Service Wali Bahu 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajath informing Jogeshwar that Bhuvaneshwar wants Payal and Dev to meet once before fixing marriage. Jogeshwar says as per their family rule, girl and boy cannot meet before marriage and he will not break the rule. Rajath and Guddan walk out sadly. Jogeshwar then tells Jaiswal that his plan would be ruined if Dev and Payal meet.

Hired actresses ask Jogeshwar to give their money or sari. He signals Santoshi to give sari. She gives them torn saris. They say they need money and not torn sari. He gives them 10 rs each. They yell at him and leaving telling his daughter’s marriage will not happen if he shows his cunningness everywhere.

Payal reaches home. Alka brings tea for her. Rajath and Guddan come home and tell Bhuvaneshwar that Jogeshwar denied to let Payal and Dev meet as he has a family rule that girl and boy will not meet before marriage. Bhuvaneshwar calls Jogeshwar and says without Payal and Dev’s meeting, he will not fix marriage. Indu says Bhuvaneshwar he should have agreed Jogeshwar’s request. Bhuvaneshwar says he wants Payal to understand Dev first before marrying him. Rajath says dad is right, why should they bend to Jogeshwar’s all demands. Indu yells at him, goes to kitchen and vents out her anger on her.

Payal goes to Rajath’s room and asks why did he use her name to get RTO transport permit. She says because of him, RTO officer wants her to do his job. He shouts at her that though papa bought him a car, she does not want him to succeed in life, she is jealous that he got license and she just wants everyone to praise her. Payal starts crying and tells she just wants him to follow the rule. He asks her to go and cancel his permit then. Alka sees the whole incident and consoles Payal by telling she is really good and Rajath is lucky to have a sister like him.

Indu yells at Guddan and Bhuvaneshwar for enjoying tea instead of worrying about Payal’s marriage. She says no one would like their one-sided rule. Bhuvaneshwar says he just wants Payal to lead a happy life.

Jogeshwar comes with Dev and Jaiswal. Bhuvaneshwar greets them in. Jogeshwar says he broke his rule on his demand and brought Dev here. Guddan says he did very good. Indu goes to get tea and snacks. Dev peeps at Payal’s room. Neelu sees that and asks whom he is searching. Everyone start laughing. Jaiswal silently calls Jogeshwar. He picks call and acts as speaking to his client and telling he is in important meeting. He calls Dev’s phone and silently picks it himself and thinks whenever Dev will go, he can hear his conversation. Jaiswal then calls him again. He goes out to listen to their conversation.

Precap: Payal tells Dev that she is proud that he has set up coaching center on his work and is working hard. Dev gets confused. Jogeshwar gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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