Shakti 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya marries Vedant for Harman’s release from lock up

Shakti 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goons laughing at Harman for loving a kinnar in the Police lock up. Harman says only he has the right to tell her anything and beats them. He threatens to kill them and thinks she is bewafa. Vedant comes to Soumya and says harak Singh is not having 10 crores to bail him out. He says he can bail Harman out on a condition. Soumya asks him to bail Harman out. Vedant asks her to marry him. Soumya says what are you saying? Vedant says I have confessed my feelings to you before and don’t care about your kinnar status or Harman’s wife. Soumya says I love my husband very much and asks him to asks her life. Vedant says I am asking for your life, Harman. She asks him to get Harman released if he really loves her. Vedant says I came to keep my condition, not to agree to your condition. He sits in car and leaves. Soumya comes to Saya. Saya asks what happened? Did you talk to Harman? Soumya says no. Harak Singh and Preeto come there with family members. Preeto folds her hand and asks for Harman’s freedom. Saya says even we want his freedom. Shanno says Harman can be freed if Soumya talks to Bansal and his son. Harak Singh tells Soumya that today he is helpless and pleading infront of her for his son. Preeto wipes her fake tears and thinks my son will be released from lock up and he will get rid of you too. Soumya cries and thinks of Harman and Vedant’s condition. Naseeba song plays…..Vedant plays flower game and says she will agree or not.

Soumya comes there with Soham. Vedant says I was playing game with flowers and says how it can decide your decision. Soumya asks him to get Harman released. Vedant asks her to give him 2 mins. Lawyer comes and says company took back the case, said they misunderstood. Harak Singh thanks Mata Rani. Preeto thinks it is my wonder and thinks Vedant is wonderful and Soumya might be getting ready to become his bride. Kinnars worry for Soumya and Soham as her stuff is missing. Harak Singh and Preeto take Harman out of lock up. Harman asks Harak Singh to go home and says I will settle scores with Vedant. Harak singh asks him to forget her. Harman says how to forget the root cause of the problem, soumya. He goes. Preeto says go my son, today this will be your last run behind her.

Harman comes to Bansal’s house and calls Vedant. Bansal says he went out. Saya comes and asks where is Soumya? Bansal says she didn’t come. Harman says both are missing and says he will question him. Vedant comes and tells that you said right. They see Vedant and Soumya with garlands and in bridal clothes. Harman couldn’t believe his eyes.

Precap: Soumya says Vedant is my husband. Vedant says I married her. Soumya asks Harman not to come and meet Soham. Harman promises her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The wives in the show it so easy for them to break their marriage and say they doing it for a love one.I cannot believed it. Marriage is not a bed of roses you have to take the good with the struggle and when you and your partner survive the difficulties together you know you have a strong marriage.

  2. Please make that idiot tarana marry that stupid vedant. Harman pls try to hate her and move on in your life. We already lost haya and hate sowmya . What we are waiting to see is good , peaceful and most happiest life for our lovely Harman .

  3. Shakti makers have done a very dirty job.they have made a mokery of marriage in this show.this was the only show where they always stopped of 2nd marriage either it was harmans character or saumya character.inspite of memory loss they never gave the 2nd marriage track.ekta kapoor is famous in playing with Indian religious marriage & now rashmi Sharma also did the same thing.they have proved that kinners if accepted in society they can spoil the entire life of a human being.a person can loose his mental balance.and people will never trust a mother in their life if anybody is in this situation.preeto character proves three years what they showed was a mokery???if there was a 2nd marriage of a kinner then why did they stopped when it was going to happen with that 1st monkey sameer??? Why Harman stopped while marrying with jasleen???? Why stopped marrying with lavneet??? Why did they not continue marriage with surbhi???? Then how come in a fraction of second kinner married langda???itni asani se uske naam ka mangalsutra pehen liya.and now she is showing attitude that langda mera pati hain.and hats of too preeto character.the day the great lawyer who faught for kinners right rajat Sharma warned preeto of Harman saumyas divorce,but hats of to the lady preeto she easily did her job without any hurdles making a lawyer fool.she did what she this show the main lead is preeto.this show is not of kinners rights,this show is of a lady preeto who achieve what she wants in life.for that she can go to any extent.everyone just think all characters are fools & brainless in this show.the first one is her own son Harman,2nd one is harak,3rd her own daughter raavi,when she wanted raavi to come home she did that also.when her husband harak was about to go, with kinners help she also did that.and finally her son,for him she tried a lot but at last she achieved that also.saumya ne apna patni dharm kabhi Harman ke saath puri tarah nahin nibhaya,but ek second main uska pati langda hain isliye woh Harman ke saamne khadi ho gayi.aur Harman saumya ka hi pati hain na???harman ne sahi kaha tha usne us kinner ko ek sasural diya,pati mila,ghar parivaar diya aur puri duniya se ladh kar soham ki custody dilwayi aur aaj usi kinner ne Harman ko soham ki kasam dekar kaha woh use nahin god now why makers are showing that saumya has sacrificed for Harman.she had many ways to save Harman,while divorce matter malika had approached rajat Sharma then why not this time???why did not saumya go to rajat Sharma.her this effort would have watching this ordains comments of rajat Sharma 100% they will show one short where they will convey the viewers that rajat was out of town.jaise ek din aur hota toh Harman ko fansi ho jati??.aree saumya ka pyaar sacha hota toh woh kuch bhi ho jaye shaddi nahin karti us langde se.kitne saal ki saza hoti Harman ko 10 years,20 years??? That would have been true love she would have waited for him but never did this.yeh majboori nahin more way was after Harman coming out of jail she would have killed herself having poison.because that is for sure soham would have been safe in harmans many times she just left & went away from Harman leaving her marriage.she even turned gurumaa.aur langde ke saath kaunsa saath janam ka shaddi ka kasam nibha rahi hain?????.he does not deserve that.jab Harman ke saath nahin nibha payi iske saath kya nibha rahi hain???what nonsense now makers for their own entertainment will show daily marriage rituals of two kinners in daily episode.

  4. Really saan what a disgusting show.just bastard,rascals are these makers yaar.they really played with our emotions yaar.that kinner for her new start of life usne Harman ke naam ka mangalsutra nikal kar uske haath main rakh diya tha aur aaj usi bastard langde ka mangalsutra chuda dal kar nayi naveli dulhan ki tarah mandir ke photo instagram main dal rahi hain.she what a shameful thing.disgusting.kinner apni new shaddi nibha rahi hain.shee what words to say yaar????she is putting sindoor & mangalsutra of that mans.that marriage is so important for her.just showing her sacrifice.what a bull shit.why Vivian is continuing this show.really don’t the main leads are that two kinners (tarana & langda) is she not ashamed of obeying her marriage in that cheap is that??? Because he is disable she is ben sympathy for this kinner.just for Harman words she left the marriage & went.and same kinner she is continuing her marriage.what a rascals these makers are?3 years of love marriage they broke in a second?? So many times Harman saumya got married in this show.publicly,so many types marriages? Itne kasam khaye the.first time gurumaa bane jarahi thi mata rani ne hone nahin diya tha.they proved almighty also wrong surpised??? Really cannot digest?what all they showed in both of these two marriages.surbhi,nani,nimmi sacrificed their life for this kinner.apni jaan se hath dho diya inlogone.sir Harman saumya ka rishta bachane ke liye.aaj makers ne kinner ke doosri shaddi kara kinner ki shaddi bachane ke liye kitne logo ne apni jaan gawa di aaaj makers ne easily doosri shaddi karva di.what wat what??????????????????????? If any track further they show there is no logic.pata nahin aag bhokamp aur sab dikha diya sirf Harman aur saumya ki shaddi aur saath na tute,par aaj ek second main doosri shaddi karke nayi dulhan ki tarah chuda aur langde ke naam ka mangalsutra sindoor pehn kaar nach rahi hain kinner.

  5. fath she is already married & started her new morning married life .check instagaram photos.with body show half br*ast showing with chuda sindoor mangalsutra.
    monday episode is suhagrat.nex week harman marriage planned.shit of shakti i really wish this month shakti ends completely by gods grace.such an insult to the emotions of the fans.disgusting

  6. Agar Harman mar jayega to yeh kinner Harman in widow ho gi ya vedant ki suhagaan aur preeto ki tarah mental ho jayegi????kya kya nahin kiya is third class kinner ke liye Harman ne???apne aapko impotent bataya duniya ke samne is kinner ko izzat dene ke liye.jis aadmi ne is kinner ko normal life dene ke liye itne humiliation,insult,torture aur pata nahin kya kya saha aur aaj yeh ghatiya kinner sacrifice karne ka role nibha rahi hain as per disgusting is that.agar is ne mata rani kea age kasam kha ke sirf Harman ko apna pati manti hain phir itna saji savri kyon hain???sare function nibha rahi hain sindoor mangalsutra chuda pehn ke.nayi naveli dulhan ban kar nach rahin hain.what a shameless character.what a shameless director & makers.agar yeh dream sequence hota fans never would have reacte so much,but it is real happening which is completely wrong.its a disgusting thing for humanity.whatever may be the situation Harman was always loyal.but she proved it disloyal.gurmaa ban na uska galat faisla tha aur ab use langde se shaddi karna doosra galat Harman always said usne hamesha apni man mani ki.there were people whom she can discuss & share problems with them,raavi,malika,rajat other kinner who would have helped her.hamesha jab saumya pe musibaat aayi kinneron ne uski help ki aur kitni baar harak family ka jeena haram kar diya tha.these people should have tortured vedant.and saumya usne kitni baar Harman ka jeena haram kar diya jabhi use ghar main zabardasti laya gaya.usne family members ke samne other relatives ke samne Harman ki insult ki ek kinner ki tarah dress karke ,tali bajake then why is she not doing it with vedant????because he is disabled???? No it is not at all right,being disabled he is using people for his own pleasure & playing with their emotions.he should be tortured to the extent where he realise his mistake.he must not be spared or forgiven.just he has money power he is sitting in that baba gadi & playing with peoples life.what kind of nonsense these people are showing???instead of dressing like a newly bride showing her right side body part without covering her paloo she must dress like a kinner & show him that he is married to a kinner not a girl.the way she used to torture Harman.why malika & teams are not coming his house & torturing him as they torture d Harman & family.saumya was suppose to take revenge from that langda?? What is she doing.agar usne Harman se ek baar bhi saacha pyaar kiya hain aur abh bhi woh sirf uski yani Harman ko apna pati manti hain then she should fight back with this rascal man.yeh toh kinner hain agar uski jagah ek ladki hoti toh bhi yeh rascal use zabardasti use shaddi karne pe majboor karta???ek disable ho kar itni himmat.just because he has power of money???dont these writer directors watch films like pink???where it is “”NO MEANS NO””what Shakti is showing is as good as “”RAPE” DONE TO A INDIVIDUAL”” ITS AGAINST THE WISH “ EITHER IT IS A KINNER OR A not manipulate the ordians by showing it as sacrifice or tyagg bul shit.its just a “””RAPE””” she is been forced to marry to save her husband because she has no just one day nobody start loving anyone.agar yeh langda ek din ke pyaar main zabardasti kar raha hian toh 3 years ke Harman saumya ke pyaar ka kya????? No value for their love.people like preeto & this vedant langda can spoil it.raavi can phone saumya & say that harak singh is helpless,and even show her preeto kareena face then why cannot she show Harman all these things.why saumya is in newly married get up??? Why is she not in her astitva kinner get up???????? WHY WHY WHY????????????WHERE IS HER ASTITVA WHY IS SHE NOT SHOWING IT TO VEDANT & HIS FAMILY????????????WHY HIS FATHER ACCEPTING WRONG & ILLEGAL THING DONE BY HIS SON JUST BECAUSE HE IS DISABLE HE CAN DO ANYTHING??????????WHO GAVE HIM THIS RIGHT????WHO IS HE????

  7. yes right rachna we want to see justice & that justice should be shown by tarana.her marriage is illegal with langda vedant.he cannot be spared just because he is on wheel chair.this is not love.its just revenge & infatutation what he is doing.he cannot be happy in life.his money power must be taken from him.use realise karana hoga whatever he is doing is not right.and now its saumyas turn to make him realise his mistake & he should be sorry to harman & saumya for creating misunderstanding between them & playing with their emotions.and trying to spoil their relationship.instead of pretending he is her legal husband & flaunting her body as newly married couple & impressing him.who she is showing that woh uski sharat man kar apna vada nibha rahi hain.what is she being loyal to that disabled person who is wrong & illegal man.he saved harman from jail is liye woh apna vada nibha rahi hain langde vedant se.harman ko jhoote fraud case main fasaya isi langde aadmi ne?then how can he be right now.??????he will have to pay for it.he will have to pay for his crimes what he has done.he has done fraud wih harman in business making him sign wrong agreements.he must be behind bars.he must be helpless how he made others helpless.he should be sorry to everyone & his father must take him back from teach him lesson his father must joinhands with harman & rajat to teach him lesson.harmans effort of giving a kinner better life must not go into vain.he must win for his goods deeds what he did.he does not desrve to suffer by heart emotionally.its harman saumyas soham life not vedant ??he cannot spoil their life by interfiering into it.and this should be the last time where harman must teach lesson to his mother by finally leaving her forever & going with his family saumya & soham & starting their new life.makers we request you last time please show right & legal things in shakti.whatever we suggested think about it & act accordingly people will appreciate if you respect the viewers.

  8. Shakti Viewers, Chennai

    We, Shakti Fans agree to all of you and especially to Kish it is absolutely right what you said. All other Kinners dress properly except Saumya. She looks very funny and awkward. As you all said it is better if Harman leaves this show His lead character is destroyed. And about Preeto, if the Makers does not expose Preeto in front of the family/Harman, the whole Trust and Justice will die in the World and if youngsters watch this show they will never believe heir parents at all.

  9. if you have the guds of doing wrong thing you must have the guds also to read & display the comments or views addressed by fans & viewers.

  10. watching instagram photos of rubina with hair set with vedant mangalsutra & sindoor & chuda in her hands its so disturbing & betraying to a can she be a newly wedded bride & ready herself for a wrong man.he cannot be respected.getting ready in such way & accepting him is legally wrong & ethics also say it is wrong.kya saumya character ka koi imman nahin hain kya??? if she is saying woh bewafa nahin hain majboor hain this is wrong.when that phsyco says he loves her she must fight back to him saying that she will never be his wife by her get up also.because this he has forced her to do it.she is only harmans wife & she will continue with this only.and she is not even ashamed of staying with him.she can easily run with the baby without anybody knowing.inspite her doing this she is dancing with this culprit mans mangalsutra which is not right.writers just go to flashback & see whatall you have shown in harman saumyas relationship.and you are trying to continue the relation with this disabled illegal man with saumya??????????? are you even thinking about it or not?????.


  12. this is a load of bull

    writers copy each other – same thing in Kausati zindagi ki..
    really the evil ones have power to put people in jail then the wives marry them

  13. These makers & Rashmi sharma just wants to introduce this hopless actor sahil uppal who was without work in this TV industry for this they are spoiling Harman saumya character (rubina & Vivian).if his acting would have been mind blowing he would have been top in the television.surprising creative team thinks he is better than Vivian in lead ?????.comparing with Vivian his 4 feet long face like a skeleton.body which he showed in romantic dance with rubina was disgusting looking like a gay dancing with a kinner.the way he talks is so horrible that while talking he spits I think so????when you see a dog face “in hindi you say lal tap ka ta hain.”what to describe more.writers think because of the current track where Harman saumya separation is shown that’s the reason fans react on opposite characters but its not that.these are the fans views when new entry is the new entry raavi is so good in all terms.earlier one was so horibble.she didn’t even knew to act.its better I wish Vivian quit this show.his character is been ruined.infact the perfect love story was only one in television it was “madhubala ek ishq ek junoon”where the makers inspite of so many misunderstanding they always considered fans views and never separated the couple.when madhubala was blackmailed by gangster sultan to marry him RK the lead was so smart enough that he didn’t let it happened using his brains.he saved his love anyhow.and there was no 2nd marriages for any couple either was such a pure love story.both love duos faught the situation together with many misunderstandings,fightings & all.really a tru love story.infact they took their last breath together.this is called a love always remember we are requesting Vivian plz don’t spoil you that image.better his role comes to an end with his death.let makers go ahead with their new lead sahil uppal & rubina.they are showing & introducing these two couples for advertising their show.but when other Instagram sight where only Harman saumyas three years scene clippings you see you will be mesmerized by the couples married life which now is been destroyed by the can they even show the2nd marriage track ahead.this is too much.its very depressing.never it will not be taken back feeling hurt our show is been destroyed by the makers.we just pray to god the show ends up.we cannot see more dirty things ahead.

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