Shakti 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya uses her rights for Harman’s DNA test

Shakti 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya calling someone and asks to come to their farmhouse, says she has some important work. She tells Harman that this is not the time to feel bad or regret, tells that we will ask for our rights and if we don’t get it then we will snatch it. She asks him not to think and asks him to come with her. She walks inside holding his hand. Music plays….Soumya pushes the door and gets inside with Harman. Everyone looks at them. Shakti song plays….Mahi calls her shameless to come inside. Soumya says Harman ji has the right on this house and tells that she will bring the proofs. She says I will give the proofs that he is Harman ji. Mahi says your new drama started. Soumya says DNA test can give the proof and tells that she has called Doctor Saheb to get his DNA check with Preeto and Harak Singh’s DNA. She says you both know that I always thought good of this house and will not do anything wrong which will ruin our house. She says today she is asking the right of a daughter and daughter in law, and asks them to let her enquire and get the test done, wants to check if the feelings in her heart is right or not, she feels that he is Harman ji and only DNA test can proof this. She asks for a chance.

Nayan comes behind Virat and says sorry. She says I was trying to end the problems. Virat asks if you will end like this and asks her to stop using her mind, asks her to go. Parmeet comes and scolds Virat. Nayan says it is my mistake, Bhai was tensed and crying, so I couldn’t see. She says he wanted to see his daughter once, Simran forgave him. Parmeet says whatever you thought is right and you have all the rights to take decisions of this house, Virat shall understand this. Virat goes from there. Nayan smirks.

Preeto says you have talked about rights, so I will give your rights to you. Mahi asks are you forgetting that she is Soumya, and can do anything to prove her words and can get the reports changed and can buy the doctor too. Soumya says I have never done anything wrong till now and that’s why telling that this test will prove everything. Preeto says this test will be done and it will be proved if you are part of this house or not. She says this is not this guy’s test if he is Harman or not, but the test of yours. She says if you prove wrong then I will break relation with you. She says the matter is about my son’s identity and I will not bear anything wrong. Soumya says I accept it as I trust that he is Harman ji.

Arjun acts infront of Simran and Virat and says you will not have any problem with me. Simran says you want to meet your daughter, I will give you 5 mins. Arjun thinks he will become the damad/son in law of the house. She walks out with Virat. Arjun sits on the bed.

Virat calls Heer, but she is busy watering garden plants. She picks his call and asks why you are calling me again and again, tells that she is not coming there, asks him to marry. Virat asks her why is she not understanding that the marriage is happening due to her stubbornness, and says our destiny decision is different and says marriage was about to broke. Heer says it didn’t break and says destiny wants your marriage to happen with Nayan. Virat says whoever don’t want to listen, I don’t want to make her understand, but Simran’s life is ruining, Rohan Veer ji don’t want to be with Simran. Heer says Rohan Veer ji can’t do this and asks him not to call her again, and call her if there is any genuine reason. Doctor takes the samples and tells that he will come after 7 days. Soumya says I am not going anywhere, I don’t want anyone to think that I have manipulated with the reports, so please let me stay here. Harak Singh says ok, I will agree to your last sayings and says if your report is wrong then I will kill him with my hand.

Simran looks at Arjun from outside the room. Arjun acts to talk to his daughter and says your Papa came to meet you. He acts…and says your Papa has done a big mistake, now he has to plead and meet you. He says he is unlucky not to see her growing up and not to hear Papa from you. He says your Papa is bad, but your Mamma is a nice girl and will take care of you both. He says I will pray that you both stay happy, says I love you beta. Simran hears and goes. Rohan’s call comes on Simran’s mobile. Arjun picks the call and says he is Simran’s Gudiya Papa. Simran takes mobile from his hand. Rohan says I called you as I thought that I have done wrong with you, but you don’t really care about me, as your daughter’s father have come. Simran says no, it is not like that. Rohan says you both are same, your brother and you. He says now you don’t need me as baby’s father has come. He says Virat has kick out Heer from his life just as he got fine. Arjun acts to cry and says I came to meet my daughter, came to apologize to my daughter. Simran says you didn’t do any mistake, you had come to meet your daughter. I have done a mistake and will rectify it. She walks out of room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I’m sorry, but what is happening in this show? Do makers think that the viewers are crazy and can’t process stuff?
    First, there is no logic with ViHeer love story right now. Virat said he left Heer at their second house so that she doesn’t interrupt the wedding, but now he’s calling her back nonstop. And she refuses to come and asks him to start his new life with Nayan, even though she knows that Nayan is a cheater and liar and golddigger. Why does she wish that to Virat?? And also, Angel is arrested, so there is no danger now, Heer can get her gender surgery and everything is solved.
    Second, Sant Baksh and Soumya met days before when Soumya asked him about Heer’s whereabouts. So why didn’t he inform Heer that her Gulabo which she admires finally came back? Nonsense.
    Third, where is Akshay now and what happened to his family? We would really, really like to see that. How is baby Kuhu?
    Fourth, the last, why doesn’t this new Harman explain how his face got changed. You can’t just come to your family after 25 years and say like: “oh me aapka Harman hun”, no one would believe obviously. He should explain how his face changed and also make them believe by telling them some memories with them which nobody knows about.
    I think this show is dragging right now, not knowing what is next and in which direction it’s going…
    The best thing was that Rubina came back, but the worst that this new Harman was introduced since we didn’t need him now in the story. ViHeer story is not moving at all, but atleast Rohan and Simran’s is interesting.

    1. Well Virat is calling heer non-stop because of simran and rohan, and he doesn’t want to marry nayan he is marrying nayan due to heer and parmeet. Harman got his face surgery due to falling down. Their is logic in viheer love story. Heer might be at virats second house due to something. Their is COVID going on so maybe heer wasn’t able to come, so they do need to create some story. Shakti is a awesome show and makes a lot of sense, maybe you should watch the episodes. As far as harman, i would love to see the old harman, but thus harman is doing a good job, so are soumaya, heer and virat.

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