Service Wali Bahu 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal reading Dev’s letter that he fell for her the day he saw her and loves her very much, did not know destination would bring them together forever, wants to know if she loves him or not. She smiles after reading letter. Indu comes and asks what is she reading. Payal says it is official letter and thinks she will reply to this letter.

Gulkan feeds food for her children and asks them not to become like Natru. They ask who is natru. She says their dadaji/Jogeshwar, Daadi is bhaktin billi. Ayodhya hears that and gets angry, asks her not to teach wrong to their children. She says if he is so concerned about his parents, he should go and stay with them, she will not change herself.

Santoshi comes to Dev’s room with badam milk while is studying. She also gives him Payal’s letter, asks him to continue studying and leaves.

Payal comes to her office and sees her files not in their place. She calls her secretary Satish and other staff and asks who comes in her cabin in her absence. Satish says while clean, they have been changed. She says she knows how it will be when cleaning is done and files are missing, says she is going for an important meeting now but will come back and enquire about it. Peon gives her Dev’s letter, she smiles and leaves. Satish gets tensed.

Indu asks Bhuvaneshwar to order catering food for Payal’s engagement and buy suit and gold chain for Dev. He says he has saved at least money for that. Rajath says even he is earning money now. She praises Rajath and says Payal is angry on her as she scolded her for coming late. Bhuvaneshwar says Payal is a big officer and she will be having a lot official work to handle. Indu feels guilty and asks Rajath to get lunch for Payal, stay until her work finished and bring her home. He says okay.

Dev reads Payal’s letter in front of his friend that Payal likes his simplicity and way of sending letter. Friend laughs. Dev says he wants to gift something to Payal. They both leave for market to buy gift.

Payal sees a file missing from her desk. Satish is seen tearing papers from file and hiding it in his pocket. Payal comes out and says file is missing. He says he will search it and leaves. Dev comes there. She asks what is he doing here. He says he came to give her a gift. She asks him to have tea and go. He agrees and goes into her cabin. Payal arranges shattered files on her desk, asks peon to get 2 cup tea, and asks Dev to sit. Dev continues looking at her. She asks what was he telling outside. He gives her gift. She shyingly accepts it and asks why did he bring it. He says she is his would be wife. Rajath comes there, gets irked seeing them together and scolds Payal that whole family is tensed that she is busy in her work, but she is busy with Dev instead. Dev tries to interfere, but Rajath asks him not to interfere in his and his sister. Satish comes with forged file and asks her to sign papers right now. Payal signs papers without reading them. Rajath says she must be having a lot of work, so he will not disturb her and leaves. Satish smirks after taking signatures.

Gulkan scribbles something on paper. Ayodhya comes home and says he is very tired. He asks where are children. She says they have gone to watch circus with her brother. He asks what is she scribbling. She says she has written the goods/appliances she took to Natru’s house as dowry, so she will go and bring them back. He says he cannot see her insulted, so he will not let her go. She says she know he will get new appliances for her, but she will not leave her dowry easily for Natru and family to enjoy, so she will go and get back.

Precap: Rajath says Guddan that he doubts Jogeshwar’s whole family. Guddan says he will take Ayodhya and Gulkan’s address and will enquire why they are staying separately. Gulkan looks at her list and thinks she will get all the goods from natru/Jogeshwar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Story is very slow..Actors and actresses are mediocre.Storyline has the same deception and conniving and backstabbing as all others. but one good thing they are showing Payal as a good government worker.

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