Service Wali Bahu 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal reaching home. Indu aks why does she work so much. Dad asks her to sit and says he will do oil massage to ease her stress. Rajath starts shouting at Payal and tells his parents that he saw Payal romancing Dev in her office. Indu gets irked. Dev reaches there and says it is not Payal’s mistake and says he went to her office late to give her gift, but she was present there and as a good manner offered him tea. Rajath came there, saw them together and misunderstood. He apologizes it is his mistake and sayys he will not meet Payal till engagement and walks out. Whole family disperses.

Indu says Bhuvaneshwar that he should stop Payal from meeting Dev before marriage, else society will badmouth about them. Payal comes there. Indu tries to walk out, but Payal stops her. Indu says she did not see her dad before marriage and even Rajath met Alka only once before his marriage, even she has to follow society rules. Payal says she just offered tea to Dev and Rajath saw them together. She says nobody is wrong except wrong timing. Indu says she is wrong that she tries to protect her. Payal signals dad. Dad asks Indu to forget everything as Payal will be with them just for a few days now and she will miss her most. They all 3 hug each other emotionally.

Jogeshwar plays chess and names coins as Gulkan and other family members and he using them. Rajath on the other side tells Guddan that he feels something fishy in Jogeshwar’s family. He says even after warning Dev not to meet Payal before marriage, he meets her often. He says he wants to know why Jogeshwar’s elder son and bahu not stay with him and his daughter’s marriage broke. Guddan says he is doubting him unnecessarily, Jogeshar is a nice man and is not taking any dowry. Rajath says what if his doubt comes true, Payal’s life will be ruined. Guddan says he will take Ayodhya and Gulkan’s address and investigate himself. Rajath says it is a good idea.

Santoshi and Guddi asks Jogeshwar howmuch gold and dowry they will get in Dev’s marriage. He says he did not ask dowry from there and asks them also to be careful and not ruin his plan.

Payal reminisces Rajath scolding her and Dev’s gift. She opens giftbox and sees pen and letter which reads Dev knows she does not consider gold precious than pen, so he gifted her a pen. She smiles.

Dev’s friend says he got caught unncessarily by Payal’s family. Dev says he met Payal coincidentally and says they would have been scolding even Payal, so he will write an apology letter to her. Friend asks him to call. Dev says he will write letter itself and asks him to deliver it.

Gulkan gets ready to confront natru/Jogeshwar and get her dowry back. She comes out of room and sees Ayodhya on phone. Ayodhya looks back at Gulkan and starts acting as speaking to Jugnu servant and telling him to tell Guddi not to suicide. He says he could not keep neither his parents nor his wife happy, etc. Gulkan comes and asks what happened. He says he is a failure and could not keep her or his family happy. She asks him not to think like that. He hugs her, smirks and prays god to get him out of this situation soon. He asks where is she going. She says nowhere.

Precap: Ayodhya sees Rajath and Guddan enquring about him and Gulkan. Payal asks Indu if she should speak to Dev. She says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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