Sethji 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragati tells Rita she is Nagesh’s daughter

Sethji 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati is going outside in tears. She recalls her time in tears. Baji is in tears too. Pragati says Baji you didn’t trust me. You loved me. Wasu comes there and stops her. she hugs her. Pragati says you saw baji. He aked me to go out. wasu says don’t cry. I trust you. I have seen truth in your eyes. Sethji is not well. You have to solve this problem. You have bring back gauri here. She can prove your innocence. Pragtai nods. Wasu says I don’t know how will you do this but you are on right path. God will help you. Take care. Pragati goes outside.

Scene 2
Ambi and Nagesh are dancing. Nagehs says you got the girl now you don’t like dad’s dance. Ambi says just imagine the condition of Sethji. I have left the girl in the cage. Why did you send the car. She got mad. she wasn’t ready to sit in the car. Nagesh says then? He says then I convinced her. Nagesh says we will both take revenge from here. Ambi says we need to be very careful. Nagesh says go to her. Don’t be so hasty. Ambi says I know. I know when to do what.

Pragati walks outside.
Sethji comes out of her room and sits on her throne. her head hurts. Raghu says darbar has started. Tukur says the lake is not taking water to fields. Sethji can’t focus. Sambha says sethji is not well. We will talk about lake later. Sambha says lets go Sethji. Bhao says but this is important too. You remember sethji when gauri ran, the guard was hit too. We need more guards on border. Sethji cries Garui? Where is Gauri? did she come. Raghu holds her and says come with me. Sethji says why? You all will ruin my Devus. You all are stupid. get lost from here. Baji says ma please calm down. Sethji says did you bring Gauri? She cries. uttara and wasu take her inside. Bhao says Sethji has totally lost it. We have to do something for her. We should cross border and bring Gauri back here. This can be our only revenge.
This was plan of Nagesh, Ambi and Pragati. Gauri is in their house. We have to bring her. We should take revenge form Nagesh. Everyone says yes. Tukur says we trust you. Bhao says Sethji’s sons will go there and bring Gauri back.

Scene 3
Everyone is celebrating Janmashtami outside Nagesh’s house. Pragati goes towards his house.
Gatu says to Baji take care in city. Baji says don’t worry. wasu comes there. She says you shouldn’t do this. Trust pragati. Baij says dont’ take her name. She is dead for me.
i have nothing to do with her. She is Nagesh’s daughter. Her mission is accomplished. We better not talk about her.
Pragati comes towards Nagesh’s seth’s house. Rita says who are you? Pragati says I Nagesh’s daughter Pragati. Rita is dazed.

Baji is making sethji eat. She throws away the food. She says why are you making me eat. I don’t even wanna see your face. Who are you. Go from here. Devi smirks. She mixed that medicine in Sethji’s food.

Precap-Baji says we can’t go from here without Sethji’s permission. Bhao says imagine what ambu would be doing to your sister. Sambha says bhao is right. We should go. Pragati comes to Nagesh’s house. He says there is no room for Sethji’s daughter in law here. Pragati says but I am your daughter. He is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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