Shakti 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya’s marriage lie shatters Harman

Shakti 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that Vedant is her husband. Harman says how he became your husband. Vedant says we are husband and wife and legally married. Harman asks if he is your husband then what is our relation. He asks why did he cheat on her. Vedant asks him to forget and move on. He says Soumya was your wife, not she is mine. He says the matter ended. Harak Singh is shocked as well. He asks Harman to come and says it is enough of humiliation. Saya asks Soumya what is all this and asks why are you silent? Preeto smirks looking at Vedant and then smiles. Bansal says you shall be happy that my son got married to a kinnar and made her his wife. Harak Singh says so you are altogether. Bansal asks him to talk with respect and says she is my wife now. Harman says they are together so we all shall bless her to be happy. He tells Saya that she broke one relation and made another. He says I had heard that kinnars are loyal, but she remarried. He asks her to be happy. Soumya says who will be happy if you do like this. Harman says you are thinking it as nonsense. Harak Singh asks him to come. They are leaving. Soumya asks Harman not to come again to meet Soham. Harman swears on Soham and I promise that I will not come. He asks Soumya if she is happy. Soumya says she is happy. Harman claps like kinnars and takes off bad sight from her. He says be happy. A fb is shown, Soumya asks him to go to factory. She asks him to get ready. She tells him that Shanno was calling him useless and asks him to go to work. Fb ends. Soumya thinks Harman can’t see her fake anger. Naseeba song plays…..Harman is heartbroken and leaves from there….A fb is shown, Harman telling her how important she is to him. Harak Singh takes Harman from there. Saya tries to talk to her. Bansal asks her to go.

Harman comes home and vents out his anger and pain on the things. Preeto asks him to stop it. Harman says she has ruined my life, I want to end all her memories, how to get rid of pain. He asks do anyone have the treatment for this pain. Raavi and Sindhu try to stop Harman from hurting himself. Sindhu says blood is flowing out from your hand. Harman says I am tired of running behind her, now this blood will also get tired and stop flowing.

Soumya recalls Harman blessing them to be happy wherever they live. Her inner self comes and says you are bewafa. Soumya says I am not disloyal, but helpless. Her inner self scolds her and says you would have thought of some other way. Soumya says I am his wife and will always be. Her inner self says you are bewafa. Soumya says this mangalsutra is of Harman’s name, my marriage with vedant is fake. I can’t explain my helpless to anyone and says the truth is her love for Harman. She recalls and a fb is shown. She tells Vedant in the temple that she accepted Harman witnessing the devi and devtas and she will never accept anyone as her husband. She says I will free him from my heart if you free him. She says she needs time to forget him. Vedant says I am giving you time to forget him, till then we will stay like husband and wife infront of the people. Pandit ji asks shall I start the marriage. Vedant asks him to do as he says. Soumya says everyone thinks that I am married to him, but everything is illusion and lie. Jag begana plays…..

Precap: Harman asks Preeto to call Pandit to do Soumya’s shradh. He does Soumya’s dhradh. Soumya’s Pallu catches fire as he burns the teddy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Please let the kinner die. Cant see her stupid activity. What she did wasnt sacrifice that is the result of her stupid decision. Writers thought viwers are stupid

  2. This story line is the same as savritri devi college and hospital when sanchi and Veer had different partners so stupid! They can’t think of a different story to create for this show.

  3. What was a suspense nothing?whats new in this?shakti show is finished today.this was the first ever dirty track what fans have many years shakti will go on makers know till then for half years kinner is a keep of 10 crores purchased by vedant & when Harman gets finally married to a proper girl she will be legally tarana vedant further the story will start from Monday episode.the langda chimpanzee will start changing into positive person now staying with kinner.because now they are together for whole it is father is never at home because when his son got married he was not even aware nor was surprised.he is good for nothing without preeto road is a new entry for Harman will be his would be might be jasleen,lavneet,that teacher or might be new girl or might be vedant monkey sister so that they can have more masala in every episode.because they want to run the show now.its fun to watch makers stupidity in the show.they tried being serious when Harman came to know about their being husband wife but suddenly flashback of Harman & saumya was shown what a laughter burst out for this scene.mind every episode there will be some or other festival getogether,parties,business meetings where two families will be face to face.tarana saumya vedant bansal introduction to the society.people will taunt aree she use to be a the bahu of harak & preeto & wife to Harman singh.and now wife to vedant bansal.every episode it will happen,both husband wife will dance together ,or there will be scene where he will have to hold soham,makers have box of such scenes where they have to show 2 kinners vedant & tarana as husband wife so that Harman will react.then one new entry who will be Harmans fiance & he will start coming close to her so that he can make saumya jealous & 3 to 4 months it will continue then preeto will force him to marry her & start his life as kinner has started it already.misunderstanding will grow day by day as preeto,shanno,harak,veeran,sindhu,raavi,new entry,vedant so many people are there.and now there is no point in clearing the misunderstanding.when that monkey will be fully positive he will tell the kinner that you can go back to Harman & she will run towards Harman & there will be a climax Harman marrying his fiancé & she became his legal wedded wife.kinner will come back helpless to monkey & then they both will get marry legally.this will be the end of shakti ek ehsaas ki.i really wished today kash uski saree main aag lag jaye aur kinner mar jaye.the main person to spoil the life of two is preeto & second is dono ki wajahse Harman barbad ho gaya.feels only sorry for him.because he has suffered too much.almighty knows Harman ne us kinner se pagalon ki tarah pyaar kiya.but she never did.woh yeh deserve nahinkarta.he is a good soul.when saumya cried didn’t felt anything but when Harman cried really it was heart breaking.what a scene done by Vivian.hats of to him for his acting applauds for rubina because her acting looked like acting feelings for her.because she is just busy in posing her get up & body in nothing new in other shows making jealous to each other by their own opposites,misunderstanding created by vamps.and new love story will also been seen between vedant monkey & tarana romantic this is it.

    1. ?????Monkey ? ????

  4. Yes samanta you are right.actually now we don’t want saumya & Harman come together.because the feel of love,that one attachment,who ek connection,who intense pyaar jo do no ke beech tha its just gone now.the day saumya took the decision of being a guruma & after that the way she behaved with Harman was so heart breaking that moment that unique love was finished.saumya had no emotions towards Harman,she took out her mangalsutra sindoor,she changed her look,her body language ,her attitude everything was changed & finished.infact the love what use to be seen on saumyas face it went saumya Harman pe jaan deti thi woh saumya hi nahin if she cries also heart doesn’t melt.but for Harman its very difficult to control our emotions.because we atumatically cry when he cries.he never changed his attitude,his get ups,he is same as he was before.and his love was unconditional towards a if he changes to a harsh person,without emotions,if he turns negative also it wont mind.because his heart is broken & it will never be same as its good he never love that kinner again.if his misunderstanding be cleared also he will never be that Harman & he should not be that Harman who loved that idiot kinner & wasted his entire life.because ab rubina jis tarah acting karti hain woh woh pehli wali saumya nahin no feelings & emotions for her.she had many other ways where she could have saved him,she need not marry him for this.whatever it is real or fake marriage she has very brutally broken harmans heart & she does not deserve to be his gulaboo.

  5. Let saya’s dream come true by shoot soumya and Harman ek sath

  6. Makers atleast make shakti different yaar.till date shakti was not in a mokery list in saas bahu segments.but today it was with ekta kapoor list of leads marrying 2 to 3 times & getting 3 4 husbands.such an had warned you.and it happened.make Harman smart as he was earlier.he use to find out in a minute of preetos plan to trap saumya.this time also make him smart enough to catch hold of preeto & that scumbag disabled on wheel chair.these culprits must be exposed.noone has given them rights to play with anyone emotions.we can understand harmans situation he is heart broken,but he must use his own senses alone in his room.he knows saumya better than any one else.he must go to flash back & think what happened with him earlier also.firstly he must call rajat & rajat must tell him that preeto had made his similar sign in divorce papers & had send it to saumya.there he will get the clue of preeto then second he must start following preeto 24*7 & then that rascal on wheel chair.harman will automatically get the story clear.but at home he must behave the same way as he is heart broken of saumya & and then he must make a plan of his own with help of rajat because he is a lawyer.he will guide Harman very correctly to finish vedant in business game.and also make preeto realize her mistake & confess what she did with saumya was wrong & she is sorry for that.and that disabled usko toh Harman ne itna majboor kar dena chaiye ki woh apne aap saumya ko apne ghar se aur zindagi se bahar kar de.actually Harman ne same game us vedant ke saath khelna chaiye. Harman ne aisa situation create karna chaiye use langde ke liye ki woh saumya pe shak karna side by side Harman ne use business main road pe lana chaiye.every show hero suffers after heart break but show different in shakti how Harman will take revenge silently & save her love also without villains unknowingly.and he expose them will be super excited to situation langde ne saumya ko majboor kiya shaddi karne ke liye,Harman ne saumya ke saath shaddi karni chaiye wo bhi publicly langde ke samne aur yeh saumya ke liye bhi surprise honi chaiye ki use kuch pata hi nahin ho Harman ka plan.galat logo ko galat tarike se maat deni chaiye.yeh nahin unke samne aur majboor ho jaye aur preeto or wheel chair wale logonko hasne ka mauka de.harman ne unke pairon tale se zameen chinlenichaiye.what a show it will be.makers we still request you change shakti differently not like other revenge should be revenge.harman ne apni aur saumya ke asoon (tears) ka badla sood samed wapas lena chaiye.when you do this you feel nice.dil ko sakoon milta hain.abhi tak jo dukh aur taklif se Harman aur saumya gusre use double taklif preeto aur langde ko milni chaiye.makers prove harmans character smart & intelligent.everytime you people give importance to other new entry & preeto. atleast this time we want to see Harman in action & his smartness with intelligent.and rajat is the support to him.please do not show the craps which is been shown in other shows.harman being devdas then misunderstanding goes on & then harmans marriage with other girl.harman ka character shakti main ek stubbornness tha.wo ek ziddi banda tha.saumya uska pyaar hain wo itni aasani se use kaise kisi aur ki hone dega.jisko aake do din nahin hue?”Harman ka dialogue tha meri taqdeer saumya se judi hain aur main taqdeer ka bahut buland hoon”.how many time usne surbhi ke saath plan banakar saumya ko bachake apna banaya hain.he cannot be the looser from a disabled criminal.he must be in action again without anybody will be a real fun to watch.harman ne preeto aur langde ka neend haram karna chaiye.beleive the fans they take effort to give you plots to come first in the race.

  7. Absolutely ban we undoubtly agree with you.we want our main lead Harman in action that too smartly & intelligently.not that dirty character on wheel chair.but ban we always think better for our show but makers don’t. they never leave the crap showing still makers are showing kinner madam a newly wedded wife of that disabled culprit.she is dressing up like maharani who is not even married,she is a keep of that langda.what a shameful thing,very surprised after marrying Harman for years staying with him,they were husband & wife very close to their heart how can even she decked up like this for a dirty villain???being a kinner Harman never hesitated in touching her also.he is so clean man.and this dirty brat all dirty by mind body from everywhere who is dreaming for others wife.what is a difference between him & that bluddy monkey sameer.and what logic is the show taking a leap????doesnt make any sense being parents for teenagers???this is a unique love story & it must remain a love story only.

  8. Makers you yourself see what have you shown last 3 years of their unique love story.kya kya nahin kiya Harman ne saumya ko pyaar karke.sab musibat ke baad bhi usne saumya ko apne aap se juda nahin kiya.then how come now???expose preeto & that bastard can you allow evil show main mata rani ke decision ko hamesha importance diya hain don’t make it a fake people have showed yeh mata rani ka faisla hain aur almighty ko koi nahin jhuka sakta.we all fans want that intelligent Harman back who always expose his mother,this time also we want him not crying but in smart action without anybody knowing as ban said.then to move the story ahead you can show the “punar janam story track.” After 2 3 months later.when Harman saumya go for a drive they met with an accident & die together & take a rebirth where saumya reborn as a complete woman.but when their love story starts she will get that problem where she will not be able to conceive so again preeto says yeh uske pichle janam ka naseeb hain ki woh maa nahin ban sakti & she cannot be her bahu this kind of story can be continued there are many plots we fans will suggest you,but with a stupid leap please for god sake don’t ruin the show,we want our two leads to continue Vivian & rubina as Harman saumya.makers yaar kya dikh raha hain us sahil main yaar tum logo ko????what comparison is there between that monkey sahil & Vivian.i mean are you people have lost ??? where you are replacing vivian with sahil???? Common yaar use little brains yaar.people are mad or what to tell you???whenever you have separated Harman saumya it didn’t work understand this.why are you dragging the show with that usless character many years because of leads like vivian rubina kamya sudesh beri these actors have taken the show to a level.harman saumya love story cannot be beaten by anyone.

  9. We still remember the show madhubala of vivian.what a love story they telecasted.till end they never made the leads marry to others.the maker saurabh tiwari never used such stupid craps like other show where same girl marrying 2 to 3 time or boy marrying 2 to 3 times.always RK was such a strong character that he never made his lady love far from him.usne hamesha culprit ko pakda.saurabh tiwari made only one mistake he also did bringing a leap in the show where he lost the show & it came to an we request you please do not bring any leap & loose talented actors like in Indian culture where muslims religion allowed 3 to 4 marriages have stopped doing it as they have realized that it is wrong to play with an individual can hindu religion forget their roots & culture & forcefully & blackmail girls marry mad phsyco mans who want to make their wish to get womans they want.and that too a legal wedded wife who is been forced to leave her husband to save his life???how can you encourage such crimes in society.instead of teaching such people a lesson you encourage such disgusting things to happen.that too in national television???what kind of message are you passing to the society.she is been forced to stay with this man because he himself trapped him in fraud case & made him go behind bars so that he can blackmail his wife because he wants her??? How disgusting is that.this is called rape not physically but mentally.disgusting “a woman has become a cheap thing for these makers,they use them as a toy” in their show.dont they have womans in their creative team???how they encourage such disgusting thing to happen.being a lady producer how she allow such shit to continue??earlier also she did that by making saumya sold of in she is been sold in india itself that too a phsyco disabled brat because he has money & power.because that bluddy rascal bastard wants her??? What kind of a shit is this????.disgusting these people are not even ashamed of doing such things.they encourage people like preeto,shanno character being a woman destroying other womans life so many times.too much and now above all this they are taking it to a leap for twenty years??? Being Harmans wife,life,soul everything & Harman being her husband,life soul forced to live for twenty years with that bastard,rascal,criminal,brat on wheel chair.and when makers want to cover their mistake they will turn the same bastard,rascal,criminal,brat character positive showing him regretting for his deeds & all the years he spoiled an individuals life.he will turn innocent automatically in front of the viewers & main lead turns negative this is what happens.never thought a lady who is the producer of shakti will turn like a same mad woman ekta kappor.such a encouragement track it was where the whole family supported saumya for being their bahu as a kinner but makers spoiled her turning gurmaa & then going ahead 2nd marriage with rapist,blackmailer & leaps disgusting.its a shameful thing what is happening & still it is continued.

  10. Exactly the same happened what fans said.harmans marriage where two families come face to face.insults humiliation,heart break & enjoyed by evils vedant,preeto,shanno,who always Shakti always evil act of Shakti makers.that bastard wheel chair disabled man without legs “saumya ko 10 crore main kharida aur uska sold tag uske gale main latkaya hain apne naam se.what a shameful act by makers.and bluddy he is doing because he loves her??aise haramkhor baap bete ko chod kar isliye uski maa doosre ke saath bag gayi thi.uske nalayak takle baap ne bhi zabardasti kisi ki biwi ko majboor kar diya hoga shaddi karne ke liye aur bichari aise hi tadap tadap kar jeeti rahi aur ek din bhag gayi hogi.that rascal use kya maloom pyaar kya hota hain.harman jaisa aadmi jisne golden spoon main khana khaya tha woh saumya se itna pyaar karta hain uska koi hisab nahin hain.saumya ke liye woh ghar se nikal gaya,foot path pe soya,bhokka rehkar use khana khilaya,apni jaan risk main dal kar shooting set pe kaam kiya.bangkok main jakar bhi road pe soya,use wapas leke aaya,kinneron ke ghar raha aur kam kiya,road pe saumya ke saath nek manga,unki sharath puri ki,how many list that bastard wants??? So as saumya did for Harman.that is called true love.aur yeh bastard insaan ko majboor kar deta hain apne paise ke dam pe shaddi karne ke liye.jaise madhubala ne vilian sultan ko badua (curse) de thi ek suhagaan ki haay lagegi tujhe & he died.we want this bastard also dies.a disabled man forcing a married woman for his own means ,simply called as raping a woman.just because she is a kinner he can force her.bluddy rascal,curse to theearth,infact he must be blind also.saumya must give him poison & kill him.he does not deserve to be on earth.he is a shameless,shellfish,rascal,bastard,son of a bastard.i don’t understand why always these makers make Harman so foolish.he is always trapped in his mothers game.why cant he use his brains yaar.why cant he think if saumya wants to marry that bastard why did she would have come to his house & jail running??and suddenly he was released as case was withdrawan,cant he think there was something wrong or fishy about this.why why??????? Why his smartness is not shown.he cannot be shown so dumb that always his disgrace mother can use him as she wants.she use him like a puppet.why he always become the puppet of her hands.why cant he find out the game behind it.everytime why other have to clarify him the wrong happening.

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