Service Wali Bahu 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devi reminiscing his meeting with Payal. Tere nainaa kaatil hogaye….song…plays in the background. He reminisces Payal telling she wanted a life partner like him. He smiles and tells her agreement was very important to him and he thinks they both are made for each other. Payal on the other side imagines Dev in her mirror and smiles.

While having breakfast, Payal looks at Rajath and reminisces him yelling at her. Dev comes there and joins them for breakfast staring at Payal. Payal gets shy. He says he came to thank them all for accepting alliance. He says Payal is a big PWD engineer and would have got any good guy, but they chose him and he wants to promise them that he will take care of Payal like they are doing. Indu says Payal is lucky to have a good family and life partner. Payal gets shy and leaves for office, looking back at him. He also looks at her and says he will leave. Indu asks Alka to bring tea for him while she serves breakfast. He says he has some work, but she says he has to finish breakfast and go.

Payal sees her driver tensed and asks him about it. He says his son is ill and he is waiting to finish duty and reach home soon. She asks him to leave right and gives money for his son’s treatment. Driver leaves happily. She waits for rickshaw and sees Dev standing with his bike. Dev says he had some work nearby. She says she is waiting for rickshaw. He insists to drop her and she agrees and sits behind him as a pillion rider. Tham sa gaya hai ye sama……plays in the background. He applies sudden break and she falls on him. He apologizes her and asks to hold his shoulder. She hesitantly holds his shoulder. Dev smiles feeling her touch.

Indu and Alka come for vegetable shopping and see Dev dropping Payal home on bike. Neighbours ask Indu who is the man with Payal and badmouth about them. Indu angrily gets back home and tells Dev as he has a family rule of boy not meeting girl before marriage, they have the same rule and wants him to not meet Payal before marriage. She says society will badmouth about them. Dev says he did not meet to hurt her feelings, apologizes her and leaves. Neelu comes out and apologies him on behalf of Indu. Dev says he did not feel bad and leaves. Payal feels sad. Neelu goes back and asks Indu why did she scold Dev and ask him not to meet before marriage. Indu asks her to behave herself. Dad comes home and asks what is happening. Indu says because of his leniance, daughters are misbehaving with her. Neelu tells the issue. Indu asks him to speak. He backs Neelu and tells time has changed and she should adapt to it. She asks him to fix the marriage date soon. Payal’s secretary comes, tells commissioner wants to meet her and takes her back to office. Indu yells that Payal’s workload forces her to stay out of house often, but her mother-in-law will not tolerate it. Dad says a normal housewife takes care of only her house, but Payal takes care of whole city’s problems. She says until Payal is in her house, she should follow her rule. Dad says he will go to Jogeshwar’s house and fix marriage date.

Dev sadly comes home. Guddi asks asks why is he sad. He tells the reason. She starts acting and says he also has some respect and should not meet bhabhi till marriage. Jogeshwar and Sanothi listen to their conversation silently. Jogeshwar scolds guddi and asks Dev to respect his sasural’s opinions and asks him to and rest. Once he leaves, he consoles Guddi and tells if he had not scolded her, their plan would have been ruined. Guddi says if it is part of his plan, he should also reward her. He says once service wali bahu comes, they will get regular income and live lavish life.

Precap: Jogeshwar insists that premarriage rituals should happen at his house. Bhuvaneshwar says it should happen at girl’s house. Rajath says they should perform it at Ayodhya and Gulkan’s house. Jogeshwar gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Go and do the ceremony on the street so no one will have to object.Stupiid.This is going to belike all the other shows.

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