Shaadi Mubarak 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: KT meets Nandini

Shaadi Mubarak 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini writing the names. Arjun says its Mandarin language, we came from Singapore, so mom uses this language mostly. Pandit goes the rituals. KT and Preeti look on. KT says I will see lightning and come. Nandini thinks where is he going. She tells something to Arjun and acts to faint. Preeti checks her. Arjun says don’t remove the ghunghat, my dad will do that, she fainted, she didn’t eat anything. He asks KT to help. Preeti says KT, lift her and take her to room, please. Arjun says please help, I don’t want anything bad to happen before dad comes.

KT recalls Nandini. She says you will make my Karwachauth happening, you will lift me and take me to room. KT laughs and says its not possible, everyone will be there. She acts to faint and winks him. He lifts her and says you are a big drama queen. She says I m a superstar’s wife, its fun to go in husband’s arm like a queen. FB ends. Preeti and Neelima ask KT to help the bride. KT says fine. He lifts Nandini and takes her. Nandini smiles. KT thinks same thoughts of Nandini again, why is this happening. Preeti thinks I know you are troubled by your ex-wife, once this marriage happens, you can get answers from Nandini and move on. Nandini thinks I will come in your life forever.

Tarun finishes a call. Rati says its Preeti’s last project, now she won’t have a relation with KT and Shaadi mubarak, she will turn helpless. He says enough, let her do anything, let me focus on my work, I don’t want to talk about her. She says she is your mum. He goes away. She says since when is he using his mind, fine, let him do anything, I will not let Preeti go ahead of me, I will do anything to make her a maid in my house. KT asks Shalini ji are you fine, pandit asked you to keep this kalash there. Nandini takes it from his hand and goes. She keeps the kalash. She acts dizzy. KT asks her to have juice, weakness will get less. He goes out. She dances and wears the bridal lahenga. She gets ready and writes Keertan on her hand.

Preeti comes to her. Nandini puts the ghunghat. Preeti asks Shalini is the lahenga fitting right, its beautiful. Nandini loses balance and holds her hand. Her mehendi gets spoiled. Sheena comes to call Preeta. Keertan gets written on Preeti’s name with mehendi. Nandini sees her spoilt mehendi and gets angry. Arjun calls out Papa and comes to KT. He says I have waited a lot to call you Papa, I wanted to tell you that I m your son. KT is shocked. Nandini smiles. Arjun says every kid came with their dad in school functions, I used to imagine my dad, you got away from mom 17 years back, please forgive her and marry her, just you can complete my family, please forgive her, I need you, I miss you. He hugs KT. KT asks what’s happening, are you fine, what are you saying.

Arjun says I have prepared a speech for my dad, will he agree. KT asks was this for your dad, its good, I m sure he will agree, I felt you said from your heart, I also melted, I was scared actually, sure he will agree. Arjun asks if it was you, would you agree to marry her. KT says yes, if it was me, your dad will agree, a man can always forgive his son, if not his wife, that bond is different, you are so sweet, take care. He goes. Nandini thinks I have trained Arjun for years, his tears will melt KT and make KT mine. She asks Arjun to make his performance live. Arjun says okay. Preeti goes to KT. Arjun sees KT. He says dad called, he is coming, KT prepare to welcome him. Preeti asks KT to go to main entrance to welcome groom. KT goes and waits at the entrance. Nandini comes there. Kusum calls Preeti and asks how is the marriage going, did groom come.

Preeti says groom will come and lift ghunghar. Kusum says see her dupatta, her latkan fell. She recalls the same latkan. She says Preeti, your bride is…. yesterday, Nandini…. Preeti asks what, groom has come, I will talk later. Kusum recalls Preeti’s words. She thinks of Nandini. She checks the same latkan. She says I think the bride is Nandini. Arjun thanks everyone for coming in the marriage. He says mom has planned a special performance for my dad. Nandini performs on ghoomar…. Arjun goes. Preeti comes there. Nandini gets ghunghat on her also. KT asks where is your dad. Arjun says he is here. Sheena asks KT to check. He sees the dance performance happening. KT sees Nandini dancing. He recalls Nandini wearing the similar lahenga. He goes to see her. Preeti dances with Nandini. Kusum and Priyanka come there. The lady comes to call Preeti. Preeti goes. KT comes there and sees Nandini dancing wearing the same lahenga. He stops her and lifts the ghunghat. Preeti and everyone look on. KT and everyone get shocked seeing Nandini. Preeti says Nandini….

Nandini asks KT to fill her maang, accept her and her son. KT takes the sindoor. He sees Arjun. KT goes to Nandini and walks past of her. He fills sindoor in Preeti’s maang. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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