Sethji 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati asks Nita do you know this person in devsu sagarshiya? She says I can’t recalls. You should go there and look for him. Pragati says you are right. Pragati is going out. She collides with Bhaorao. She says sorry. Bhaorao says its okay.
Bhao asks who was she? Nita says she is pragati. She was looking for somoene Sagarshiya in devsu. He says Mahashu not sagarshiya. She leaves.
Bhao says why is she looking for Sagarshiya?

Sethji applies meds on Baji’s bruises. Uttara brings food. He says it smells so good. Sambha says mom said we all can eat only if you do. Baji says I will come downstairs and we will all eat together. He says lets go. Sethji says we don’t talk about Baji’s punishment anymore. The reason behind it has gone far away from out village. Baji says you are right. She might have goen far away from here.
Pragati comes outside Devsu. She says I have been trying to enter devsu for last three months. I think its about time to enter devsu. She comes inside.
A storm rages on. Sethji asks Baji to go downstairs. She looks outside. She says after so long there is a storm in devsu. Is it the one pandit ji warned me about?
Pragati is sneaking in. She hides from people. She says I have to be careful this time. If sethji finds me she would kill me. She sees people in the market. Pragati says what should I do. She finds something and says no one will recognize me with this. I have to get inside Sethji’s palace and my mission will be successful. Pragat hides herself with a big basket.

Scene 2
Baji recalls Pragati. He smiles. He recalls how she stood up for him during his punishment.
Baji wakes up. He says my butterfly flew forever. First I fell in love with her and then God took her from me. Please do something God.
Pragati comes outside the palace. She sneaks in. She says which one is baji’s room. She hears someone and hides. Its devi.. She says I will become sethji. Pragati giggles and hides. Devi says I will have so much fun when I become sethji. Pragati sneaks upstairs. She says where should I hide? She hides behind a basket. Devi comes near that basket. She picks up milk from there and goes. Pragati tries to sneak out. Prgati sneaks out the basket. Devi sees the basket later and says this was in store. What is it doing here? I think I am sleepy.

Devi sees her hair and screams.. ghost ghost.. She asks everyone to come. Pragtai hides behind a bar. Baaji pulls her in his room.
He caresses her face. Pragati smiles.

Precap-Pragati slips.. Baaji holds her hand. He smiles. Someone comes in and says Baaji..
Baaji and Pragati get scared. ;

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode.And Devi’s scenes were really funny.???. . I feel really sad for sethji. She has to be a sethji and at the same time she is a mother too. She is so hurted. And I loved Pragaji’s scenes too.??? Waiting for next episode.

  2. Why yesterday’s episode is not updated? Atiba di please update it soon.

  3. This serial is very interesting.I like ptagati’s voice and I also like sethji’s bold character

    1. Very true. I love both the characters-Sethji and Pragati. Nice concept and so far dealt in nice manner.

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