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Sethji 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati tells Kasturi everything. She says I broke his heart. I overreacted way too much. Kasturi says don’t worry. He really loves you. He can’t stay mad at you. Pragati says he really loves me? Kasturi says ask your heart. Pragati says I should meet him then. She says yeah but for now don’t do out of this house. That can be dagerous for both of us.
At the house, everyone is getting things ready. Kasturi comes there.
Prgati is worried. She says what would be happening there. I am sure Raghu won’t let Kasturi talk to Baaji. I should try going myself. She tries jumping out of the window. Pragati disguises herself as a village woman. She goes out.

Baji comes downstairs. The engagement starts. Sethji does all the rituals. Pragati stands on the door and sees

all this. She says in heart why don’t you say baji you don’t wanna marry her.
Wasundra gives Sandhya green bangles. She says these are the symbol of a married woman. Nagesh’s man is there too. He is updating him.
Raghu is not letting Kasturi go forward. Pandit ji says now bride and groom will make each other eat sweets and with that the engagement would wrap up. Sandhya extends the spoon but Baji’s doesn’t open his mouth. Sethji says where is your mind Baji? He opens his mouth and eats it. Pragati is in tears.
Raghu doesn’t let Kasturi go forward. Pragati recalls their time together.
Baaji picks up the sweet. Baaji makes her eat the sweet. The man tells Nagesh the engagement is over. Now nothing can stop Sethji’s destruction.
Sethji says stay happy always. She says my Baaji is engaged now. Vaidhji says congratulations Sethji.

Sethji says Sandhya is part of our village now. Take her to house vaidhji and let her prepare for the wedding. Sethji hugs her.
Sethji asks Devika to take all the clothes to sandhya’s house. Sethji goes with Wasundra to prepre. Baji is alone. Kasturi goes towards him. Raghu comes and says baji lets go. We have to prepare for haldi. Kasturi says this sethji can’t stay happy and not let anyone stay happy.

Pragati says Baaji why did you do this. Why can’t you listen to me. Why does it hurt me so much? This is the first time. I am so worried? For him? Why? I feel like someone has split my heart. Like my most precious thing is taken away from me. She recalls someone telling her to find herself. She recalls Kasturi said find your love and your heart. It hurts. Pragati says do I? She cries and says no.. She cries and says please baji don’t marry that girl. If not for her than me.
Kasturi says I won’t let history repeat. I can’t see another love dying. What should I do..

Scene 2
The Hadli ceremony starts. Everyone comes to Baaji and applies haldi on his hands. sambha says wasu.. He says something. She says why? Sambha says I felt like. Wasy says don’t think negative.
Kasturi dances there with other women. She dances around Raghu. Kasturi sits next to baji and applies haldi on his hand. She gives him a chit secretly. Everyone is busy in dancing. Baaji wonders what it is. Baji opens the chit. There is a butterfly made on it since he calls Pragati butterfly. Everyone is dazed.
Everyone is busy in dancing. Baaji sneaks out.

Pragati is crying and sobbing. She recalls the engagement. The song ‘lambi judai’ plays in background. Baaji comes out of her house.

Precap-Pragati says baaji you are here to meet your butterfly? He says you are the sinner of Devsu. You have no right on my life. You have insulted my mom. I won’t tolerate that. I will leave you outside Devsu myself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So sad baaji….?

  2. Pragati’s acting skills……well let’s just say ..not very skilled. She is throwing me off the show. The reviews by TellyUpdates were definitely on point with regards to her!!!

  3. Very sad episode

  4. Sorry asana dear I couldn’t able to comment for last few days. This episode is really sad. Why no one is believing pragathi especially baji. Why can’t he at least listen to her. Yes she insulted his mother. But she did that for the welfare of his and his family. And the precap is very sad. I can’t see baji hurting pragathi. I’m eagerly waiting for next episode. I don’t know how they will show Pragaji’s marriage.

    1. @asana and kabi: Please do come on India forum..we can discuss about sethji episodes there too.
      Here is the link:

      And I somehow feel that baji should marry pragati but without hurting his mother too.

    2. Asana321

      Hai kabi I am very happy to saw you
      Evalo nala enga ponai??? Eny exams ?????
      I miss your comments so much ni thirmba vanthathile I am very happy???????????????????????
      Any way keep commentingcommenting
      I got registered in yesterday how isit my DP?????

      1. Wow Super dp asana. Romba cuta iruku. Yes enaku exam irunthuchu. Athnala dan comment pannah mudiyala. But now I will comment regularly.

      2. I gave u link of india forum to join in Sethji forum there too.. Do check if you are interested. we all can discuss there too.

  5. Ishu dear where are you. Please try to comment if u find time.

    1. @kabi: you too try to join on India forum..there’s a sethji forum and we can discuss there as well..

  6. Asana321

    Good morning
    Have a nice day to all
    I think priya’s exam is overed priya please come here
    Hai kabi

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