Shakti 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angel attempts to Kill Heer to stop her surgery

Shakti 11th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat reading the letter of Angel that if Heer gets her operation then her family members’ lives will be in danger. Rohan says who can write this? Virat says Angel, who else. Raavi says it seems Angel will not leave Heer. Sindhu says Angel regards you as her big enemy and if she does anything after the surgery. Harak Singh says this is Gurdaspur and not kinnar pur. He says we shall not get scared of anyone, we shall do what we have decided. Preeto says we shall go ahead. Virat says I will talk to Dad. Heer stops him and says you and all the family members are with me, nobody can stop this. Angel says I will stop this operation. Isha smiles.

Next day, Heer makes breakfast for Sant Baksh and the family. Gurwinder says you have left no work for me. Heer serves food to everyone. Sant Baksh appreciates her and asks her to call Virat. A girl comes running to Virat and Heer and call them Papa, Mumma. It is Heer’s dream.

Virat wakes her up and says good morning. They are still in Harak Singh’s house. Heer prays to Mata Rani and says today is the big day of my life, be with me and keep me blessed all life. Preeto does the aarti and blesses Heer for the happiness which she deserves.

Harak Singh appreciates Heer and says you have proved that you are Harman Singh’s blood. Mahi says Heer, I used to hate you knowing your identity. She says I really don’t care about your move, as I love you the way you are. Heer hugs her. Raavi asks her not to worry. Sindhu says all the best. Preeto gives Virat’s hand in Heer’s hand. Isha is also there and looks upset. Preeto prays that their Jodi shall be together always. Rohan tells Heer that she has taken a decision in a hurry. He says he feels proud to be her brother. Sant Baksh and Parmeet come there. Rohan says I want all your dreams to be fulfilled. He tells Virat that he couldn’t trust anyone in childhood, but then you came and hugs him.

Sant Baksh says we will be with you in the hospital with Heer. Virat says I want to take Heer somewhere before taking her to hospital. He asks them to reach her. Parmeet asks where are you taking her. Preeto says we will go to hospital and they will reach there. Isha messages Angel that Virat left with Heer and asks her to reach there before them. Virat blindfolds Heer and makes her sit in the car. Angel calls a kinnar and asks her to give all the updates of Heer. Kinnar says ok. Angel says I won’t let this operation happen, even if Heer dies. Kinnar sits in the taxi and asks the driver to follow the car. Heer asks Virat to tell where are they going? Virat asks her to wait for sometime. He stops the car and take off the blind fold cloth from her eyes. He holds her hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays in slow paced. Heer and Virat have icecream and dance. Virat showers flower petals on her. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Heer hugs him. They come to the temple and pray. He buys teddy bear for her and gifts her. He lifts her and takes her in his arms. He takes her inside the temple and kisses her hand while the song continues to play. He ties the holy thread and says this will protect you always, as the fear is losing is very much, I want God to bless us to stay together always. Heer says you love me so much. Virat says Heer…if I started telling how much I love you, then I will get short of words. Heer says we will never separate. Virat says never. Heer thanks him. They are in the car. Virat is driving. Someone throws water color balloons on the car, making it impossible for them to see the road. Heer says what is happening. Just then she sees truck coming from the opposite side and rotates the steering at the right time. Their car hit the tree and they both get head injuries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh my God I pray that the operation will be successful and heer dream will come true it seems that virat family like heer as a girl that isha also should be exposed

    1. Yeah me too

  2. For goodness sake writers. Cant anything happy and positive ever happen in this serial. The love of harman and soumya ended in tragedy. At least let this end on happy note. Am fed up of watching so much negativity in most of the serials. It is as if nothing good can happen in life

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