Shakti 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman refuses to believe Soumya

Shakti 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman seeing kinnars at his house. He gets some flashes of them and slaps the man playing dhol who came with the kinnars. He asks man if he will play dhol standing between kinnars. He bashes them. Raavi asks Harman to leave him. Harman asks man why did he roaming with kinnars being a man. Harak Singh gets happy and thinks thankfully he got some mind. He says Harman shall never accept Soumya. Chameli says we came here hearing you returned back home. Harman asks if I am your relative, I hate kinnars. He asks the man not to play dhol with kinnars else he will beat him. Harak Singh asks kinnars to leave. Kinnars goes out. Harak Singh comes out and says I will do your treatment. He calls everyone and tells that these kinnars are coming to my house often and troubling me a lot. Neighbor

guy asks Kinnar why did they come to Harak Singh’s house. Chameli says they are big family and gives us good amount. Harak Singh asks neighbors to beat them. Neighbors try to beat them and run after them.

Harman thinks of Lavneet’s words and thinks Khushi told that. He thinks she has betrayed her and thinks he will never see her face and don’t want her to come infront of him again. Soumya covers her face and is coming to Harak Singh’s house. She thinks to ask him why he accused her and will clear his misunderstanding. She takes an auto for Gurdaspur and sits in it.

Lavneet comes to Preeto and acts to massage her feet. Preeto asks what is it? If she wants to kill her. Lavneet says she wants to massage her feet. Preeto says I will not accept you as my bahu. Lavneet asks her to think her as her servant. Preeto says ok. Lavneet smiles.

Harman picks the dhol which kinnars had brought and starts playing it. All family members gather in the hall. He closes his eyes, recalls Sameer and Soumya’s engagement. Soumya is still in the auto and checks the address.

Sameer comes home and asks his mum if she saw Khushi. His mum says she is having headache and was sleeping. Sameer says Khushi is not at home. Neighbors come to Harak Singh and ask him to say if he needs any help. Harak Singh thanks them. Kinnars walk past Soumya’s auto, but don’t see her. Soumya comes to Harak Singh’s house. Harman stops playing the dhol when it breaks. Everyone claps for him. Harak Singh says wah shera, wonderful. Raavi thinks it seems he remembers his relation with dhol and prays to Mata Rani, that Harman shall remember everything. Veeran says it was nice and asks Shanno to make tea and pakodas. Lavneet asks Shanno not to make anything for her. Harak Singh says you are hungry since morning. Lavneet says I will not eat until Harman talks to me lovingly. Sameer calls Harak Singh and tells that Soumya is missing and may be she went to your home. Harak Singh gets tensed and asks Lavneet to go out and handle Khushi. Soumya is outside the house. Preeto feels her presence and says my bahu came. Harak Singh stops her and says our bahu is here. Preeto tries to go out, but Harak Singh stops her and says our bahu is here. Lavneet goes out and takes Soumya out before she could ring the bell.

Soumya is shocked to see her. She asks what are you doing here and says I will tell your truth to Jolly now. Lavneet says she won’t let her enter inside and says I am his Gulabo. Soumya says you are not his Gulabo and created misunderstanding between us so that we drift apart. Lavneet asks this family won’t listen to outsiders. Soumya says I am his friend. Lavneet says I am his wife. Soumya says she will go inside and tell her truth. Lavneet says she will stop her and pushes her. Soumya falls down and gets up. She asks her to move and pushes Lavneet. Harman holds Lavneet and looks at Soumya.

Lavneet acts and says Soumya is fighting with me and said that her plan failed because of me to kidnap you. She tried to snatch my mangalsutra. Soumya says she is lying, I came to clear the misunderstanding. Harman says I have seen with my eyes, you are a betrayal. Soumya says I didn’t do anything and tries to clear the misunderstanding. Harman says I don’t know if Lavneet is my Gulabo or not, but she was not engaged and planned to elope with someone else. He says she is my Gulabo now.

Lavneet takes Harman to room and asks him to check her back. Harman closes his eyes while she makes him touch her. Soumya prays to God to bring the truth out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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