Shakti 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun and his team plan to ruin Harak Singh and his family

Shakti 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani asking Shanno why nobody came to have food. Shanno says son said something because of which nobody can eat food. Nani calls Harak Singh, Preeto and Harman and tells that there are many men in the world who can’t become a father, but she will pray and surely Harman will become a father. She gets sad. Harman asks her not to cry and asks her to sit. Nani asks Soumya to come and sit for having food. Soumya says she is fine there and asks her not to feel bad. She thinks you gave me the feeling of a woman.

Surbhi tells Nani about Harman and Soumya deciding to adopt a baby. She tells that she thought to give her baby to Soumya, and tells that Varun will not accept this baby. Nani asks her to rethink. Surbhi says she never rethink when the matter is about Soumya. Soumya calls Surbhi to tell about Harman’s sacrifice. Harman comes there and gets upset. Soumya says she was telling Surbhi and Nani about his doing. Preeto comes and asks Soumya to take bath in the morning and come to her room. Harman tells Soumya that he wants to play game with her. Soumya asks him to go and sleep.

Shanno is irked and thinks Soumya’s destiny is good and Harman is mad about her. Varun calls Veeran and asks him to meet him. Shanno says we will go and meet him. Harman explains hide and seek game to Soumya, they blindfold themselves and search each other.

Veeran and Shanno come to meet Varun. Varun says everyone’s aim is to ruin Harak Singh. Shanno says she wants to see Soumya ruined. Varun shakes hand with Balwinder, Kishan Lal, Veeran and Shanno, and tell that our motive is their destruction. Soumya talks romantic and hugs him. Harman says she is learning romance. Soumya prays for Harman’s safety.

Anjor comes and promotes her show Udaan. Next morning, Soumya comes to hall. Nani asks her to do puja. She tells that she has kept her last fast and tells that she will go tomorrow. She says she will feed a kinnar and says they are neither a man nor a woman, and that they are not affected by any bad sight.soumya looks on.

Preeto asks Harman and Soumya to take Nani for shopping as she is going. Nani says she don’t want anything. Harman says I will make everything fine and asks her to come. Jeet goes to office. Harman and Soumya see golgappa stall. Nani says she can’t have it as she is fasting. Soumya asks him to eat and tells that she will be with Nani. Nani asks them to eat.

Soumya and Harman have golgappa. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Nani sees love between them and prays for them. They are walking on road. Nani hears a man selling ayurvedic medicine to increase potency in men. She tells Harman and Soumya that she has forgotten something and will bring it.

Some men taunt Harak Singh and tell that his elder brother and now son is impotent. Harak Singh gets angry and get involved in fight. Harman comes there and tells that son’s deficiency is mostly hide by his wife. Harak Singh slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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