Shakti 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman prays for Soumya

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Shakti 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum seeing Soumya in kitchen and asks him to throw her out. Sameer asks his mum what happened? His mum asks do I make untasty food. Sameer says no and that’s why I am smart. His mum tells that Soumya is asking her to sit and told that she is cooking food. Soumya tells Sameer that it is his duty to help his mother. Sameer asks if they have friendship between them only and says she always grab his neck. Soumya says until I am here, I will make breakfast. Sameer’s mum says she will make food. Sameer says I have an idea and says we shall make food today. Sameer and his mum cut vegetables. Soumya gets emotional and goes. His mum asks him to go and see if she is crying. Sameer says ok and takes belan with him.

Harman comes to Preeto and sees her sleeping. He comes to her room and asks what happened? Preeto slowly asks him to search Soumya. Harman checks and says you have fever. I will call doctor. Jasleen comes and asks Harman to search Soumya. Harman asks her not to worry and says your son will bring Soumya back. Jasleen asks him to go. Harman says I will send doctor and asks her not to take tension.

Sameer asks her why did she get sad? Soumya says aunty ji would have given me chance to cook in kitchen if I was her daughter. Soumya asks him to take her to shop and says I am fine there. She says everyone got related to me with their liking and I had no right on them. Sameer says I tried to make you smile, but plan flopped. He asks her to make rotis and not to cry. Harman comes to temple and prays to Mata Rani, and says you might be thinking that I have stepped down infront of you on Soumya’s insistence, but what I might be doing now? He says I never asked you for anything, but today I am standing infront of you as my life is left from me. He says I don’t agree that Soumya gave her life, and asks her to tell where is his Soumya. He says I will come daily and will light diyas on my hand, today 11, tomorrow 21 and day after tomorrow 51 and so on. He says I am hopeful that you will forgive me for sure. He lights Diyas on his hand.

Sameer comes to his mum and says she is very senti. His mum tells that Soumya is a diamond and says she is really good to cry for duties. She is really unique. Sameer asks what she wants to say? He says you have to understand. she comes to Soumya and says we will do kitchen work together. Soumya says she wants Sameer to do her work.

Varun taunts Maninder as he is sweeping the road. Surbhi asks Maninder to come with her. Maninder asks Surbhi to go and says he is crazy and will do siyappa. Surbhi says I will see what he can do. Varun tells her to do as she says. Surbhi asks him not to trouble them and do whatever he wants and go away from their life. Varun says once DNA test is done, I will decide what to do.
Chanda worries for Soumya. They hear about Harman lighting diyas on his hand in temple. Saya and others run there and try to stop them. Harman says this is my penance for Soumya. Soumya shows the toys which she made and hires women to sell it off. She says we will give half profit to them. Sameer says half is more? His mum also says the same. Soumya says their hardwork is more as they will go out and sell. Woman says it is ok. Sameer says Soumya is right. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to break the coconut and calls her lakshmi avatar. Soumya asks Sameer to break the coconut, but his mum convinces her. Soumya thinks she is a kinnar, but they called her Lakshmi and asks Goddess Lakshmi to keep her respect.

Sameer tells Soumya that he got 4000 profit. He takes her out and tells everyone that his luck is brightened because of Soumya and his business is blossoming. Everyone claps. Soumya frees her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chintu will be back in the show soon.Harman’s chota recharge is here.

    1. We miss Chintu. Happy that he is coming back. He may disclose Harak’s evil doings to Harman. Stupid Harman does not understand anything.
      Y’day full episode they focused on Sameer’s kitchen. Main character is shown Nam Ke Vastha. Makers are just fooling the viewers dragging the show without any meaning. At least they can show some of Harman and Soumya’s old memories like. Waiting whole day to see Shakti, it is a waste of time now. So boring. Makers please show some interesting scenes of Harman & Soumya for the sake of the viewers.

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