Sethji 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ganesh Dead

Sethji 25th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati comes home and sees that no one is there.
Ganesh is in jungle. Nagesh comes there. Ganesh says you. He stabs ganesh. Ganehs says baji wont leave you.
Pragati says wasu where is wasu? Devi will kill her. Sambha says devi she is our ssethji. Don’t say that. We trust her. Wasu is home. She saved Raghu. Wasu says you don’t know what we saw. Sambha says forget it all. She didn’t know anything. Pragati says she knew that med was poisonous. Baji brings Ganesh’s body.
Everyone is crying. Vaidh ji declares him dead. Everyone screams and cries.

Sethji says what are these dark clouds on us. Who would kill Ganesh., Baji says sethji saw some people in the jungle. They killed him. Pragati says that is what I had been trying to tell. DEvi did all this. I saw when I was in jail she released Nagesh. Nagesh killed Ganesh with help of Devi. She fled him from jail. DEvi says enough Pragati. you can’t accuse me like this.
Pragati tells everyone what she saw in jail. Everyone comes to jail with her.

Pragati says see he ran and devi did it. Nagesh is in the jail. Everyone is dazed. He says what happened? Sethji says in heart why would pragati lie. There is something. Devi says lock up Pragato baji.
Baji locks pragati. She says Baji I swear I didn’t kill Ganesh. Don’t you trust me at all? You love me. How can you not trust me. He says I don’t love you. My brother has died. Pragati says we will punish his killers. He says you are sinner of devsu. You ar accused of killing Ganesh. Why you did this. To prove yourself right you killed him. Its my mistake that I married you. Baji says the friends that united us have both died.
He recalls time with them.

Precap-Baji says why you came in my life. Because of you I lost my friend. Ahiliya says there is someone who is playing against my family.
Who could it be.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Its time that Ahilya pays attention to Pragati and starts searching for the truth. Bajji is very foolish and Devi is fooling him and using him against his family members.
    Raghoji needs to start looking closely at hi deceptive aunt Devi who’s hell bent on revenge.
    Lets hope Ahilya sees through Devi and pays attention to Pragati and Vasundhara

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