Shakti 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya refuses to believe Harman

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Shakti 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman taking Soumya from there by lifting her and brings her somewhere. The place is decorated and he makes her rest on bed. He tells her that their relation is beyond anything else and tells that this moon is witness of our relation, we have promised each other to live and die together. He tells moon that Sameer made Soumya have sleeping pills and asks it to make Soumya realize his love and wake up. He ties Soumya’s hand with his hand and calls her name. Soumya wakes up with her head heavy. She gets up shockingly and asks where did you bring me? She tries to go and sees their hands tied with the cloth. She asks why did you tie my hands. Harman says this knot relates us even in pain, and says lets drink tea. Soumya says I don’t drink at this time. Harman says you will not understand

and asks her to come. Soumya asks him to let her go and says Sameer will not have food without her. Harman says you have promised that you will do what I say in these 10 days. Soumya agrees and asks where to come. Harman lights the candle and asks her to sit. He puts tea in the tea cup and gives to Soumya. He tells her that his tea is not sweet and asks her to show her tea. He tastes her tea and says it is sweet as you touched it. Soumya takes the tea from his hand and drinks the tea. She says she will go as Sameer must be waiting. Harman tells her that there is a last surprise and asks her to go after seeing it.

Shanno serves food on the dining table. Varun asks her to serve them. Shanno says I am not of anyone’s Servant now and asks him to serve himself. Varun says I will not bear this insult. Veeran says I will serve you. Kishan Lal comes and sits on the dining table. He asks him where is my share, as I am the fourth owner. Shanno gets angry and leaves. Kishan Lal gets Preeto’s call and she asks him to do his work carefully. He thinks I will not agree to her. Preeto thinks I know you will not do anything. Harak Singh comes to Preeto. Preeto says lawyer must have said that we have no papers, and says we will get it. Harak Singh asks where is Harman, our son and says why we raise him up. He says Harman shall be with us. Preeto says if I tell him then he will come, but what about his love. Neighbors gather there. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they shall tell them about Harman’s love and wait for their reaction. Harak Singh keeps quiet. Raavi tells neighbors that they will solve their matter.

Harman switches on the lights and shows Soumya’s big pics. He asks her to forget everything and see it. He tells the poetry which he had told her before. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman asks her to dance with him. Soumya gets some flashes of them. She refuses to dance. Harman says you have to dance as per the promise. Soumya says you got 10 days to prove the truth, but I will not forget my responsibility for Sameer and my limits. Harman says you lost your memory, but still talk big things. Soumya says my heart doesn’t let me to give Sameer’s rights to someone else. Harman asks her to listen to his heart once and says I will never trouble you. He asks her to look at the pics and says you were so happy with me. Soumya sees her pictures with sindoor and mangalsutra. Harman asks if she is remembering anything. He says you are looking happy in all pics, I will keep you happy always. Soumya says this sindoor and mangalsutra and tells Harman that this is truth….Sameer is watching them. Soumya says but this is not me. This sindoor or mangalsutra is not mine. She says I never worn any mangalsutra or have sindoor. She says I am Khushi and tells that she will happy with Sameer even after the challenge is over. Sameer smiles happily.

Soumya says you can’t prove your fake love infront of love and asks him not to waste his time or hers, and says I will tell you what to do with these fake pics. She lights the match sticks and says this fire will make your hopes into ashes along with these pics. She burns all her pics. Harman looks on hurt. Soumya looks at Harman and walks away. She sees Sameer standing and says you are here? Sameer says Harman can bring you anywhere according to his bet, and says I can’t leave you alone being your would be husband. He asks her to come and says he is very hungry. Soumya goes. Harman is still standing looking at the burning pics.

Harman brings Soumya to the park and says when we get old, we will come here. Soumya says you are talking about old age, and says we will not be in each other lives after 8 days. Harman says we will not go far from each other. Soumya sees a baby crying and takes baby in her hands. She gets flashes of Aditya, Harman and her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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