Sethji 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahiliya gets to know everything

Sethji 27th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ahiliya is worried. She recalls everything.
Devi gets a call. She says were you asleep. Ahiliya overhears. Devi says I have the papers as well. Nagesh you won’t get the wealth of devsu if you don’t help me. We have to destroy this Devsu. I dont’ know how pragati got to know about us. We have to be careful from her.
Nagehs says that person would come tomorrow. Devi says so we have to arrange whole city. We will kill everyone but not pragati. I will kill her myself. First I will kill her soul then body.

Vinayak calls Pragati and said Ambi is coming to Devsu with very dangerous man. Pragati says please be careful from them.
Ahiliya recalls when she made devi sethji. She recalls her keeping Nagesh alive. She recalls making baji protector.

Scene 2
Devi recalls her promises. She says to pandit ji you have to do pooja tomorrow. Even if its not a mahurat pooja will be done. We have to do this pooja. Everyone is really depressed. I know that everyone is upset but I want everyone to be happy. She says to Baji your coronation for protector will be done tomorrow as well. Invite everyone. Baji says okay.

Ahiliya tells Raghu everything.
Baji says to Ahiliya, Sethji sent me here. Tomorrow is ganesh’s funeral and shudhi karan. Everyone will come there. Whole village will be together. Ahiliya recalls Devi talking to someone on call. Ahiliya says stay blessed. Ahiliya says Ganesh just died. Baji says you are also not happy with my success. He leaves.
Sethji says to Raghu arrange a secret meeting and get pragati out of jail as well. We have to stop all this.

Ambi is coming from jungle. Vinayak is following him. Ambi says on call yes baba I will come don’t worry. Vinayak hits Ambi.

Scene 2
All the elders ask Ahiliya why this secret meeting?? Ahiliya says something big problem is coming. We have to keep thiss hidden from Sethji and baji. We don’t have to go to that shudhi karan. Pandit ji says but there is no mahurat tomorrow. I don’t know why she arranged it. Ahiliay says I want your support. They all say we are with you.

Precap-Raghu comes to Pragati and says you were right about Devi. devi says ambi is coming with someone very harmful. Raghu says this is why Devi has arranged shudhi karan. Devi says to Ahiliya this seat is for you. There is a bomb beneath it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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