Shakti 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat’s friendship is becoming stronger

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The Episode starts with Rohan asking Virat what is written in the note? Heer gets tensed and tells Soham that she will go and bring Veer ji. Soham says Veer ji is not a kid and asks her to sit silently. Heer prays to Mata Rani to save her. Rohan asks what is written in it that you are reading with so much interest. He takes the paper in his hand and reads it. He sees vegetable list to buy and asks from where you got it? Virat says it is of some student. Rohan asks him to stay away from his sister. Virat says when I don’t hear my lecturer’s lecture then why to hear yours and walks away. He takes out Heer’s note and starts reading it. Heer smiles. Virat asks her if he is fine? If her Papa’s behavior is good with him? Why he came to college running? Virat keeps the letter back and thinks for the first time, he found a good friend. Heer thinks Virat has promised that he will not get afraid of my brothers and thinks he is fulfilling the promise. Rohan comes back to jeep and they leave.

Heer asks Preeto to keep the bag and sign on all the papers. Heer says I will not give my property to your name. Preeto asks her not to act and asks her to sign on the job application. Heer says take all the property and give to Harak Singh, but don’t make me do job. She says if boss scolds me then I will cry. She asks if they are poor that she wants them to do job and asks her to make her brothers do job. Harak Singh says we are not poor, we want you to be independent and stand on your feet. He says I agreed and let you go to the party. Heer says you are blackmailing me and signs on the papers. She goes to her room.

Virat comes home happily and thinks to give answers to her questions. Sant Baksh comes there and says he wants to question him something. He asks what is that girl’s name for whom you jumped from the terrace. Virat says he did that for the bet of 75000 Rs. He says he never met her. Sant Baksh asks did you get the bet money? Virat says no and tells that may be Veer ji threatened that guy not to give me bet money. Sant baksh asks from where you got DJ player. Dadu says I gifted him that. Sant Baksh asks him to give receipt else pack his bags. He says I will send you to old age home, says if old generation plays with new generation then they shall be sent away from here. Virat says Dadu will not go from here. Sant Baksh asks him to get the receipt.

Harak Singh fills the form. Preeto asks her to mark female on the form. Harak Singh says this form will go to the company and says when they are not differentiating then why shall us. He says if we write female then Heer will be insulted. He asks her to get passport pic. Shanno hears them and says if bhai saheb goes from here for 2 mins then my work will be done. She calls Veeran and asks him to call bhai saheb and tell him something. Veeran calls Harak Singh and asks him to send IT pics, says he is sitting with CA. Actually he is standing outside. Harak Singh goes to send him pics. Heer thinks of Virat’s answer. Shanno comes to her and asks her to read the form, says jiji and bhai saheb might send you to a place, where you don’t enjoy and says if they send you like Soumya then? Heer says I will check the form and will apply face pack later. Shanno thinks once she reads the form and she shall see what is written?

Sant Baksh asks from where you got DJ player? Virat says it is gifted by a friend. Dadu asks Virat why he is lying to save him. He says he is not that old that he forgets where he had kept it. He shows the receipt to Sant Baksh. Simran asks why you took so much time. Dadu says when I went room, I was thinking how my son easily said that he will send me to old age home. He asks Virat to take him to room. Sant Baksh get angry and throws the receipt without checking. Heer checks the form and asks why others are written on the form. Preeto says it is a mistake. Heer says how can you think your grand daughter as other, it is female. Preeto scolds harak singh and blames him, asking if he couldn’t mark rightly. Rohan tells that they are fighting because of you. Heer says they are looking cute and says she is special as they are fighting because of her. Rohan asks her to stop them. Heer asks them to stop fighting and says they will fill other form. She says what to do by filling the form. Shanno thinks she has to do some other thing to expose her truth.

Dada ji eats the food and says he ordered it online. Virat reads Heer’s letter. Dadu tells that he got the receipt online and tells that nobody could know that it is fake. He asks what is written in the letter? Virat says when dad questions me, I feel like dying and when she asks me, I feel like I shall sit and answer her. Heer comes there through window and says you didn’t answer me. Virat and Dadu are shocked.

Precap: Heer gives rose to Virat. Sant Baksh insists to meet Heer. Virat thinks how to stop Heer from coming infront of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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