Shakti 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Suomya forget their way back to hospital

Shakti 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suomya continue calling Harman but he runs away. The kinners approach Suomya from behind. Harman returns to Suomya calling ‘Save Me. Save Me’. Suomya calms him down and wipes his sweat from his face. She assures there is no body around. Harman says they would kill him.
The next morning, Suomya blames Harman for running away from hospital. Harman says if she wanted him to remain a sweeper there? Suomya says his Gulabo was also there. Harman didn’t trust that girl to be Suomya, she never reminds him of his past. Suomya asks to go back to hospital but Harman didn’t remember the path, nor had any money.
It was night, Preeto wakes up and comes to Harman and Suomya’s photo. She says she wish to find Harman but he is nowhere around. Harak Singh watch this from outside.
Harman and

Suomya were asleep on the temple floor. The kinners come there and push cholorophyl swab leaving both unconscious. They try to pull off each other’s hand but the grip was really tight. Mr. and Mrs Kaushal and Lameet find the lost two. A bunch of kinners come and try and part them, but Harman and Suomya held their hands tightly. They decide to bring them to consciousness. They can tie Harman and take Suomya along. Both wake up due to sprinkle of water. Both wake up and resist as the kinners kidnap them. Harman again gets the flashes from his last fight. He gathers courage and fights the kinners off with a jerk. The kinners still get hold of him and tie him to a wall. Soon there was a procession heading towards the temple. Suomya calls for help. The kinners run for life leaving them alone. Suomya untie Harman from the wall. When the procession reach the temple, Harman blame Suomya as she must have had some trouble with them.
At home, everyone look for Preeto. Harak Singh was tensed. Varun comes home saying she is nowhere to be found.
Preeto find Harman on the streets of the city. She decides to go and find Harman where no one knows him.
Suomya notices they have reached the same point they started, this way doesn’t lead to hospital. Harman brings a tree and asks which fruit it grows? She questions how would she know? Harman says he doesn’t know as well where this road leads to. Suomya begins to cry. Harman wipes her tears and explains that he is a sensitive man. She is even afraid of the dark, it’s already so late.
The next morning, Preeto comes to a market and asks a vendor if he recognizes her? He denies. Preeto asks if he doesn’t know her son Harman. The man replies no. Preeto asks now tell where is Harman? She was offensive at the man’s resistance and hold a wooden stick. The crowd in market throw stones over Preeto.

PRECAP: Some goons attack Harman and Suomya and wanted to take her. Harman fights the goons in her protection.

Update Credit to: Sona

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