer says she is going to her sasural and says even one day, I will become a bride and will go to the sasural. Shanno thinks Sindhu is gone, her father in law shall act nicely. She thinks the picnic will be memorable tomorrow.

Raavi gives juice to Rohan. She gives them school bags and asks them to go. Gita tells Soumya that she will come in the evening. School bus comes there to take her. Gita says bye and kisses Soumya. Gayatri calls in ambulance to take Soumya to hospital for check up. Heer, Rohan and Soham are in the school bus. Gita hugs Gayatri. Heer looks on.

Precap: Heer looks at Soumya through the bus and calls her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Funny how brown people are portrayed are selfish, corrupt, greedy a*sh*les aka Shanno. Do better.

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