Shakti 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat and Soumya plan to expose Mahi

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The Episode starts with Soumya seeing Harman coming there and apologizes to her, says it was her mistake and asks her to forgive her. Mahi thinks if she came to know about my plan. Harman tells Mahi that this thing will not happen again, you will not get hurt again, Soumya is apologizing to you. He says this house is yours and of Soumya too and apologizes to her. He asks her not to leave the house. Mahi says you have said and it is enough, I will not leave you and will not go from here. Soumya asks Harman to come to their room, says Mahi might want to rest. She holds his hand. Harman and Soumya are walking out. Mahi gets angry and throws the vase in anger. She then pretends to faint. Harman leaves Soumya’s hand and runs to hold Mahi. He holds Mahi. Soumya thinks Mahi played her trick. Preeto, Harak Singh and others come there and see Mahi in Harman’s embrace. She asks what happened? Harak Singh says may be she fainted, asks Harman to make her rest on the bed. Preeto says she was fine sometime back. Harman asks Soumya to call doctor fast. Soumya goes. Virat looks on. Harman gets up to go, but Mahi pretends to have headache. He sits back and asks her not to take tension. Mahi asks him to go as Soumya is waiting for him. He says I will be here with you, don’t worry. She holds his hands and smiles, thinking you wanted to take him far from me, but he is sitting with me, leaving you. Virat comes to Soumya and tells that everyone is worried for Mahi, except you. He says somehow I feel that what is appearing is not the truth. Soumya says you are right, Mahi is acting and tells that yesterday she wanted to suicide to get Harman ji and today she handovers him to me so easily. She says whatever she has doing is acting, she wants to create misunderstanding between us and wants to separate us. Virat says even I was doubtful, but I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. He says I can never think that Mahi will act so big. He says just like Heer and my relation, even Harman Singh and you have the same relation, we knows how to protect our love. He asks how we can expose Mahi? Soumya says I have a plan to expose Mahi and needs his help. Virat says you just order, soldier Virat is with you. They shake hands. Soumya thanks him. Shakti song plays…..

Daljeet asks Angel, how she can think of deal with his dad and says he will not come. Angel says you have seen his DSP’s heart and not your father’s heart. She says she will count till 5 and your Papa will come from this gate. She asks him to see and starts the countdown. Sant Baksh comes there with Parmeet.

Mahi gets ready and applies make up and wear bangles. She gives flying kiss to herself and thinks she shall look beautiful to Harman and he will realize the difference between woman and kinnar. He will realize that Soumya can’t give what I can give him.

Daljeet says Maa. Parmeet stops him. Angel asks Sant baksh if he came as Virat’s Papa today to meet Angel. Parmeet says this will be last chance for you to get saved, but Sant Baksh singh will not do any deal with you, but I can do. She says I can do deal to keep Heer away from Virat, but Sant baksh singh will not be part of it. She says if you back off your tongue then will be gone for forever.

Simran gives tea to Harak Singh, Preeto and others. Virat looks at Mahi coming and thinks she got ready and came to impress Harman Singh, thinks Soumya was right about her. Preeto appreciates Mahi for wearing bangles and jhumkas. Mahi says I thought you all will feel good, if I stay nicely dressed. Virat says what a thought, and tells that once Heer returns….Mahi says Heer will return soon and we will stay together, until Mata Rani hears our prayers, we have to be each other’s support. Virat says you said right, even Soumya said the same thing and went. Mahi asks where did she go? Virat says she went with Harman Singh. Mahi asks where? Virat says she told first she will go to temple and then for some work. Preeto tells that she will make breakfast. Mahi goes out. Virat thinks he shall follow her. Soumya and Harman are walking out of the house. Soumya asks Harman to think once. Mahi hears them. Soumya says Mahi is your wife legally and asks how can we marry until you both get divorced. She looks at Mahi hearing them. Harman asks why are you afraid? Soumya says what people will say if we stay together without marriage. Harman says we are not afraid of society and broke all norms of society. He tells that our love strength have closed everyone’s mouths.

Soumya says we have to think about family and the respect. She says we have to think about Mahi and her happiness. She says people will taunt her if she stays between us. Harman says again people? Soumya says we have to think what people said when my identity came between us. She again looks at Mahi hearing her and tells that if they have to stay in the society then have to think about their perspective too. She asks him to talk to the lawyer and get the divorce papers done. Harman says Soumya. Soumya asks him to understand that they could fought with the society being together, but Mahi is alone and asks who will support her. She says people will taunt you too, and tells that you are staying with two wives, and asks what Preeto and harak singh will think. She says we shall talk to Mahi once. Mahi gets tensed.

Precap: Soumya asks Mahi that she doesn’t mind singing divorce papers, right? Later, Soumya calls Virat and asks whether he did her work. He says yes. He then comes to Mahi’s room and informs her that Soumya and Harman are there with divorce papers. Mahi thinks she cannot give divorce to Harman. What can she do?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Now show Soumya strong, she should defeat Mahi, she shouldn’t look stupid anymore nor bow her head.
    And we also need to know what happened with Harman’s face, please explain more about his plastic surgery and stuff.

    1. Since Harman’s disappearance for over 25 years from his Family, His Face has Changed A Lot. According to the Story.

      Also Now Saumya will be Stronger than before as She has been fighting for her Family when Angel attacked on them. Saumya understands the Family Norms and also Very Cautious regarding Family’s Respect in the Society. Saumya will Grow Even More Stronger Gradually as She Plots her Plans against the WrongDoers

    2. 50roomescapelover

      Please do accept the new harman and support him…as he is trying best to potray the charachter even coming back long after 12 yrs …and all are giving their best even in this pandemic…

    3. Yes. He looks REALLY HANDSOME on his Smiles and other Expressions Too.

  2. Yeah even though many people wanted vivien but Cezzane is doing a good job. Heer abh toh vapas ajao. Soumaya will be strong now, I’m so happy that virat is supporting heer.

  3. Sauravh Thakur

    Harman singh ko vapas lao somya ka sath

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