Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji and Devi go to the lake. She keeps coughing. She comes back to home. Sethji asks Devi are you okay? Do you have fever. She says its okay even if I have fever that would be repentance too. Sethji asks her to sit and asks Uttara to make tea for devi. Uttara gives the tea to Devi. Devi says why are you doing so much for me? Sethji says I am your sister in law. I should take care of you. Take this tulsi as well. She leaves. Devi says first she punished me and now this drama. Let Bhaorao become sethji. Then I will see you.
Bharao says to Nagesh that sethji chair is mine and so is Devsu. She kicked me out of the city 16 years ago. Nagesh says be patient. He says I am because you ask me. Otherwise I would have entered devsuy and got my seat back by power.
Sethji is practicing fighting from rods. Her guru comes and says stop.
Bharao says what should we go? Nagesh says we will ruin her generations.
Guru says to Sethji you have become an expert. Her so Baaji says you don’t have to learn all this till I am here. She says we all have to be active and attentive. Devsu is under danger.
Bhaorao says to Nagesh I have waited enough. For this seat I even did that to her husband. Nagesh says that should be a secret always. SHe shouldn’t know what we did to her husband otherwise she will us.
Sethji asks Raghav to take extra care of borders and not let anything come inside from cities.
Nagesh says we should lure people of Devsu with things of city. And once they run after those things they will go against Sethji.

At night, Bhaaji is at the borders with his friends. They hear rings of a phone. They can’t recognize what sound it is and think it is some ghost. They see some poeple and run after them. Bhaaji grasps those men. Raghav says very good. Bhaaji says I am sorry that I went outside the border of devsu to catch them. But I had to. You and Sethji are so worried about our city these days. Raghav asks to lock those two men.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sethji starts the day with pooja. She says to Bhaaji I am so glad to see you here in temple at this time. He syas I was at the border all night. She says I heard that you caught those two men. He says but I.. She says I know you broke the rule by going outside the border. You can punish me. She says go and get the palace ready for the judgment. Those men will be punished.
Bhaaji and his friends go towards the palace and hear some noise. Someone is coming there on a bike. They don’t understand what it is. His friend says what it is? Why is it coming so fast? The head looks like of iron. They hide behind fields. Bhaaji throws a stone at the biker and a girl falls from the bike. He is shocked. She triesto control her bike and falls down. He recalls seeing the same girl in his dreams. His friend says she is even more beautiful than that sculpture. She stands up and cleans her hand. Bhaaji comes and pours water on her. She looks at him. He was dreaming that. The girl stands up and comes to them. She says in english what the hell. She is being mad and shouts but Bhaak only smiles. He only hears sonds. she says are you guys mad? Idiots. Bhaaji keeps looking at her smiling.

Sethji asks Uttara Devika didn’t come to the pooja? She says no. She is still not feeling well. Bhaaji’s friend ask him to stop her. He says you can’t enter that village. She says as if you will stop me. Try it. He says if Sethji gets to know we didn’t stop her. She and we will be punished. We have to do something. They hear the announcement about the judgement. He says Sethji is coming here. Please do something. Bhaaji, Ganiya and Mithal pick up the girl and hide her. he says sorry for this sin God. Sethji walks from there later with her jury.
Sethji stops there.

Precap-Sethji says Bhaaji, Ganesh and Mithal you all know the rules of devsu. If you break rules while knowing them your punishement would be hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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