Service Wali Bahu 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with portrayal of city Chaibasa and its new ray of hope PWD officer Payal. People are shown praising Payal and asking their children to become like her.

Payal’s parents enter home angrily and mom gets angry seeing bhabhi dancing. She scolds her, but dad controls situation and sends bahu in to get water. Rajat, Payal’s brother, comes out and asks what happened. She asks him to control his wife. Payal’s sister Neelu interferes. Mom scolds her also for wearing shorts and playing volleyball. Neelu jokes that she would have worn sari, but it is not yet pressed. Everyone start laughing. Payal comes in bahu’s rescue and says bhabhi was listening to her office’s fuction recording. Mom asks her not to support bahu. Dad lightens situation by taking their portrait. Dad Bhuleshwar’s friend comes. Dad asks Payal to get snacks for him. Payal gets him water and snacks. Friend praises Payal as pride of Chaibasa and says Rajat is not doing his insurance agent job properly and he is being blamed for hiring him.

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Payal’s salary comes and she distributes it to whole family. She gives pocket money to dad also, he says he earns, so he does not need pocket money. She says he spends whole salary on family, so it is his turn to enjoy some pocket money.

During lunch, dad praises Payal. Mom asks why did she give pocket money to bahu. Payal sees Rajat angrily having food and to lighten his mood says her half salary is kept idle in account, so she is thinking of buy insurance policy of bhabhi and Neelu to get Rajat some business. Mom says she can buy bhabhi’s policy but not Neelu as she will be married soon. Dad asks Rajat about his insurance policy business. He shouts at him, insults that he enjoys daughter’s salary and walks into his room asking his wife to get food in room.

Dad sadly looks out at terrace. Payal tries to cheer him up. He asks if there is any defect in his upbringing. She asks why is he asking when his both daughters are collector and sports teacher. He says then why is Rajat on a wrong path. Payal says iin every person’s life, a bad phase comes and it will pass through soon. Neelu says tomorrow they have to get up early as it is bhabi’s birthday tomorrow.

Dad, Payal and Neelu wish bahu happy birthday in the morning. Even mom wishes her happy birthday. Dad asks bahu what gifts she needs. Mom says there no need for overspending. Dad says gift will be at home itself. Neelu says they will go on a lunch to hotel today. Mom says she will prepare chinese at home itself. Neelu says she does not need colored maggi. Mom agrees.

Mama (uncle) comes home and gifts lab items like beaker, flash, etc, to everyone. Mom taunts dad that he is principal and did not get any gift from college, but his lab boy brother gets gifts every time. Dad says he steals it from lab. Mama asks him to not reveal his secret in front of everyone. He says people are badmouthing that didi and jija are enjoying their daughter’s salary instead of getting her married. Mom starts yelling at dad for not getting Payal married. Dad says he cannot get his daughter married to any incapable person. Payal just then comes out with files and leaves house for office. Mom asks mama to find a suitable match for Payal. He asks where is Rajat.

Payal goes to a river bank on official work. Rajat is busy gambling with his friends there, and Payal is shocked to see him gambling there.

Precap: Police arrest Rajat and Payal rushes to rescue him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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