Shakti 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya tries to melt down Harman’s anger in 24 hours deal

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Shakti 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neighbors asking Maninder not to give much liberty to Surbhi. Varun thinks Harman is noble not to do anything with Soumya, but he is not like him. Harak Singh and Jasleen talking. Jasleen tells that she feels proud that he is her buddy. Harak Singh tells if anyone knows that his bahu is a kinnar then his reputation will be gone. Veeran comes and tells Harak Singh that Jasleen is very sanskari and got emotional touched by his words.

Saya and Chanda acts with other kinnars. Chanda acts as if she got attack. Constable comes and asks what happened. Saya says she wants iron rod to treat her. Constable gives her and closes the lock up.

Soumya kisses on Harman’s forehead and asks him to say her good morning with love. Harman greets her good morning. Soumya says no anger till 24 hours. Harman gets up and asks why did she tie his hands. Soumya says so that he don’t throw tea and makes him have tea. Jasleen thinks I shall help my friend and greets him good morning. Soumya asks Harman to tell Jasleen not to interfere between them for 24 hours, as this time is theirs. Jasleen asks what? Harman asks her to go and says it is matter of just 24 hours. Soumya says every second is important for me in this 24 hours. Harman says decision will be done. Soumya makes him drink tea. Jasleen thinks don’t know what Soumya will do in this 24 hours.

Harak Singh says she might try to change Harman’s decision. Preeto hears them and thinks she wants to live her entire life in this 24 hours. Soumya tells Harman that she did that Puja so that they can be together in all births, and tells that she wasn’t aware of the rituals. Harman asks her to move and goes to washroom. Preeto asks Soumya to come. Veeran asks Shanno to act seeing Soumya coming. She pretends to fall down. Harman tells Jasleen that he will get rid of Soumya after 24 hours. Harak Singh says she is a witch and asks him to go far from her in this 24 hours and asks him to go out and watch film. Soumya asks Shanno to sit. Shanno says she can’t sit and asks her to make kada. Preeto asks Soumya to go to Harman and says she will handle Shanno. She twists her foot and asks her to tell where is Harman? Shanno says in Harak Singh’s room. Preeto gives her hair pin and asks Soumya to go and open the door with it. Preeto scolds Shanno. Soumya asks Harman to open the door. Jasleen says they are talking. Soumya opens the door and gets inside.

Soumya tells Harman that she loves him a lot, and tells that his 24 hours are hers, and asks him to ask himself why he hates his Gulabo.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. I decided not to see shakti any more until this fake friend jasleen who wears a fake mask of friendship gets lost and vanish with harak and the rest of his family except Harman , preeto and chiunto ji because I am suffering from a very very high depressions just to see them

  3. Me too dalia^^ i feel hurt seeing harmans rude behaviour. Jasleen is an interfering cow! Harman shud b ashamed of himself going out with a girl while married constantly n being in a room with her alone etc that’s totally unacceptable for a married man to do!!! Hes a betrayer. I wonder if the tables were turned n soumya did the same how wud he feel??

    1. Shakti Fans from Chennai

      Yes, Dalia & Hajera, you both are absolutely right. Harman’s behaviour with stupid Jasleen is getting into our nerves. High pressure. She is a conning and wicked person. She just came to ruin Harman and Soumya’s relationship. She only wanted Harman. Shameless character. Now a days Harmans’ face look like a devil. His charmingness, handsome look and cute face all gone after leaving Soumya. Soumya is his happiness. Why he is so stubborn. This show makers are spoiling his image and his face charmingness also. All started hating Harman now. What all he did to get Soumya’s Love and to bring her. He was after her even when she left him for his betterment also. Now, he is behaving like a stranger to Soumya. He should know what all she did when he was in Coma. He behaves like an Idiot, doesn’t know anything. What Jasleen says he will hear. All the Fans of Harman and Soumya are very much upset with this show. Don’t want to see Harman with Jasleen, till she is out of the show, hate to watch the show. Here, some houses Husband and wife started arguing over the show bcos wife is thinking that their husband also become like Harman. Let the show makers expose the wicked characters, especially, Harak and that devil Shanno like they exposed Preetho before. Then only the show will have a turning point and justice. Our msg. is big bcos this is all Friends & Fans grievances together.

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