Sethji 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi brings a bomb in Devsu

Sethji 28th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati calls Vinayak. he tries to get his phone. He is roped in the grave.
Pragati says baba why are you not picking up phone. Is he in trouble? Pragati sees the warden and says snake. The snake bit me. he is about to unlock her. Raghu hits him on head. He releases Pragati. He says you were right about that Devi. She is with Nagesh. W ehave to save Devsu. Pragati says mai ri knows? he says yes. Pragati says ambi is coming here and coming with someone dangerous. Raghu tells him about pooja. She says we have to save our helper. He says who? She says first come them I will tell you.

Raghu and pragati come to jungle. SHe says we have to find him. She keeps calling him. Raghu says lets go home please. Pragati sees his watch. She says something happened here.
Ambi comes to Nagesh. He has the bomb. He releases Nagesh. Ambi tells Nagesh about Vinayak. He says no he can’t be alive. Bhao killed him. Ambi says yes it was him. I roped him and threw in the ditch. Nagesh says lets kill ahiliya and her sons first now.

Scene 2
The pooja starts. Devi says where is raghu? She says on heart he is so clever. Ahiliya says he is jungle to look for leaves for pooja. Devi says I have brought a special seat for you today. you will sit on it. There is a bomb beneath it.
Pragati and Raghu see Vinayak. Pragati says are you okay baba? Raghu looks at him dazed. He says baba.. Are you alive. He hugs Vinayak. They both cry. Pragati says what happened? Vinayak says its a bomb. They have taken inside and they will kill everyone.
Pragati says lets go.

Devi says come sit on this seat. Ahiliya says there should be only one seat in court. Devi says I am sethji so I am changing this rule. Please I want you by my side.
Nagesh and ambi are outside. They wait for everyone to come.
Baji’s ppoja starts. Ahuliya sits on the other chair. Devi says where is everyone start the pooja. Ahiliya says but no villagers are here? Devi says its getting late. I don’t like them coming late.
Everyone sits in pooja.

Precap-Devi says start the pooja. Devi is walking outside. Pragati stops him. Devi says baji detained her. Ahiliya takes out her sword and stops baji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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