Shaadi Mubarak 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Phurti calls Preeti a bad mother

Shaadi Mubarak 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT going for the sonography with Phurti. Doctor checks Preeti’s reports. She says your reports aren’t good. Preeti says I m having medicines and taking care. Doctor says sorry to say, the cancer is spreading fast, you have to admit here for the treatment. Preeti refuses and goes. Juhi says I will talk to her. Preeti says KT and the family will break if they know about me. Preeti cries. Juhi consoles her. KT prays and thinks I will be seeing my baby for the first time today, Preeti isn’t here, but she also loves you. KT smiles seeing the baby and says Preeti would be very happy if she was here. Phurti cries.

Preeti says let me stay at home, I will take care, I will come whenever you say, please let it happen the same way as before, I m helpless. Phurti takes the reports and says Preeti should have been here, she knows the baby matters to you, she didn’t answer the call, don’t you think where is she. Juhi takes Preeti and says you are thinking about your baby in this state as well. Preeti says yes, don’t worry for me, I heard that one who worships Lord gets tested the most, I have a good life, good family and a baby is coming, I m suffering from cancer, but I will pass in this test. She goes to KT and Phurti. She says sorry I couldn’t come, Juhi isn’t fine. He asks her to have water, is Juhi fine, don’t worry. Phurti says she was missing all day, who is Juhi. Preeti says she is my daughter. Phurti scolds her and calls her a bad mum.

He says stop it now. Phurti says I m double hurt, she didn’t come and refused to give blood, I heard her taking back her name from the donor list. He asks her not to create an issue. She goes. Preeti says I m not a bad mum, I have a reason for not giving blood. KT hugs her and says I know what you are, you will be the best mum. Priyanka asks the servant to fix the broken chair. She gets Aastha’s call. Phurti comes home and cries. She says Preeti isn’t going to give me blood. Priyanka sees her and asks her to have juice. Phurti refuses. Priyanka takes her and asks her to sit on the chair. Phurti sits on the broken chair. KT and Preeti come. They see Phurti falling down. Priyanka laughs on the prank. KT shouts on Priyanka. Preeti and KT help Phurti. Phurti says don’t call a doctor, I just fell down. KT scolds Priyanka.

Priyanka says don’t scold me like I had made pregnant Preeti fall down, Preeti was going to get the chair fixed and forgot. Phurti thinks Preeti is behind this. Priyanka says this is happening since Phurti came home. Preeti says its my mistake. KT says take it easy, I will get juice for you. He gets the medicines. He calls Phurti and asks her to keep her medicines safely. Preeti says let it be. KT says you will do your work on your own, have the medicine. Preeti says its my medicine, you can’t have it. Phurti says decide whose medicine is it, then call me. She goes. Preeti says I will massage her leg and come. He asks about the medicines. She says I had told you about the multivitamins tablets. He asks sure, promise me. She says you are behaving like kids, I m worried for her, I will just come. KT thinks why didn’t Preeti promise me. Preeti gifts bangles to Phurti and keeps a sorry note. Priyanka says KT scolded me, Phurti came two days back, but everyone is around her, I m also hurt, no one cares for me. Neil hears her and goes. She says Neil doesn’t care for me, its because of Phurti. Preeti apologizes.

She says give me a chance, I got the oil to massage your leg. Phurti sits. Preeti does the massage. She feels dizzy. Phurti asks did you get tired, is the drama over. Preeti says no. Phurti says you are stone hearted, you thought to give me diamonds as I never saw diamonds in my life. She scolds Preeti. She asks her to stop this drama. Kushala comes and asks what’s happening.

Kushala asks are you pregnant or this girl. She drags Phurti outside. She says you can never understand Preeti’s value in this house. Preeti says KT, we have to tell the truth that Phurti is carrying our baby, we can’t let her go.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. preeti will be thrown out of the house if kushala comes across the truth

  2. I don’t like the fact that preeti is hiding such a big issue from KT it is not ok and never ok for her to keep such from him

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