Shakti 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto’s lie shatters Soham

Shakti 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reet making Soumya have custard sweets. Soumya looks at her. Reet says it is my favorite and asks if she likes it. Maninder brings balloons. Reet asks if he brought it for her. Maninder says yes. Gayatri asks Reet to let him give a balloon to Maasi. Maninder says ok and gives balloon in soumya’s hand. Soumya looks at the balloons on the floor and holds the wheel chair to get up. Gayatri sees that and stops Reet and Maninder. Soumya gets up holding the wheel chair and tries to go near the balloons. Gayatri and Maninder are happy and clap. Bebe gets angry and goes. Soumya picks blue balloon from the floor. Reet asks Maasi, have you become fine and asks her to come to garden with her. Shakti song plays…..Reet plays with balloons while Soumya looks at it and tries to catch the balloon which Reet throws at her. She catches it finally and smiles. Maninder and Gayatri are happy. Maninder recalls Surbhi and Soumya playing in childhood. Bebe thinks Soumya will get fine soon and thinks then she can’t do anything. Varun comes and tells that he will kill her and asks her to do his work. Bebe asks what?

Preeto runs and plays with Heer. She says I am tired and sits. Rohan laughs and says Nani is tired. Preeto scolds him politely and asks him to convince his sister to drink milk. Raavi brings chocolate milk and asks who will drink it. Preeto holds her hand. Heer says if you cheat again then I will leave you and go. Preeto gets emotional and says if you say this again then I will tie your hands and will keep you at home. heer says she was joking. Raavi gives them milk. Rohan and Heer drink it. Raavi takes them to make them sleep. Preeto closes the door. Just then someone knocks on the door. Preeto looks at the person who has come to her house.

Varun asks Soham to drink milk and says please. Soham asks who had killed my mother. Varun says I really don’t know. Preeto comes there with two goons and asks them to break the things and throw out of house. Varun asks what you are doing? Preeto asks him to leave the house with Soham. Varun says I will not go and I am a responsible father now. Preeto says you have to go. Soham says we will go and asks who has killed my mother. Preeto says Soumya and I have done this. Varun thinks Dadi did my work. Preeto recalls Bebe coming to her house and asking her to tell that Soumya and she had killed Surbhi. Bebe blackmails her to tell Heer’s truth to Varun if she doesn’t do her work. Fb ends. Varun tells Preeto that she has proved that she has never loved Soham like loving Rohan and Heer. Soham cries and hugs him. Preeto asks them to vacate the house and leaves.

Reet wishes Gayatri for her birthday. Bebe and Maninder wish her happy birthday. Reet tells Soumya that Maa’s birthday comes after her birthday and asks if she will come with her to temple. Gayatri asks if she will come with her to temple. Soumya gets up. Gayatri asks Bebe to come. Bebe tells that she has leg pain and asks them to go. She thinks to pack her bags and leave before they return.

In the school, Rohan and Heer search Soham in the school. Heer says if he took holiday. Rohan says if he didn’t send Soham as we told him that. They run and go to Soham’s house and see Varun, Bebe and Soham near the car. Soham tells them that he is leaving the house and tells that Preeto dadi and Soumya had killed his mum. Heer says something lied to him. Soham says Preeto dadi told me. Rohan asks him to come to Preeto. Soham says I want to go with my Papa and sits in car. Rohan and Heer run behind the car. Soham asks Varun to stop the car and tells that he wants to talk to them. Varun says nothing is left now. Soham asks him to stop the car and gets down from the car. Heer asks how you will stay with us, will not you miss me? Soham says I will miss you both, but I have to go and asks them not to come behind his car.

Soham sits in car and asks Varun to drive. Rohan and Heer continues to run. Reet, Soumya, Gayatri and Maninder come to the temple. Reet tells Soumya that fresh flowers are sold there. Soumya walks towards there. Heer and Rohan come running there. Heer collides with Soumya and is surprised to see her. She says Gulabo..Rohan gets happy and smiles. Soumya looks at her.

Precap: Soumya asks Heer about Soham. Heer tells that Soham left them. Soumya comes to Soham and stops the car. Soham asks her to move away and tells that you have killed my mother. Soumya runs behind the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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