Sethji 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragati leave Devsu

Sethji 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi tells Bhao it was so much fun. He says it will increase everything. Kick pragati out of here. Devi says Uttara will do that.

Sethji is asleep. Vaidhji checks her. Sethji opens eyes and says who are you all? You wanna kill me right? Stop staring me. You all wanna kill me. Leave me alone. Baji says sethji we are your family. Uttara says what are you saying. Sethji says where is vinayak rao. Take me to him. You all wanna kill him. Sambha says we should leave her alone. sethji laughs. She cries Vinayak rao she laughs and cries.
Uttara sats come lets eat. sethji says no no. Utttara calms her and makes her eat. She makes her sleep.

Scene 2
Devi says to women we have to do something. Sethji has lost her mind. She will ask us where is pragati? We need to kick her out. We shouldn’t leave her. Uttara says you are right. She goes out. All women go with her.
Pragati is coming towards house. Women say she is so shameless. Pragati says I am daughter in law of this house. THis is my house I won’t leave it. Sunit says go form here. You want to kill our Sethji. You have made her mad. Devi says we all know your reality now. Devi says because of you she has lost her mental stability. Pragati says let me meet her once. Please let me talk to her. Baji says stop right there.
Enough of this drama. You have done this to my mom. Pragati syas I just wanna say let me talk to her. Baji says you can’t talk to anyone here. Get lost. Pragato says you think I did all this? He says yes you did. Get lost now.

Women say lets make her bald. Devi says yes lets do this. Baji says no stop. Pragati says I can prove myself this time too. Baji says why should I give you chace. She says because this is my house. You love me. He says you played with my love.
Pragat says baji you love me right. Please trust me. Pleas give me one more chance. He says enough. It was my mistake that I loved you. I beg you go from here. I can’t tolerate you anymore. I beg you go form here. He is in tears. She says okay I will go. Only because I love you more than myself. If my presence hurts you then I will leave.. She walks out.

Baji comes to Sethji’s room. She is asleep. He holds her hand and says I am sorry mom. I have really hurt you. I will only listen to you now. Sambha says we are all equally responsible. he hugs Baji. Sambha says we will promise today that we won’t let her be hurt anymore.
Sethji says Garuri’s name in sleep.

Devi and Bhao are eating the city food. Bhao says don’t drink it. This is for sethji only. She says is it poison? He says no I wanna kill her 100 times not once. Its about time to make her a mad woman.

Precap-Nagesh says to Ambi we have to fulfill our plan. Sethji is crying with Gauri’s name. Bhao says we should cross the border and take Gauri from Nagesh’s house. Pragati comes to nagesh’s house and says is nagesh home?
Rita says no why? She says I am Nagesh’s daughter.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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