Shakti 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya fights for the baby as his mother

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Shakti 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Surbhi to get up and tells that she can’t take care of the baby alone. Doctor asks them to bring the baby and says he needs to be checked. Harman tells Soumya that baby check up is necessary and takes baby from her hands. Shanno calls Varun and inform him about Surbhi’s death and says your baby is fine. Varun breaks the phone in anger and says you know that I am crazy, he says if I had not pushed you then you wouldn’t have fall down. Ward boy comes and takes Surbhi’s dead body. Soumya asks where are you taking her? Harman tells her that Surbhi went to Nimmi as she was alone. Soumya hugs him and cries. Harak Singh says I will make arrangements of the last rites. Maninder refuses and tells that he will do the last rites from his house. Preeto says Surbhi was married so her last rites shall be done from her inlaws home. Bebe tells Maninder to let them take Surbhi’s body. Chameli runs home and informs everyone.

In the crematorium ground, Pandit ji asks Harman to give agni to Surbhi. Soumya holds Harman’s hand and recalls Surbhi’s words asking her to become Yashoda of her kanha. They give fire to the pyre. Shakti song plays…….Soumya hugs Harman and cries. They come home. Preeto asks everyone to take til in their hands and put in the fire. Baby is crying. Soumya goes without putting til/sesame in the fire. Harman puts the sesame in the fire and walks inside. Varun comes there and says I was her husband and it was my right to give her fire. Harman says you tried to kill her by mixing poison in kheer and then pushed her from the stairs. Varun says he didn’t do this. Soumya comes there and starts beating him madly for killing Surbhi. Preeto tries to stop her. Harman asks her to let Soumya take out her anger. He then pacifies Soumya. Soumya hears baby crying and runs to room. Varun says how you will prove that I had added poison in the kheer and pushed her off the stairs. Bebe says Surbhi had told us. Varun says Surbhi is gone and threatens to file FIR against them. Harman says I will send you to jail and promises to give fire to his body when he dies. Soumya takes care of the baby and sings lori/lullaby. Varun comes to the place where Surbhi is cremated and takes her ashes in his hand and tells that he will take the baby from kinnar and will trouble Soumya, Harman and Harak Singh. He says if I don’t make her cry blood tears then his name is not Varun Singh. Soumya tells baby that he is her son and she is his mum. She promises to keep him away from all the troubles and give him happiness.

Maninder asks Preeto to give Surbhi’s baby to them and says they will leave and will never come. Preeto says this time is not right to talk about this. Bebe says we just wants baby. Soumya comes and says baby is hers. Bebe says I will take baby with me. Maninder asks her to go and bring the baby. Soumya warns them not to take a step further. She says that child is mine, and I am his mother, says Surbhi had taken promise from her that she will take care of the child as her own. Maninder says you…a mother. Maninder says I am his guardian, what is the proof that Surbhi gave baby to you. Harman says I am the witness and says Surbhi asked Soumya to raise the baby. Bebe says this kinnar can’t raise the baby. Soumya says kinnar…kinnar and tells that you people have spoiled my childhood and says she will show to them how a kinnar raises a child and becomes his mother. Bebe asks if you will beat us. Soumya tells that she will do something for the baby which they haven’t expected.

Soumya sings lullaby to make baby sleep. Harman comes to her and tells that Surbhi gave baby to them while going and asks her to call him choti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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