Shaadi Mubarak 30th December 2020 Written Episode Update: KT apologizes to Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 30th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti showing the clean tshirt. She asks KT to see, the stain is removed. KT checks the tshirt. Preeti says it was not my mistake, I didn’t know how did this happen, I have checked all my sarees, it didn’t leave any colour, even if it was my mistake, then also you should have not behaved that way, I know this tshirt is imp for you, true relations aren’t dependent on clothes or cars. Shivraj says she is right, apologize to her. Preeti says no need. KT goes away. Nandini thinks KT will never apologize to Preeti. KT comes back and says your hand burnt because of me, I m sorry.

He applies the ointment to her hand. Shivraj says I think I know your anger. Everyone smiles seeing Neelima. Shivraj laughs. KT keeps on saying sorry. Nandini signs Preeti. Shivraj gifts a diamond necklace to Neelima. Everyone likes it. KT pays for Arjun’s pizza. He says I m forgetting to give you pocket money, I will call office and ask them to keep money ready for you, is 30000 fine. Arjun says yes, thanks a lot. Preeti says its not right to give so much money to Arjun in this age. Neelima asks did anyone ask you. Preeti says KT will regret later if he spoils Arjun unknowingly, we should stop KT. She says principal said he won’t give admission to Arjun if he finds any flaw. KT asks how will principal know. Preeti asks will you become a responsible father to show to the principal. Neelima gets angry. Shivraj says she is right. KT says fine, I will listen to you, sorry Arjun, we will talk about it later. Neelima says fine, I won’t accept this, if my grandson can’t spend according to his wish, sorry, I can’t tolerate this. KT goes after her.

Preeti says I didn’t wish to trouble Neelima, I wanted to show right path to Arjun. Shivraj says I know it. He goes. Nandini says you have hurt KT and his mum, you are breaking my hope, will you break my promise. Preeti says no, give me some time. KT acts as Machar Singh and entertains Neelima. They laugh. She hugs him. They talk of his movie. She says I feel Preeti doesn’t like Arjun, she refused for the car and now pocket money, she can’t accept Arjun as Juhi and Tarun. KT says no, listen to me, I can guarantee it, Preeti is a nice person, her intention is clean, she can’t cheat, her nature is beautiful, she made Arjun’s admission possible, she is working really hard to bring Arjun and me close, I completely trust her, I know her, she is a gem, but you are the best.

Neil gives Kusum’s parcel to Preeti. She asks what happened to you. Neil says everyone is calling you for dinner. She thinks how will I have food, when hands are burning. She says I m not hungry. Neil goes to KT and says Preeti said she isn’t hungry, she won’t come to have food. KT comes to room. He helps her. Mana ke hum….plays…. She says I m not feeling hungry. She refuses for dinner. He goes and gets food for her. She asks what are you doing. He says I will feed you food. He jokes. They feed the food to each other. He says you are really rigid. She says lesser than the stain on the tshirt. He laughs on her joke. Ik tara….plays… Nandini goes and takes the jewellery box.

Nandini frames Tarun in the theft. Preeti says Tarun didn’t steal the necklace, Arjun did.

Update Credit to: Amena

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