Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto bashes Raavi for organizing Soumya’s birthday

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Shakti 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman bringing Saya to his hall and tells her that today is Soumya’s birthday and they are doing the arrangements since morning. He says our love story started when I kidnapped her mistaken her to be Surbhi. Saya says Soumya went for job and says I will talk to her. She calls Soumya. Vedant asks her to go now. Soumya picks the call. Saya tells her that Harman has organized her birthday celebrations in a hall and asks her to come there fast. Soumya looks at Vedant and says I can’t come, I am on work. Raavi asks Harman to bring her. Saya says she will not come. Harman takes the call. Soumya ends the call. Harman says what she thinks of herself. Saya says she is Param Gurumaa now and have to do her responsibilities well and asks him to understand. Harman gets upset. Saya thinks Harman loves her so much and preeto wants to separate them even after knowing this.

Harak Singh brings gajra and makes Preeto wear it. He reminds her of the old happenings. Preeto says we used to talk about kids and dream. Harak Singh says we don’t have the right to break our dreams and says this divorce drama, and asks what was the need to separate Harman and Soumya, he says they will never separate. Preeto asks if Rajat told you. Harak Singh says our family will break and asks her not to do anything. Preeto takes out the gajra and gives to him. She says whatever she is doing is right. Saya tells them that Soumya is helpless and can’t come. Preeto and Shanno come there. Preeto looks at Saya angrily and then at the decorations and Soumya’s portrait. She pushes the table down. Raavi asks what are you doing and tries to stop her. Preeto says what is the use of this. Shanno smirks. Preeto ruins the decorations. Harman walks away in anger. Shanno says you would have told us that Maharani’s birthday is celebrated here so we would have come to have cake. Raavi asks what you will get by breaking the things. Preeto asks her to come else she will break her also. She drags her to take home.

Vedant sleeps. Soumya puts medicine syrup in his mouth silently. She wakes him up and asks him to drink water. He drinks water. Soumya says she is going home. Next day, Soumya gets ready to go to Vedant’s house. Saya asks when did you come last night? Soumya says 4 am. Saya asks why you didn’t come and tells that Harman was very much pained. Soumya says even I was pained. Harman comes there and shouts calling everyone. Band is played. Harman says yesterday was Soumya’s birthday who is Soham’s mother and that’s why he brought cake. He makes the kinnars have cake. Soumya comes out and looks at him. Noore Khuda plays….Chameli takes the cake piece and asks Soumya to have cake, says it is of your birthday. Soumya refuses to have cake. Harman asks Chameli to tell her that if she don’t eat the cake then his age will get lessen. Soumya eats the cake and tells that she will give her life to him. Harman says you don’t have time for me and asks how she will give her age to him. Soumya goes. Preeto scolds Sindhu for supporting Soumya. Shanno asks why are you shouting her and asks her to scold Raavi. She says it must be Raavi’s idea. Raavi says what’s wrong in this and says we have done this for Soumya, who was Maa’s laadli and today she has become a stranger for Maa. Harak Singh asks Raavi to go to her room. Preeto asks Raavi if you don’t understand why she is bad? Raavi says I understand that your past came infront of you because of you, that man died in our house and Pandit ji declared you as widow. She says for you Soumya has become guilty. She says but Soumya is just her bhabhi for her and she is doing what a nanand shall do for her bhabhi. Preeto is about to slap her, but Harak Singh holds her hand.

He asks her to calm down. Preeto says she is rubbing Soumya’s made black paste on my face. She asks you are staying here even after your marriage and saying this. Raavi says she will leave the house, but will not leave supporting Soumya. Preeto says you got married twice, but couldn’t set up your home once. Harak Singh tries to stop Raavi, but Raavi asks him not to stop her if he thinks Soumya is not wrong. She leaves from the house. Harak Singh says since bahurani left, nothing is fine. Mr. Bansal calls Harak Singh. Soumya comes there, but don’t listen him.

He asks him to come to his house. Harak Singh says I will send my son. Mr. Bansal asks him to come with him. Harak singh says ok and tells Veeran that Mr. Bansal might give him big order. Harman comes home. Sindhu informs him that Raavi left home. Harman says he has nothing to do with anyone. Preeto asks what kind of brother is he? He says he has nothing to do with anyone leaving the house. Harak Singh asks Harman to come with him for the big order.

Precap: Mr. Bansal asks Soumya to make arrangements as some guests are coming. Soumya agrees. Harman comes to Mr. Bansal’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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