Shadi Express (Chapter 2) by despacito

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Precap- swasan & nairan marriage.

Swasan side
Sw- our memory was really beautiful & our first meet?
San- we couldnot think about it.
A girl is shown reading a book in library. Another girl come to her
A g- swara principlr is calling you.
Sw- why rusha?
Ru- he is impressed at your work. Now go.
Sw- yeah i am going.
Principle room
Sw- may i come in sir?
Pr- oh miss singhania please come in. Take sit.
Sw- you called me sir?
Pr- yeah acctually your designes are really good. A clothing band loved your presentation so they asked you to do a add film with them.
Sw- oh sir thank you!! Its really a good opurtunati for me.
Pr- ok miss singhania you can join your class i will known you other information later.
Sw- ok sir bye.

At home
Sharmi- swara you came this is a letter for you.
Sw- let me see.
She open the envlope and see the information about the add.
Sw- mammaaaa!!!! I am really very happy today.
Na- what happend swara why are you shouting?
Sw- chiku chiku i got it, i got it!!!
Na- what????!!!!
Sw- i got a chance to do a add film with xyz clothing band!!!!
Na- ohhho its really amazing shona ek dairymilk to banti hi hai!!!
Sw- hmmmm… ok.

After two days
Swara’s pov
I am standing in the most popular clothing band xyz company. I am really very excited. They choose my dress for their add so i get chance to see the add shooting.
Pov end
A man is passing through
Sw- hey brother can you tell me which floor the shooting is going?
Man- in fifth floor.
Sw- thank you.
Then she goes to the fifth floor. She see a board on a gate “shooting squad”
She enter through the gate and saw all are busy in their work. She asked a lady ‘hey can you tell me who is mr. Raval?’
Lady- sir is in his cabin.
Sw- oh thanx.
She go to the cabin and saw a mid fifty man & a mid twenty man sitting in chair.
Sw- may i come in?
Man1- you???
Sw- i am swara singhania from…
Man- oh miss singhania come in. I am navdeep raval.
Sw- oh hello sir.
Rav- please take sit we really loved your design.
Sw- (take sit) thank you sir.
Rav- oh mr maheswari she is your dress designer.
Mah- hello miss singhania i am sanskar maheswari.
Sw- hello mr maheswari.
Rav- you should know him from before miss.
Sw- no sir who is he???
Rav- whattt???!!!! He is a great cricketer of India.
Sw- ohh i am sorry i am really less interested in cricket.
San- its ok.

Then a lady come & tells ” sir set is ready”
Rav- ok lets go mr maheswari & miss singhania.
They all go for shooting. After shooting swara comeback to her house.
Na- how was your shooting?
Sw- good.
Na- who was the model?
Sw- someone sanskar maheswari. He is a cricketer.
Na- what!!!!!??? He is not someone he is the sanskar maheswari. You take selfie with him?
Sw- why?
Na- oh shona you are really a daffar. Mamma come here.
Sharmi- what happend!? Why are you shouting naina?
Na- mamma see this ullu she does her shooting with sanskar maheswri but didnt take a selfie with him.
Sharda- what shona??!!!
Sw- masi you also.
Sharda- naina is right you are really a daffar.
Sw- you guys leave it na i am going to my room.
Other side sanskar is showing smiling alone. Then a lady come to his room.
Lady- beta what happend?
San- nothing mom.
Lady- you cannot hide anything from sujata mahswari.
San- mom i was just thinking about my match.
Suji- do you think me ullu? Who is she?
San- mom woh… i met her in add shooting.
Suji- what’s her name?
San- swara.
Suji- tomorrow i will meet her.
San- what???!!!! How can this possible?
Suji- i dont know any thing tomorrow 4 pm.
San- ok mom.
Flashback end

San- that moment i really became dambo.
Sw- do you remember how much struggle you have to do to meet me?
San- how can i forget?
San-(thinking) what will i do now. Lets call nishan.
In phone
San- hello nishan you have to help me. I am in a big trouble. Please help me.
Nis- relax bro. Whats up?
San- you remember the fashion designer girl in shooting. You have to collect her number.
Nis- but why?
San- leave it you just find.
Nis- ok bro.
After 3 hours nishan call him
Nis- bro i got her address not her phone no.
San- give that.
Nis- at xyz place.
San- thanx bro bye. I will call you later.

Sanskar’s pov
What will i do now? How sanskar maheswari go to a unknown girls house? Ok now sleep lets see what happened tomorrow.
Pov end

Next day morning
Naina is standing in balcony suddenly she saw a expencive car stands infront of their house and a man got down from the car. She goes downstair & open the door. The man reveals sanskar.
San- hello is this the house of swara singhania?
Nai- yeah yeah please come in.
San- sure. Where is swara ji?
Na- i am calling her please take sit.
San- thanx.
Sw-(coming downstair) cheeku who come our house?
Nai- di see na!!!!!!
San- hello miss singhania.
Sw- hi mr maheswari!!! But you in my house…i cant understand.
San- woh my mom wants to meet you.
Sw- but why?
San- please come tomorrow at sunshine resturent on 4 pm.
Sw- ok i will try.
San- your phone no.??
San- thanx. Bye i have to go. Bye miss cheeku(to naina)
Nai- byeee!!!
Sanskar left the house
Sw- what byeee??!!
Nai- you cant understand.
Sw- i will tell karan.
Nai- go he is also like you.
Then they go to their respective room.

Will be continued…
Precap- flashback

Sorry guys for no nairan scene…:-( 🙁
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