Shakti 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto threatens to burn herself in kinnars’ home

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Shakti 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman holding Soumya’s hand and stopping her from falling down, but he leaves her hand and she falls down the stairs and shouts. It was harman’s dream. He wakes up taking her name and thinks if she is fine. He comes to kinnars’ house and gets inside Soumya’s room. He finds her sleeping and thinks it is fun to drink wine infront of you, watching you sleeping. He says I love you Gulabo. In the morning, Soumya wakes up and sees Soham sleeping in the cradle. She sees wine bottle on floor and the window open. She thinks Harman ji came here in the night and this bottle. Saya comes there and asks Soumya to give 2000 Rs. Soumya says it is in the purse. Saya takes it and says she has to settle milkman’s payment. She says she will return it in the morning and goes. Soumya calls Raavi and asks her to give her phone. She calls Harman. Harman is sleeping on his bed and picks the call. Soumya asks what do you want? Harman asks why you are talking to me in Soumya’s voice. Soumya says I am Soumya and asks did you come to my room last night. She says you can only meet Soham. Harman tells her that he came to meet Soham in the night and don’t want to drink seeing her sleeping. He calls her Gulabo and then says you are not Gulabo now, you are dried petals now. Soumya throws the bottle in the dustbin. Raavi asks shall I ask you? Soumya asks her not to ask about the past. Raavi thanks her for letting her stay here.

Soumya comes to Vedant’s house. Mr. bansal is sitting at his side. Soumya asks what happened to him. Mr. Bansal says Vedant had many tablets altogether, doctor checked and treated him. Soumya asks about his mother. Mr. bansal says Vedant’s mother left them when he was small, he had many questions but he was busy in business. He says Vedant became bitter. Vedant gets up and asks him not to talk about that woman. Shanno informs Preeto about Raavi staying in kinnars’ house. Preeto shouts calling Harak Singh and asks him to bring Raavi from kinnars’ house. Harak Singh says she will come when she calm down. Preeto is angry and asks Shanno to come with her to the dirty place to take Raavi back. Vedant gets upset with Mr. bansal. Soumya tells that his father cares for him so much and that’s why hired so many employees for him. She asks him to see them and says they have no relatives, but they didn’t accept defeat from life.

Chameli is massaging Raavi’s head. Preeto comes there and says don’t you feel shame, says God made you complete woman, but then also you are staying with kinnars. Raavi says she don’t feel shame. Shanno asks her to come home. Raavi says it was your home and not mine. Preeto asks her to come. Raavi refuses to come. Preeto goes to kitchen and takes the kerosene oil can. Raavi, Shanno and others are shocked. Preeto brings kerosene oil and matchstick to the hall and pours on herself. Saya tries to stop her. Preeto says if anyone comes near me then I will burn myself. Saya asks Raavi to agree to your mum’s sayings and go from there. Raavi says I will not be blackmailed today and says can’t you see that Harman left Soumya because of you and she became Gurumaa. Preeto asks if she is coming with her. Saya asks her to go. Raavi refuses to go. Preeto says I am asking for last time and throws the match stick on floor to burn herself. Soumya comes and puts water on Preeto. Preeto and everyone are shocked. Soumya says if the fire had catch you then. Preeto says what to do, my son is after you and my daughter is staying here. Soumya says I can’t do anything. Saya asks Raavi to go with Preeto. Raavi says I can’t go from here. She asks soumya not to send her with Preeto. Soumya holds Raavi’s hand and asks her to go. She says she don’t want to be blamed that people die because of her. She says she wants to live her life peacefully and asks her to leave. Raavi says I don’t want to go with Maa. Preeto stops hearing Soham crying and tries to look at him. She recalls making Soham quiet when he is crying. Soham laughs. Fb ends. Preeto asks why Soham is not kept in the cradle and says he gets peaceful sleep in cradle. She then holds Raavi’s hand again and goes.

Soumya checks the clothes and says it is beautiful. Door bell rings. Chameli opens the door. Harman comes there and says Soumya, then says Param guru maa Tarana. He asks why you haven’t given Soham to my mum when she came here. Soumya says if she didn’t tell that she tried to burn herself here. Harman says you have already burnt our lives.

Precap: Soumya surprises Vedant on the mother’s day. Vedant sees the cards with his mother’s pic and gets angry asking her to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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