MY SHADOW MY COMPANION – It’s all about Sanskar Episode 25 {FINAL PART}

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Episode 25

Swara’s POV

I looked at badimaa…. She was in a dillema whether to cry or not. Stone faced Badepapa was sitting at the mud. Bhaiya was a brute but their son too na. Badimaa also undergone through the same pain which I felt. I hugged my startled daughter tightly and rudely glared at Adarsh Bhaiya’s bluish dead body. For a while I looked above thankfully. Where is Anandu?? Where he had gone. Thank you so much Anandu due to you my daughter is alive now. Agar Tum nahi hote toh kya ho jaata…..

Your loyalty is defeating your cruelty. I always taunted Sanskar for his false beliefs but I was wrong. You are more honest and loyal than these types of brute human beings…

Amma …Amma…… A Tamilian lady punched on my shoulder from behind. Oh I forgot to receive the Prasad. For a while I forgot that I am standing in the queue. Panditji is rudely staring at me…. I received it and hurriedly got rid of the queue. Ragini Janu and Jeeva are coming towards me. Ragini was holding both of them they are jumping and running but Ragini’s hands are forbidding them for the further run. More than me, she wished for daughters but blessed with 2 sons.
I think they were explored through the cave like building which is describing the legend of this temple by some statues and idols. I don’t know much about it but I think it is depending upon Ramayana cz I have noticed Ravana there. Uff Jeeva is still licking chocolates…… Doesn’t you finished it???…… No Mumma deere deere khane mein mazaa aayega….. She giggled but that words were fell into the core of my heart. Sanskar’s words!!!! She is exactly gone to you Sanskar. There Mom and Badimaa are coming from the Shani temple…
Swara, Ragini yeh Lux aur Sanskar katte hai.(Where is Laksh and Sanskar??) Panditji is calling them. They have to do the Pooja of Shani
Bm bowed her hands and looked above..

Due to his blessings my both sons are secured now. Where are they??

Rag: Actually Maa both are having ice creams like kids near the Gopur and Paapaji also joined them??

Bm: Sugar levels are reaching near 500 I will show him??…

All of us laughed together
Janu and Jeeva donno y we are giggling but they also joined us for showing they are also matured.

There I saw Sanskar and Laksh are ascending the steps. They’re laughing, talking punching each other. BP, Dad,Uncle, Aryan, Rohit and Rohan (Raglak sons) are accompanying them
Mom’s eyes were sparkled…. Look Jiji Lux and Sanskar are memorizing me their childhood….
Jay was resting his head at Sanskar’s shoulder. It charged Jeeva. She enviously ran towards Sanskar
……?? come down OK he is my Paapa….
Even Jay doesn’t wanted to stay there but he remained there. Just for increasing her anger….. No no I won’t come down….. He hold Sanskar’s blazer as an iguana. She began to cry…..??? Paapa Paapa lift me lift me…. She gestured to lift her. At last he solved the problem by lifting both…..
Me and my whole happy family☺

Then we laughed together. Prayed together, had food together……..

At last a temporary good bye soaked in tears. Others are going but Mom and Dad are staying with us for some more days. I accidentally overheard Mom’s conversation with BM…..Agar Bangalan bana diya ho toh( If she will brought up my grandchildren like Bengalis then what will I do??). I am staying with them for some more days and I will visit them in each month. Maare ko pata hai Jiji ki Sanskar bhi iss chori ke haan mein haan milayenge (Sanskar will also support her). I wanna brought up my grandchildren like Marwaris……… Problems never ends. Her words doesn’t disappointed me even a smile arised on my lips. Whatever I can’t rub her beliefs and behaviour completely cz it has rooted in the core of her heart and life style. Whether Bengali or else Marwari but me and Sanska,r we will unite teach them for being good human beings….

That was the last moments. Ragini hugged me…… Can’t you stay with us???…..
With teary eyed my younger sister asked me…… No Ragini we will come to stay with you all. We will laugh together, talk together, eat together……we will share a good bond and lots of love together finally we will bid a temporary good bye for meeting again. Kabhi kabhi humhe bhi milne aa jaana Laado(sometimes visit us too).

I took her hands on my hands. Sighed and said with a smile

After all dooriyon se rishta badta hai Ragini(Relationships will blossom from far aways)…….

They are gone. I looked at their car until it vanished. Still I am looking there as they will come back and take us with them. Yeah I admitted great great philosophies but mind is still wishing for going back. Today too that home is alive in my mind. That threshold which I crossed for the first time. BP admitted in his bday….. Swara is the daughter of this home…… Our blue room where love and life unitedly blossomed for us. That terrace where we conssumated initially. There is some foot differences from MM and Baadi. I could have meet Maa Baaba at any time. Swara, just think if you would have recalled them might be they will take you all with them. Just a word Swara, just a word

For a while I reminded my heaven our heaven. Where I saved myself secure from that horrible dark chamber. That secure roof which originated from my husband’s sweat.
The threshold which assured me an adorable little life. Uncle, who treated me like his daughter. Today too I am remembering that day when he fed me Rasgullas. Even I didn’t told him and you.It was a little salty but his love made it sweety. My own home where I am the Queen. The sacred grove where we remarried, Thank you serpent god’s due to your blessings my Sindoor is safe. Anandu his dear dear dear Shehnaag. Seenu our loquacious parrot. The orphanage and old age home filled with some sweet people. Father and sister Shobhita. Our beautiful school……
Our wooden house where we conssumated and gonna planning our olden days. The garden, once our grave will come there .There we will sleep together with holding our hands peacefully. Good or bad my home town is my nostalgia but my heaven, my heaven gifted me more than I thought. Instead of all these I am thankful to a most important person. Who doesn’t asked my permission for calling me Mom. I just took a look at my Kanha, I mean Aryan. He was looking at that huge statue. Uff he looted Sanskar’s spectacles again. If I will ask about it then……. Mom I wanna see this world in Dad’s vision…… How many taunts and how many beats, he received then also the same replica. Thank you Kanha for making me your Yashoda…… I sighed and walked in search of Sanskar..

I was searching for him. I am searching for him and I will search for him life long.

Paane ke liye kuch dena padta hai
Dene ke liye kuch khona padta hai
Khone ke liye kuch paana bhi padta hai

Then what is gaining and losing. Is it distinguishable to each other???..

But a night gifted me only gaining. He doesn’t arrived, sometimes Anandu hissed from some windows for fulfilling his promises….
…… That night, I was watching some worst soap opera and felt dizzy. Myself dozzed off in our room.
And when I regained consciousness a frozen arm is blind folding me.
Sans….. He doesn’t let me complete…..
Sssssshhhhhh no comments let us restart our life where we ceased…… I smiled, he had came back it’s enough for me…. His lips slightly touched on mine. We are completing our incomplete kiss. His beetles sucked my flowers again and again.

Finally I saw him…. He was looking young. Handsome and fair more than before. I kissed on his cheeks and hugged him. Unending boundaries of tears. He left hugging by hearing my weeping. His thumbs wiped my tears……aasu sirf khushiyon ka. Swara, Swara achche bachche nahin rote……
I heard children’s ecstatic noise….. Jay this is mine okay….. Jeeva came with a comment and acquired his lap.

Where were you????

Sanskar tightened the grip of Jeeva…..

Voh kya hai na Jeeva complained to Teetu (Her Teddy bear) and her Paapa heard it n He came back……. He titillated her. She giggled endlessly….. The another 3 also arrived…… Look I will tell you all about me but I am promising you. I won’t leave you at any cost.


The frozen atmosphere is still peeping inside of our white blanket. Our nude bodies united again and again
He unfolded the secret…. Swara, post I left the court I fainted in front of a Gurudwara. Some people admitted me in the hospital. There I got to know about a special treatment in united States. So….. I was there….

I have lost my temper

??? Why doesn’t you mentioned us damn it

Sans: Swara, I was observing you. I wanna see how you will live after me…… Agar doosri shaadi ki toh???

I began to punch on his chest….

Aaaahhhh….. Swara take care take care. They did a surgery…

I rescued my thoughts that he is a heart patient…

My hands slowly patted his chest and hissed…..

Sans: now I am perfectly all right Swara they transplanted my heart. Actually I wanted your presence sweetheart but what to do. I was totally unconscious. The hospital chairman knew me therefore he preferred me to US without my permission. He was one of my initial clients but he thought that I am an orphan. So he doesn’t mentioned you.

He tightly hugged me while lying….. Now I won’t leave you…….
He again my tears

I told you na aasu sirf khushiyon ka……

This is also a happiness na Sanskar. That you came back it’s enough for me…..

Lust also joined again
We had finished almost 2 turns. His fingers are still running through my whole body☺☺???. Still we are desiring for each other….

Okay let’s come to the present. I am revolving around the whole temple in search of him

There he is standing lonely at the secluded area of that statue. Uff I forgot to tell you. …..Someone of you may be know it na The statue is surrounded by the sea. I mean 3 sides. It seemed like a Peninsula. He is standing there with holding the fencing rods…. Kids are playing behind him. Mom is screaming….. Chora take care….. But my naughty cuties are the fruits of Mr Monster Maheshwari . Off course they are the rebels….. Dad and Uncle went to the temple once again. I ran towards Sanskar…. He was staring far away. I gave him a side hugg and rested my head on his shoulder. As usual he wrapped through my waist…….. They are gone……. I said

Mm…. He nodded decisively……

Sanskar’s POV

This eve, it is something different. Like an unending rain ceased. They are gone but still close to my heart. This droning sea is coming to its monstrous Avatar. Everything is same here. Here, earth and sky are uniting. The sky is filled with numerous stars and a unique moon. My Lodestar is also there. Thank you Gautam. Once you said……. You break up with a girl but it doesn’t meant that you are prohibited to be happy……… Due to u I noticed another joys in my life. You gifted me everything. Today Shadow wants to see my visions. The visions awakened by you. I just hope you are happy. If you are, then me too. I saw an another star also, it is shining more than any other stars. I know that shining star very well.
Thank you sir, Thank you for enlighting a generation. If you will receive, my life is a tribute for you. I followed my dreams because of you.
You told na

“Dream is not a thing that you see in sleep

Dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep”……

Her warm kiss rescued my present…..Swara this is a temple look, Shivji is noticing us…… I said with staring at the huge statue…….

Sanskar nenu ninnu premistunnanu…..

Aww that previous challenge

Nenu ninnu premistunnanu – (I love you) in Telugu

Ni eppovum en koodave irukkanam – (Always be with me) in Tamil

Porunno ente koode – (Will you come with me) In Malayalam

How??? I asked

Swa: Sanskar actually na I have a friend named Chandu who is from Hyderabad so……

Hmm I asked the next question….

Will you leave me???

Her lips were touching my shoulder and look she is blushing??…

Eppovum un koodave iruppen ( I will always be with you)???….

How??? My interrogation again…..

Swa: My friend Simi told me☺☺

But she doesn’t let me ask the final question. Because she is bothering me,compelling me for something something. She turned a typical house wife now. An ostentatious rodomont
lady. But I love this Mrs Vampire Monster Maheshwari….. Tell me what you want……

She is removing and replacing my shirt buttons vainly. She is stammering too…. Sanskar you na…..

Tell me Jaaneman

Swa: Sanskar tum na?

I shrugged her cheeks

Tell me shona??

She is blushing again

Sanskar my cutiepie tum na

I tightened the grip of her waist……

Tell me sweetheart…..

Sanskar tum na Supreme court chief justice ban jao???…… Then hugged me in a sudden

??????? Supreme court chief justice. I am just gonna be a public prosecutor now and she is dreaming the supreme court chief justice designation….

Swara: Sanskar Mrs Menon’s hubby worn the national award. If that stupid old man can do it then you also…… You are so young my cutiepie???. My Jaan, my Shona…. Please please please…. She gave me two kisses…. Thank God it was night. None is noticing us.And please pardon us Shivji.
Swa: Sanskar I fulfilled your dream. Gifted you your trio. You donno how painful it was??? and can’t you do this silly matter for me……. Swara, for our trio, I just wanted your cooperation and for this!!! I want the approval of the whole nation??… But I reached the 7th sky by this sychophant’s pleasing…

What an idea sirji yeah I got an idea….
But I have to go Delhi.??….

Swa: Njanum varum ninte koode (I will also come with you)

Aww Vampire worn the challenge. She answered the 3rd sentence also

How??? I mean which friend told you??

Swa: No Sanskar actually yesterday I watched a Malayalam movie with Uncle. He was anxiously awaiting for a proposing scene. He said that it is the best ever proposing scene that he had seen in Malayalam movie.There the hero and heroine are bidding goodbye.They doesn’t wanted to separate but they are separating. I think there is a big absence of confession there. It is evident in their eyes that a few things are left unsaid. The heroine walked amid of paddy fields. I think she is going back to home because her luggage was also with her. She is cursing the hero while walking meanwhile the hero confessed himself that he is in love with her and he ran towards her by disrupting rocks, forest and paddy fields…At last he came in front of her and asked.
Porunno ente koode (will you come with me)………
Jay came to us and gestured to lift him…. Dad where is shark and dolphins????…..

I kissed him…… Beta they are in the inlet. If we want to see them then we have to go there…..

Jay: How is it possible Dad

We have to go in Ships……

Jay: kk Dad I will buy a ship once

Shadow arrived with Janu and Jeeva. He was lifting Jeeva and Swara also lifted Janu. My green eyed Angel is rudely glaring at Jay. Shadow gave him a diary and told…..Jay this is a magic book. If you write your dreams in it then it will come to true
Jay:?? really Bhaiya
Jeeva: Bhaiya I also want this magic book
He gave her and Janu too
Look the next generation dreams are blossoming.
Jay: Bhaiya I donno to write
Jeeva: Bhaiya me too

Shadow: Don’t worry, I am here na. Tell me I will write it.

Jay: Write Bhaiya I wanna buy a big ship

Jeeva: Write Bhaiya I wanna be a Pirate and I will steal his ship???

????? he started crying……
Everyone was trying to consoling him cz he is afraid of pirates n Jeeva knew it. Shadow said him numerous stories about pirates. Swara is feeding him milk by the medium of pirates. Tears are falling from his eyes such as Nayagarh waterfalls. By seeing him crying Jeeva crouched her head like a culprit. Others are saying that they are number one enemies but I am aware of they are best friends. Both of them can’t afford each other’s tears.
I said, Jeeva, the story is wrapping up. Kab dosti karogi??? Come on come on shake hands.
Some time later silence arrived from Jay’s side. He demanded her Teetu for some time
Jeeva:?? lo
She gave him without any demands.
Janu: R u happy Jay
Jay: Yes Di love you Jeeva???
He grasped himself from me to Shadow and kissed her. She reciprocated.
Love you Jay????…….
Janu: Come Jeeva we will play with your Teetu.
Teetu is a forbidden treasure for Janu and Jay. She won’t give him to anyone…..

They went to play…..
Now only me Swara and my Shadow left there. ??? Look he again stole my spectacles…..but he pleaded….
Chunky, look my Paapa, your Lodestar. Lemme see him in your vision cz you had spent time with him more than me please……
I doesn’t talked yet. We remained there for some more time until we heard Dad’s voice…
Sanskar Swara come on we have to go. It’s getting darkened……. Mom is running for collecting my lil crackers….

We began to walk. I hold the hands of Mrs Vampire Monster Maheshwari and Devil Monster Maheshwari??……. Now I just want the companionship of these both hands. Just these both hands…… My Shadow and my Vam… no My Fairy. I just looked at Shivji’s huge statue and winked with a smile. Thank God for such an awesome life. Please don’t let any storm come across our lives today onwards. I hope you will hear me….. And you all,

Achcha chalta hoon duaon mein yaad rakhna……..

I know you will definitely do it because you are loving your Swasan from the core of your heart and I know you are loving my Shadow and my trio definitely………… Okay I am going . No we are going. Do you remember us??? Okay Take care and good bye. Be happy always my friends and dreams sky high…..

Hey take a look.The lights coming from fishing boats resembled like emeralds Topaz n Rubies. Stars are still assembled at the sky…. There I am seeing that divine star. That divine star who’s the Missile man of India.

??? Awwww it is writing something

Dream dream dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts results in action.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam


Those who are reading my ff please do comment below. It is a humble request…..

Please please please please please please please…… Swasan are inspiring me to write and after this I won’t be back in Swaragini page. I won’t write a ff until I find a beautiful couple like Swasan. I know it is really difficult……
Guyzzz please do comment below. One letter is enough cz I can with this satisfaction so many of you read my ff. Silent buddys please comment please please please

Will miss you all?????

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    A perfect ending…… made me cry yaar…….
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      Thank you Chandu and a big sorry also that’s why I hurt you. Did you noticed it, I mentioned your name above you worn that challenge na. And about that Swaragini good bye. It was my pain dear. I am still remembering that day when my granny bid her last good bye. Thank you dear and be happy always. Will miss you badly

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      Thank you Ria and the thing you said is right. Writing is giving us the solace and I love to write
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      Theerte patu Sneha ente mbl eppoza pani tarunenu arila….. Will really miss you. Pnne cz I loved her ezutunna Setooty Chechi malayaliyA. Pnne enk atra parichayamilla but Nandini nandu, Heltej ivroke und
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