Shakti 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Shanno instigates Soham to kill Heer

Shakti 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat waiting for Preeto behind the temple. Preeto comes there. Virat says what do you want to say? Preeto says I don’t care about what you think about kinnars after Nutan’s sacrifice. She asks him to have the same opinion about Heer even now. Virat tells that he is the same Virat even now and says if Heer does the same mistake like today, and if you don’t go to save her, then I have to go as Nutan had burdened me with her favour, she wanted in return of her favor that I shall not let anything happen to Heer. He says don’t take tension, I am nothing more than Heer’s rakshak. Preeto says Harman was Soumya’s rakshak and then he had fallen in love with her. She says you know this, and says I saw how you stood by Heer, when Soham scolded Heer. Virat recalls his swear to Heer and tells that he is not Harman and don’t want to become like him. Preeto asks did you fight with Soham and why? Virat says Soham came to fight with me and asked me why did I broke my relation with her. Preeto asks do you think that Soham knows about Heer’s truth. Virat says no, I don’t think so and asks her to be tension free from his side.

He comes home. Sant Baksh tells Virat that he has drowned his name to go to Police station. Virat says I had gone there, but then sent the Inspector back, thinking about your respect. Jharna asks him to show his hand and sees his hand. She asks what is it? He says it got this injury while repairing his car. Jharna asks where did you go? Virat says did you come to marry me or adopt me? He says I never entered your personal space and says why to tell you where, how and when I went somewhere. Jharna asks if he started liking Heer again. Virat asks her not to say nonsense. Jharna tells that she will not cancel her plan to marry him this time. Gurwinder hears them. Heer calls her and asks her to find out from her father, where Kareena has gone after killing Nutan. Gurwinder says I will see what to do.

Shanno comes to Soham and finds him hitting the punching bag. She calls him helpless and failed man to take out his anger on the punching bag. She says many people sacrificed their lives for Soumya and now people started sacrificing their lives for Heer. She tells that we tried to send her away from home, but their attempts failed and asks him to kill her. She asks him not to be dependent on anyone, but kill her himself with his hands to take revenge for his parents. Soham gets furious.

Gurwinder talks to Heer and tells that she has given details to her Papa. He will call her. She ends the call and sees Virat standing outside. Virat comes inside and says you was talking to Heer. Gurwinder says yes and tells that when Heer asked for my help, I couldn’t refuse. She says Heer wants to fight for her friend’s death. Virat asks her not to help Heer. Gurwinder says Heer thinks me as her sister and I will help her. Virat says you are my Bhabhi before becoming her sister. He then asks her to talk to Heer if she wants and tells that he will not stop her. He goes.

Heer thinks Gurwinder’s Papa will find out. Rohan comes there and asks Heer about his phone. Heer returns his phone. Rohan asks about her marriage preparation. Heer says it is good. Rohan says Preeto will take her test. Virat comes out of his bathroom and finds Jharna checking his phone. He takes his phone and asks what you are doing here? Jharna tells that her dad went for some days and that’s why parmeet asked her to stay here. Virat says we are not married yet. She asks him to see his face and tells that she will stay in other room. She says you are so cute. She says she stopped seeing him. He asks what you was doing with my phone. Jharna tells that she was taking selfies to set his wallpaper. She says she can do anything with his phone, as they are getting married. He says they are not yet married. Jharna says she brought gift for him and handovers him book, on how to impress wife. Virat says he doesn’t want. He thinks of Heer telling him about the diary in which Soumya used to write solutions for the troubles coming on her. He thinks he might find Solution in Soumya’s diary and tells Jharna that he will pick her clothes from the boutique and goes.

Harak Singh questions Heer. Heer answers well. Harak Singh says Heer has become intelligent. Heer tells Preeto that she is studying well. Preeto says you shall study well, as exam is there after 1 week. Heer says I am thankful for supportive and lovely family. She asks shall I go? Preeto asks Soham to ask question? Heer asks him to question her. Soham says transgender…what is the rights of transgenders or kinnars? Heer says I didn’t know about this and says anything can come related to this. Preeto gets alerted. Heer says whenever Soham questions me, I couldn’t answer. Soham thinks I will not leave you to show face to anyone. Preeto tells Heer that she didn’t answer to only Soham’s questions, but she is ready for the exam. She asks her to go and study. Virat comes to Heer’s room through the balcony and wonders where is Soumya’s dairy. He searches in the room. Heer is coming to her room. Virat opens Heer’s cupboard and finds Soumya’s diary there. He takes the diary in his hand and closes the cupboard. He turns to go, when Heer comes inside and looks at him in shock. He hides diary behind him. Heer asks what are you doing here?

Virat closes the door and keeps hand on her mouth…tu hi mera khuda plays….She stamps on his feet. He signs her not to make sound and asks her not to involve his bhabhi in Kareena’s case. Heer says your bhabhi means something to me also and tells that they have some unique bond. She asks will you go or shall I call everyone. Virat says I am going. Heer recalls his words and says you had told that your house got impure when I came there. She asks how dare you to come here and asks if nothing has become impure. She says you asked everyone to get the windows closed and says how you come here through the window. Virat says if you ask anyone about Kareena then I will tell Preeto aunty. Heer hits him with pillow and asks him to tell everyone. Virat thinks it is better for her to not know the truth, and says I will never let my promise break.

Precap: Virat comes to temple and tells Heer that he has done a big mistake. He asks her to befriend him, tells that he wants to be with her as a partner, well wisher, guard and as a friend. Heer asks him to say again and slaps him hard on his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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