Shadain ka Lafandar (Rewritten Version) Chapter One

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I wrote a story with the same title and characters but I didn’t like how short the chapters were and how the story was progressing so I rewrote some parts which is why it might seem familiar to what you’ve read before.

Synopsis: Tejo’s dreams are shattered in front of her eyes when she finds her husband and sister together romancing secretly. The two people she would have sacrificed her life for in a heartbeat didn’t think twice before going behind her back. Realising that breaking down is not an option, Tejo finds herself surrounded by people who seem to have her back but can she really trust them? A few familiar faces and a collective group of new people thrown into the mix, will Tejo finally become the shadian that will put our lafandar into his place? Or will she end up more broken than ever?

Chapter One: The Scene of The Crime.

Tejo P.O.V

Her arms wrapped around him as she squealed in delight at whatever he had just told her, his own smile lit up as he returned her embrace pulling her closer towards him. The two of them lost in their own world that neither realised my presence

The scene played out in front of me, my insides bubbling with anger and hurt yet I stood motionless, unable to move, to do anything. I froze, standing stuck in one spot while my husband romanced with my sister.

My husband, my best friend. The man I considered my everything. The man I had given myself too, emotionally and physically. The man who I trusted with my eyes closed. The man who was out here, behind my back with the girl who I love more than anything in the world. The girl who I had sacrificed my own self respect for. The girl who I wanted to see happy. My own sister, Jasmine Sandhu.

My pulse hammered in my chest as my heart seemed to break into pieces, tears rolled down my cheek and I couldn’t even move my hand to wipe them due to the shock freezing me in one place.

Once they moved apart, his hand moved to her cheeks cupping them as he placed his lips on her forehead, the same way he did to me that night

That night.

The night Fateh and I became one, the night from when I had considered him mine, the night that I realised that I loved him.

No. No. This couldn’t be real. There was no way that this was happening but it was. Whatever was in front of me was very real. It was happening. My husband, the man who was supposed to stick by my side through thick and thin and my sister, the girl I had grown up with and had my back were now both the ones going behind my back, sneaking around.

I shut my eyes, not being able to watch them any longer but also not able to move from where I stood. God why? Why did this happen to me? Why? Upon feeling a wetness on my face, my eyes opened to the sight of light drops of rain falling from the sky. It was then that I realised that the two of them had gone. I squinted my eyes trying to spot them but to no avail, with tears brimming my eyes and the rain dripping, it was almost impossible to see anything.

The shock wore off from my body, affecting my legs first as I knelt down onto the ground, the rain wetting the mud staining my clothes. I clutched the side of my dress as I finally let it all out. I sobbed, tears falling out of my eyes like waterfalls. My cries echoed as I mourned the loss of both of my loved ones even though neither of them had died. That was the worst kind of pain, the pain of losing someone through life. Someone who you never thought you could ever lose.

Arms wrapped around me and regardless of the fact that I had no clue who it was I leaned into their embrace, crying and wailing like a newborn baby. Their fingers caressed my hair as I sobbed into their chest. They held me, shaking me softly as one would with a child whispering soothing words until their fingers moved to my chin lifting it up making me face the person who comforted me.

It was a woman, dressed in a white saree who stared back at me, a reassuring smile on her face. Her own eyes were filled with tears as she shook her head.

“I’m sorry.” I managed to croak out, trying to get up but she held me down, not letting me move.

“Shh. It’s fine. No more crying now.” She said softly as she wiped my tears away.

Unable to control myself, I choked out a cry which soon turned back into loud sobs as she once again wrapped her arms around me telling me to let out all my worries. Not long after the sound of her own wails followed mine as both of us let out our pains. I broke down in front of a stranger, a woman I had no idea about. A stranger that felt more close to me than my own people. We were just two women, total strangers to one another yet in this moment we were the closest thing either of us had to anyone as we broke down in cries.

Neither of us dared to move, afraid that we would break down once again. We stayed seated on the muddy ground until the sound of a phone ringing blasted out loud. Her hands moved away from me and went to the bag I had just realised she had on her as she pulled out her phone, whispering a ‘sorry‘ to me as she held it.

“Hel-” She wasn’t even able to finish her greeting before the voice of a woman screeched through the phone, so loud that even without the speaker being on I was able to hear it. “I understand, I’m sorry.” Her eyes darted towards me, “My friend needed me so- right. I’ll be there.”

She looked at me with pain in her eyes as she put her phone back into her bag and stood up, brushing the dirt of her saree. Her head moved up to the sky before she smiled down at me, reaching out her hand.I took it, standing up beside her doing the same as she did, brushing off my dress.

“The rains died down.” She said and I looked up as I nodded. “I have to go home, my mother-in-law needs me, do you want me to drop you home first?”

I started to nod but decided against it, the last thing I needed was to see Fateh’s face. “No, I’ll take a walk around here then go.”

She nodded, wrapping her arms around me before moving away holding out her hand. I stared at it in confusion and she laughed softly, pointing at my phone that was lying on the ground. “I’ll give you my number. We can keep in touch and anytime you feel like you want to cry or talk to anyone you can call me.”

Despite how I was feeling I found myself smiling as I gave her my phone unlocking it but the sight of Fateh and I smiling made my stomach turn. I quickly clicked on my contacts app to stop myself from seeing him. Once she had entered her number she called it, saying she would save my number as she started walking off before turning back around. “How am I supposed to save your number if I don’t know your name?”

“Tejo.” I told her, “Tejo Sin- Sandhu

“Nice to meet you Tejo, I’m Paridhi.”

Pari. Perfect name for her. She really was an angel.

She started moving towards the main road but stopped at my voice stopping her. “Why didn’t you ask me what was wrong? You just let me cry yet didn’t even ask?”

“It didn’t matter. You were going through something painful, something that hurt you and by the way you were crying it was clear that it was recent. I didn’t think you were in a state to talk about it. Call me sometime next week and maybe I’ll ask you why you were crying.” She smiled before walking away, I watched her leave until she had gone from my sight.

True to my words I decided to actually walk around and clear my mind, think about what the next step was for me. Should I confront Fateh or should I stay oblivious? Would I even be able to confront him?

Jasmine P.O.V

My hands moved to Fateh’s wrist as I pulled him back behind the pillar and he winced at the pain of my nails digging into his wrists.


Fateh.” I hissed at him, nodding towards where our car was parked, “Look there. Tejo’s here.”

His eyes widened as his eyes snapped over to the benched area near his car where Tejo sat.

“Jassu what do we do now?” He asked, his voice panicking at the sight of his wife.

I slapped my hand to my forehead, cursing my fate. “Out of all the benches in the world, my sister decides to sit here. God, Tejo did you not find any other seat?”

Jassu.” He whispered, “What do we do now, wait let me think of something. Yes. You take a cab and I’ll go get my car and I’ll tell her I came shopping or something.”

“Excuse me?” Was I hearing this man right? He wanted me to go by a cab while he went with his wife in his car, where I was supposed to be. “Why should I take a cab? I came here with you and I will leave with you only.”

“Jasmine, stop being stubborn.” He said, looking towards Tejo, “If she sees us it’ll be a big problem why don’t you understand?”

“She hasn’t seen us yet.” I muttered, an idea popping into my head, “I have an idea.”

He looked worried as I pulled him into the closest shop which happened to be a jewellery shop.

My eyes darted around the shop before landing on an emerald necklace. I smiled as I remembered Tejo and my childhood.

Mama ji sat on the couch with two bracelets on the table in front of him as his wife told us to choose whichever one we liked. Me being Jasmine Sandhu waited for my older sister to pick so that I could steal her one and being Tejo, she fell for my usual trick and chose the emerald bracelet over the sapphire one. A part of me felt guilty for choosing her things especially after the way I had seen her eyes light up at the sight of her favourite colour but I had to have what she had so I chose it and started crying for it. Like always, my older sister was unable to see a tear in my eyes so she chose the other one, giving me the one she had originally wanted.

“Jassu?” Fateh’s voice snapped me out of my memories. “Jasmine, why did you drag me in here?”

I ignored him and pointed towards the necklace, “Bhaiya, can I have that necklace. The emerald one.”The man at the counter nodded, bringing down the necklace as I gazed at it adorningly. I would buy it for Tejo then would tell her how much I loved it and then the necklace would be mine.

“Jasmine, are you crazy, look at the price of that necklace.” Fateh said, gripping my arm.

“Well you have to buy it for your wife.” I added to make sure that he would get it and just as I thought he pulled out his credit card shaking his head before handing it to the seller.

Tejo was still seated on the bench and I had to do a double take to ensure she was still alive, from her lack of movement one may have thought she was dead. I dragged Fateh infront of her but as her eyes were facing down she didn’t see us or so I thought. As soon as we were within hearing range of her I gasped. She looked up, whispering my name before realising that her husband stood beside me. I threw a glare at Fateh as he shifted from one foot to another.

Tejo?” I threw my hand on my face to add shock, “What are you doing here?”

She said nothing as she stared between the two of us, her eyes questioning.

“Tejo?” Fateh said, sitting beside her, throwing his hand over her shoulder as he pulled her closer, “God, you’re soaking wet, did you stay in the rain?”

I clenched my fists watching him care for her infront of me, did he have no shame? Anger bubbled through me as I wrapped my own arms around Tejo making sure to brush them in Fateh’s.

“Tejo?” He tried again but she said nothing, instead she pushed his arms off and stood up. She glared at us before she started to walk away. “Shit, do you think she knows?” He whispered to me.

I shrugged before running behind her with Fateh following me. “Tejo, it’s not how you think it is. I promise, me and Fateh were just shopping for you.”

She stopped in her tracks as she turned to look at us, disbelief written in her eyes.

“Yes Tejo.” Fateh said, throwing in a forced chuckle, “I didn’t know what colour you like so I asked Jasmine to help me choose.”

“Look Tejo.” I said, pulling out the necklace I bought for her and her eyes moved to it, an emotion I couldn’t tell written in them. “You wanted this colour bracelet, but then I took it from you.”

“Yes. The same way you take everything that belongs to me, right Jasmine? What else of mine are you planning on taking?” She asked, her voice deprived of the usual humour it holds. It sounded almost serious.

“Tejo?” I said, unsure of why my older sister was talking to me in this tone. “What do you mean?”

She shook her head, an humourless laugh escaped her lips, “You tell me Jasmine, what do you think I mean?”

Fateh’s uncomfortableness was clearly visible as he stood between the two of us, unsure of what to do. “Tejo. Jasmine.” He finally broke the tension filled silence that had been brought upon us by Tejo’s question by a clap of his hand and a laugh, “I’m hungry, don’t you think we should go eat?”

“I’m not hungry.” Tejo said, continuing to walk away with the necklace in her hands.

Who does she think she is? I gave her a gift and she doesn’t even acknowledge it. If she wants to walk away then fine, I won’t stop her either. I turned the other way and started walking towards the restaurant where Fateh and I had originally planned to go. Feeling a lack of presence I turned and watched as Fateh chased after her. That traitor. How dare he walk with her?

Tejo P.O.V

His arms held me back as I tried moving away but he was stronger than me, I ended up falling into his arms.

“Tejo what’s wrong?” He asked, his voice sounding pained.

If only I hadn’t known about his sins then maybe I would’ve fallen for his fake concern but now, his care, his worries for me disgusted me. How could he act so casual after everything he’s done?

“Tejo. I asked you something.” He said, gripping onto my arms, pulling me closer to him. “Answer me.”

I scoffed, “I already told you I’m not hungry. Go eat if you want.”

“Tejo, that’s not the point. How could you just leave like that?” His face was only inches away from mine, his breath touched my face as he spoke. He seemed to notice it too as his eyes flickered from my eyes to my lips. Was Jasmine seeing this?

“Leave like what Fateh? I told you I don’t want to eat so why are you forcing me.”

“I’m not forcing you to eat Tejo but you shouldn’t have just left me and Jasmine like that. If you want to leave I’ll take you home but we can’t just leave Jasmine here.”

“Fateh please, my head hurts. I don’t want to argue with you-” Lie. I wanted to argue with him , to bring out the matter and end it here but I couldn’t do that, not in public at least. They may not care about our family’s respect but I did. “I just want to go home. I’ll go by myself.”

“Tejo how can I let you go by yourself, I’ll tell Jasmine we’re leaving.”

“I came here by myself. I can leave on my own as well. You came here with Jasmine, you should take her home.”

“I can manage on my own, I don’t want to be a third wheel between you married couple.” Jasmine said, appearing from behind us as I felt Fateh’s grip on my arms loosen as he took a step back.

Oh, so he wants to touch me whenever Jasmine’s not around and the minute she comes he acts like a Saint. I wonder if she knows about the night we spent together.

“Shouldn’t you be used to that Jasmine?” I asked her tauntingly, “All you do is come between me and my things.”

Tejo.” Both Jasmine and Fateh were shocked at my words but I had enough of them, even seeing their faces became hard for me.

“I’m tired and my head hurts. You guys finish whatever shopping you came here for and I’ll get a cab back home.” With those words I left the two standing there as I walked on.

It was only after I had gone far out of their sight did I allow myself to let out the breath I had held in while talking to them. I let the tears fall freely as I wiped them away with my back against the wall.

Grabbing my phone I called the only person who could help me.

“Hello.” He greeted me as he held the phone.

“Hi Amrik, could you please come pick me up?”

He hesitated before answering, “Okay Tejo ji, where are you?”

I told him the address of the road by the shopping mall and waited for him to arrive. Praying that neither Fateh or Jasmine would come around her and they didn’t. All the concern they showed was fake, neither of them even bothered to check whether I had actually left or not but then again, they only had little time with each other, why would they waste it.

“Tejo ji?” I looked at the car that parked beside me as Amrik opened the passenger seat door allowing me to get inside the car. “Why is your hair wet?”

I touched my hair, which was still wet from the rain even though the sun was shining brightly at this time. Funny how the weather changes all the time yet we still manage to be suprised by the changes.

“I was stuck in the rain, that’s why.”

“Why didn’t you call Fateh to pick you up?” He asked, glancing at me while he drove.

I sighed, “Can I not spend time with my only devar?”

He chuckled, turning his head towards me, “Spend time with me? Really Tejo ji? What made you suddenly want to spend time with your devar?”

“No special reason. I just wanted to know some things.” I told him honestly.

“Ask away,” He said, shaking his head as he smiled slightly.

“You asked if Jasmine had moved on from Fateh, why?”

The sudden halt of the car shook me on my seat, thank god for seatbelts. Amrik looked at me, his eyes deprived of the usual annoyance and humour now filled with genuineness and curiosity.

“Didn’t you say she moved on, so why are you asking me this now?” He wasn’t taunting me nor was he trying to be rude, his voice held a hint of concern and doubt. “Tejo ji, do you think Fateh and Jasmine still like each other?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, I want to know your opinion.”

He started the car once again, without saying a word as he drove towards the Virk House.

Yes.” He said after a while and I raised a brow, he clarified, “I think they still like each other.”

I nodded, confirming what it was I already knew. I don’t know why I asked him that but it made me feel stupid for not realising it. All those times he would get angry whenever I bought up Jasmine wasn’t because he hated her, it was because he hated not being able to be with her. Maybe if I hadn’t seen them together I still wouldn’t be able to see what it was Amrik had seen.

We sat in silence during the drive home, both pondering our thoughts. Perhaps we were thinking the same things but neither of us said anything to each other until we reached the gates of the house I had been living in.

“Thank you.” I whispered as I left the car, he called out behind me but I had already gone inside.

I rushed to my room, greeting Fateh’s mother and aunt as they lingered in the corridor as I shut the door behind me. The picture on the wall of Fateh and I laughing stood out like a sore thumb as I recalled what had happened today.

Fateh and Jasmine.

Paridhi comforting me.

Jasmine lying to me.

Fateh’s concern.

Amrik driving me home.

The images flashed clearly through my mind, a heavy weight soaring around my head before it took over and I lost sight of everything as it all went pitch black.

Next Chapter: Tejo questions Fateh about Jasmine. Ranvir (Tejo’s love interest) is driving past a couple. Ranvir and Amrik rushes Tejo to hospital. Tejo and Ranvir share an eyelock.

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