Service Wali Bahu 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Natru calling all his debtors and asking them to act as shouting on him when Payal comes. As soon as Payal comes, all debtors (milkman, vegetable man, etc.) threaten Natru to clear his debt. Once Payal gets in, they asks Natru if the acted well and when will they get their money. Natru says they acted well and once Payal gives him money, he will give it to them. Payal then sees Santoshi mopping kitchen floor and asks why is she doing it. Natru says servants left as he could not pay their salary, hence Santoshi has to mop floor. Payal insists Santoshi to stop, but Natru shows his fake concern and says she already worked at her office and must be tired, so they cannot force her to work at home also.

Payal insists and Natru praises her that she has very good upbringing and says she can mop floor. Santoshi silently tries to leave. Natru stops her and they both start their overacting. Just then, Gulkan comes with grocery. Payal says she did good as there is no grocery at home. Gulkan says she brought it for her and her children and says she knew greedy Natru will do the same. She asks her to clean the kitc hen before she comes down to prepare food for her children. Natru senses opportunity and starts his overacting and cursing his fate. Santoshi yells that kitchen is divided now and soon house will be divided.

Payal feels guilty for not able to help Natru and family. She tries to call Dev, but his number is not reachable. Power goes off and she goes down to check. Gulkan also comes down and asks what happened. Natru says electricity department cut power for not clearing bill. Gulkan yells at Natru and says she will go to her brother’s house with children as she cannot stay without AC. She warns him to mend his ways, else she will ruin his reputation in society and leaves. Payal goes to bring candles. Santoshi asks Natru why did not he clear bills. He says he removed fuse and they should wait until Payal gives them money.

In the morning, Payal prays god to help her handle the situation. Natru comes home acting as severely injured with bandages. Santoshi and Guddi help him sit on sofa and ask what happened. He says debtors hit him red and blue for not clearing debt. Payal goes to bring turmeric milk for him. Natru then tells his puppets that he is just acting to extract money from Payal.

Precap: Payal gives milk to Natru and says she will stay at home today and take care of him. He says Satnoshi and Guddi are there, so she can attend her office.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I watched the first few episodes – but after what I am reading I am shocked at the greed Dev’s father has . Shame on him and his wife. POOR Payal. Writer open her eyes before it goes too far

  2. When one reads these things it makes you feel like getting married into these families is like slavery and bondage.These young girls get marry and cannot even enjoy their marriage.Their monies belongs to the family and if they are not working they cannot even spend their husbands money therefore why get married.I am really sorry for Payal.Such an educated girl is being treated as just a money machine.This is just idiotic.

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