Shakti 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets more determined to expose Lavneet

Shakti 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that he don’t remember if Lavneet is his Gulabo or not, but he is sure that she is not betrayal and not engaged to anyone unlike her. Soumya asks him to believe and listen to her once. Harman says you are a betrayal. Soumya says I came here for our friendship from far. Harak Singh comes and asks Harman not to talk to such people who ruins everything, and takes Harman inside. Lavneet asks Soumya to go silently else she will call neighbors and get her kicked out from there. Veeran looks out and tells Preeto that nobody is there. Preeto says you are a big fake. Harak Singh, Lavneet and Harman came. Shanno asks where did you go? I kept tea for you all, it is cold now. Veeran asks where did you go? I checked for you, but you were not there. Harak Singh asks if

you are brother or spy? Preeto says you said right. Shanno gives tea to everyone. Lavneet refuses to drink. Harak Singh asks Lavneet to drink as he is asking.

Chameli calls Raavi and asks her to bring Harman to their house. She says there are many memories related to this house and he might remember. Raavi says I will try. Soumya thinks of Harman’s words. Sameer comes in his car and asks where did she go? Soumya says she met Jolly, but he misunderstood her. Sameer says may be you feel happiness to get yourself insulted, but I don’t like it. He asks her to sit in car. Harman thinks of Soumya’s words. Lavneet comes to room and closes the door. She tells him that she has important work and asks him to scratch her back. Harman asks if she is mad, and asks her to ask someone to scratch. Harman says I can’t do this. She insists. Harman scratches her with comb. She says she can’t feel it and asks him to scratch with his fingers. He scratches her closing his eyes. She says ok and asks if he felt good having tea with her. Harman runs from there.

Sameer brings Soumya home and asks who told her harman’s address. Soumya thinks she can’t take his mum’s name and tells that when she spoke to Jolly on engagement, he told her. Sameer asks her not to go there. Soumya says she will expose Lavneet and save Harman from her. Sameer thinks to fool her lovingly and says he will come with her. Soumya says she will go in the morning after navratri puja. Sameer and Soumya do the aarti. She prays to God to help her bring the truth. Harak Singh prays to God to settle Lavneet and Harman and to keep Soumya far.

Soumya and Sameer come to Dr. Kaushal’s hospital. Dr. Kaushal tells her that Lavneet is not Gulabo, but what’s wrong if she settles down with him. Soumya says this is wrong and she will tell him truth. They leave. Dr. Kaushal runs to room and asks Lavneet not to kill his wife. Lavneet says just like you love mum, I love Harman. She asks him to do as she said.

Soumya thinks she will save Jolly from Lavneet anyhow. She is about to go, but Sameer stops her. Soumya asks do you really love me and says you are not helping me in my fight. Sameer says we will go home and think. Soumya says I am worried for Jolly and asks how can I stay silent knowing about it. Sameer says lets go home and think. Harman gets black and white flashes of Soumya and him while watching dance programme, but he couldn’t see her face. He dances. Raavi comes there and smiles. He says I was trying to remember. Raavi says I will help you and asks him to sit. She tells him that he and his Gulabo used to dressed up toys like this and gave each other names. Harman says wah and throws the teddies out of his room. It falls near Preeto. Preeto picks the teddies and goes out. Harman tells Raavi that he lost his memory, but he is not mad. He says if anyone does this whatever you are saying? Raavi says she is saying truth. Harman asks if this Gulabo is real or fake? Raavi recalls Soumya and looks on.

In the night, Soumya comes to Harak Singh’s house secretly. She gets flashes of the house. Mata Rani’s chunari falls on Harman’s door. Soumya tries to take it and sees Harman. She comes inside and wakes her up. Harman asks what she is doing here?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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