Shakti 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman tries to make Soumya remember Aditya

Shakti 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer and Soumya are having food in their house. Harman does poetry outside the house. Soumya says I will go and stop him. Sameer says 2 days are finished and just 8 days left. Harman says ek baat kahun tum sunti ho, tum mujhko acchi lagti hai…and says I love you. Sameer closes the door. Harman says you look nice with me only. Soumya comes to him and asks him to go to his house. Harman says I will not go alone without you, and asks her to take him home with her. Soumya asks him to stop the nonsense and leave. Harman tells poetry again and again. Soumya asks him to come and holds his hand. She asks him to come. Harman is about to fall and thinks where is she? He thinks it might be his illusion and tells Soumya that he will do the same when she is with him. He says Sameer haven’t done any mistake and fell for her as she is good. Soumya looks out of the window and thinks it is good that he is gone. She sees him on the road and thinks of his words that he hates her. She thinks I got angry when you humiliated and rejected me, then why did you come back so that you can prove yourself great infront of everyone. He says I didn’t know you will stoop low and do this. She says I loved you and thought you as a friend. She says even today I regard you as my friend and I will pray always that you stay happy and fine. Sameer says I will also pray the same as he is my wife’s friend. Soumya says lets go and sleep. Harman wakes up on the road outside Soumya’s home and finds Preeto there. He asks about Harak Singh. Preeto says he is fine and asks about Soumya. Harman says he was still there where he was last. Preeto asks him to tell what he did? Harman tells everyone. Preeto says I will tell you what to do. She asks whom Soumya loved after you and fought for. Harman recalls Aditya and tells her. Preeto says Aditya made a mum’s mum alive in Soumya and says mother’s mum never dies. She asks him to take her to park.

Harman brings Soumya to park and says we will roam here in old days. Soumya says we will separate after 8 days and you are talking about old age. Harman says we will not be separated after 8 days also. She sees a baby in the pram and asks Harman who left him here. She asks Harman to check the milk bottle. Harman gives milk bottle to her. Soumya tries to make the baby quiet and sings lori. Harman recalls the same and thinks Soumya used to sing this lori for Aditya. He asks God to show some miracle and make her remember everything. Soumya gets flashes of her past and says I felt like this has happened with me before. Harman asks did you hear this lori before? Soumya says I don’t remember. A woman comes there and calls the baby as Aditya, and thanks Soumya. She says I am sure that you also love your son, I will not leave my son again. Harman gets black and white flashes of Aditya and Harman with family. She runs away from there. Preeto comes and holds Harman’s hand, and asks her to let her go, she might have remembered something, now let her regain her memory. Soumya is running and collides with Sameer. Sameer asks where is she going? Soumya asks did you hide anything from my past. She tells that she saw a baby in the park and felt like something like that happened in the past. Sameer says you might be thinking as they said, and it is hallucination. Soumya says it is not hallucination. Sameer says lets go to Doctor. Soumya says no. Sameer says lets go home and have tea. Preeto and Harman looks on.

Preeto asks Harman not to feel bad and says Sameer’s lie can’t stand infront of your true love. Harman says Soumya is not remembering anything, what to do now. Preeto calls Raavi and asks her to do her work. Raavi calls Kishan Lal and tells him something. Kishan Lal says ok and thinks what a news. He thinks to do bhangra or dance. He plays music and do bhangra. Varun, Balwinder, Veeran and Shanno come there. Kishan Lal sits on the floor. Raavi comes inside the house. Shanno thinks how the door is left open. Raavi is inside the room and hopes this saree shall unite Harman and Soumya. Once Shanno goes, Raavi comes outside the room holding Soumya’s orange saree. Harman brings the saree and gives to Soumya. Soumya asks what to do with it. Harman asks did you see it before. Soumya recalls and she gets flashes of Preeto and her.

Sameer tells Harman that Soumya will not go to stay in kinnar’s house. Harman says 10 days deal is cancelled, now I will follow you for 10 years. Soumya says I will go and pack my bags.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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