Shakti 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya decides to clear Harman’s misunderstanding

Shakti 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Harak Singh that Lavneet is not in the room. Harak Singh says you are misunderstanding and says she is in the room. Raavi calls her bhabhi and says it seems she has eloped. Lavneet comes out of room wearing night suit and pretending to be sleeping. Harak Singh asks Preeto to see. Lavneet asks what happened? Whose bahu has eloped? She sees Harman and says you have come? Preeto says I had checked in your room 2 mins before and you were not there. She asks from where did you come? She says everyone is liar and goes. Soumya is sad and tells Sameer that she don’t know why Jolly accused her. She says she will talk to Jolly. Sameer says we will talk in the morning and goes. Harman comes to his room and thinks I hate Khushi and her name, she took advantage of me and pretended

to lose memory. Lavneet comes and asks what happened? Harman asks her to go out of room. Lavneet smirks and goes. Harman thinks Khushi is his big enemy now. Soumya asks why did he raise doubt on their friendship and accused her. She thinks to clear his misunderstandings. Raavi comes to Kinnar’s house and tells Chameli that few things are complicated. She tells her that Harman talked about Khushi since he came and was ready to fight with the family. She says Khushi has to do something with Soumya/

Soumya says good morning to Sameer’s mum. Sameer’s mum says I can understand that he can get angry on you being your friend, but why did he curse and accused you? She asks her to talk to him and clear misunderstanding. She says I am restless since he cursed you. Soumya says how will I talk to him. I don’t have his address or phone number. Sameer’s mum asks her to talk to Sameer. Soumya thinks how to search him.

Chameli assures Raavi that she will find out about Khushi. Raavi thanks her and tells that they have to do something so that Harman regains his memory. She says once he gets his memory back, he will bring Soumya back. Harman refuses to have food. Harak Singh says if you don’t have food then I will also not eat. Shanno gives him food in plate. Harman throws it afar and tells that everyone is liar and doing acting. She asks them not to act, and have food or be hungry. Preeto says you said right. Lavneet asks Harman to calm down. Harman asks who are you to me and refuses to have food. Lavneet says I am your wife and it is my responsibility to calm you. She threatens to be hungry if he don’t have food. Harman says good, be hungry.

Soumya tells Sameer that she wants to meet Jolly and clears his misunderstanding. She says how can he curse me being my friend, there must be something for sure. Sameer makes her sit and says our love don’t get affected by any curse. Soumya says she wants to meet him. Sameer asks her to forget him. Soumya insists to meet him. Sameer gets angry and says I have right on you and will stop you from meeting Jolly. You will not meet him. Soumya cries. Sameer’s mum comes and says I am there for you and can feel your pain. She says I will make you meet Jolly, but don’t let Sameer know about it. Soumya says I want to meet him once. Sameer’s mum thinks I will make you meet him thousand’s times.

Lavneet asks Harak Singh if Preeto likes sweet biscuits or salty biscuits. He says Salty. Lavneet asks Shanno to give her salty biscuits as she likes it. Preeto asks how did you know? Lavneet says she knows being her bahu. Raavi comes home and tells that she went for a walk. Lavneet informs Harak Singh that it seems Raavi is searching Khushi. Harak Singh says she can’t find her.

Sameer comes to Soumya and apologizes to her. He asks her to slap him and punish him. Soumya says I just want to meet Jolly. Sameer says how to forget that he hurt you. He asks her to come and have food. His mum hears them. He asks Soumya to eat and goes to get water. His mum brings Harman’s address and gives to Soumya. Soumya says I will go and meet him. His mum asks her to wear veil and go, else Sameer will get angry if he comes to know. Soumya says ok.

Chameli and other kinnars come to Harak Singh’s house playing band and baja. Harak Singh asks why you came? Chameli says we heard that your son returned, and we shall get some nek. Harak Singh panics seeing Harman coming there. He asks Veeran to give them money and asks them to go. Harman stops kinnars and looks at them.

Soumya comes to Harman’s house. Lavneet takes her inside and says you can’t meet Harman. Soumya pushes her and she falls on Harman. Harman says now he is sure that she (lavneet) is his Gulabo.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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