Shakti 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking care in the race. She falls down. Nimmi gets concerned and calls her aloud. Surbhi asks Soumya, if she is fine. Soumya asks her not to worry and continue walking. Soumya wins the race. Mahinder and Biji act to get happy and says Soumya have won. Nimmi smiles happily and relieved. Mahinder holds Soumya and acts to love her. Bebe fills Surbhi’s ears against Soumya and says your mummy loves Soumya only, and not you. Biji says you are provoking Surbhi against Nimmi and tells Surbhi that she was good in race, and takes her to have icecream. Nimmi gets worried as Mahinder tells that he is taking Soumya to have icecream. Bebe says your fear is right, I don’t know if Mahinder her back or not, you know your husband well. Nimmi asks what do you want? Bebe asks her to give a written statement that she don’t have any right on Surbhi and asks her to leave with Soumya. Nimmi gets tensed. Surbhi asks Nimmi to take her home and says she is hungry. Nimmi scolds her and says she will not go without Soumya. Surbhi gets sad.

Biji tells Nimmi not to get scared of Bebe and Mahinder, and says they want to scare you. She says they will not do anything infront of the people. Mahinder talks to Soumya and asks her to have jalebis. He says we will go somewhere after having jalebis. He calls Nimmi and asks Soumya to talk to her. He tells Nimmi that they are going to meet Chudail after having jalebis. Nimmi gets shocked and asks Mahinder if he is not ashamed to talk to his daughter like this. Mahinder cuts the call. Nimmi gets hysterical and calls him, but he ignores her call. She gets scared and tries to go there, but Biji tells her that nothing will happen to Soumya. Soumya comes home and calls Maa. Nimmi gets happy and says Soumya…Surbhi tells Soumya that they will keep their trophy together.

Mahinder stops Soumya from giving her trophy and tells Surbhi that Soumya stood first where she stood second in the competition and can’t be together. Bebe says both have run, if Soumya wouldn’t have participated then surbhi would have won. She says if Surbhi stays with her papa then she must have come first. Surbhi gets affected and jealous. Nimmi tells Soumya that she made kheer for her. Bebe reminds her that the house and relations are divided. Nimmi says Soumya likes it and she will make her eat kheer. Bebe stops her hand and asks if she forgot that she has two daughters. She says Soumya have jalebis, but Surbhi is hungry and asking for rotis since she came home. She says you don’t care Surbhi, and she has done wrong by choosing you. She takes kheer bowl from her hand. Nimmi asks Surbhi not to come in their talks and says she made kheer for her also. She brings it and is about to feed it to Surbhi, but she throws the bowl. She says Dadi is right, you just loves Soumya and don’t care about me.

Surbhi says I don’t want to stay with you, wipes line and go to Mahinder. She asks Soumya to stay with her mum and says she will stay with Mahinder only. Bebe says you did good by drawing the line, but Soumya will stay with her Papa. Surbhi says I just needs my papa and nobody else. Bebe thinks my conspiracy is successful. Surbhi has started hating her mum and sister.

Surbhi pushes Soumya in the river. Someone shouts and alerts Nimmi and others. Nimmi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Cant wait for the leap but will miss the kids a lot. This soumya is so adorable

  2. pwincess pari

    Omgggggg ….. Surbhi hates her mom n soumya

  3. Surbhi is too cute. Luv her so much

  4. hey guys new promo…
    our hero entering the show on Thursday. . I m too exited….

    Did they reveal the truth y mahinder hates soumyaa?

    1. pwincess pari

      Mahinder hates soimya because she is a kinner ( inters*x )

    2. have they told it in any episode or its our speculation? ?

  5. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    What the fudge?
    Why do the makers have to make the sisters hate each other

  6. Saumya ko q school nahi veja?\

  7. in the promo .. They show purple salwar girl n a green dress girl. .. Who is soumya there? ??

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