Service Wali Bahu 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jogeshwar taking Bhuvaneshwar, Rajath and Guddan to a coaching center where Dev studies and shows it as owned by Dev. He shows big boards with Dev’s name, takes in where Dev is writing on black board as per teacher’s order. Bhuvaneshwar says they should not disturb Dev and walks out with eveyrone. Rajath asks Jogeshwar how much he spent on setting up coaching classes. Jaiswal says Dev worked hard and set up this coaching center. Guddan invites Jogeshwar to come home and finalize marriage date. Once they leave, Dev comes out and asks where did they go. Jogeshwar says they alread left and sends him to inform his friends. He happily leaves in bike. Coaching center’s owner changes board and says he did on Ayodhya’s order.

Servant tells Santoshi that he will leave job as he is insulted and beated in this house and not even given money to nurse his wounds. Guddi signals Santoshi to give him money. Santoshi thinks if he goes, she will have to work. She gives money and praises him.

Jogeshwar comes home with band baja. Santoshi asks if Gulkan agreed to leave Ayodhya. He says bigger than that and tells Santoshi that he trapped Payal’s family and fixed Dev’s marriage. He feeds her sweets and gives servant to finish it off.

Dev comes to Gulkan’s brother’s house where she and Ayodhya are staying and happily informs that marriage is fixed. Before he could continue, Ayodhya hugs him and takes in to take god’s blessings. Gulkan thinks whose marriage it is now. Naatu/Short and ugly man Jogeshwar must have trapped some rich family. Dev goes into room and asks where is god’s idol. Ayodhya says Gulkan fought with him just now and is in bad mood, so he should not tell her. Dev tells he is marrying the same girl he loves, is a PWD engineer, her parents accepted him even after knowing that he is illiterate. Ayodhya says he is really happy for him. Gulkan asks Dev to come out. Dev comes out and runs telling he told Ayodhya everything. Gulkan thinks naatu must have fixed Ayodhya’s marriag, but she will not let it happen. Ayodhya says Guddi’s marriage is fixed. She asks naatu was eager to get Dev’s married, then how did he fix Guddi’s marriage and howmuch dowry he is taking. Ayodhya says Guddi is girl and dowry has to be given instead. She says she know Naatu will even sell his sweat and must loot groom’s family.

Payal is at home. She gets her assistant’s call who informs that RTO officer is waiting in her office. She asks why did he come and asks him to tell that she will meet him tomorrow.

Jogeshwar asks Santoshi not to inform Dev about his plans, else Dev will not Payal and his plan of getting service wali bahu will ruin. She says what if her tongue slips. He says he will cut her tongue. Dev comes home. Santoshi performs his aarti and hugs him. Dev asks Jogeshwar not to take dowry from Payal’s family. Jogeshwar says he will never take dowry, but thinks he is planning about a life-long income.

Guddan tells Indu about Dev’s coaching classes and praises Dev. Payal gets gulab jamoons for everyone. Dad and Guddan like it. Indu asks dad if he liked Dev. He says Dev is just like him and he set up his coaching classes on his own, is a self-made man. He suggests Payal to meet Dev once. Rajath says he will go and inform Jogeshwar. Guddan says he will accompany him.

Precap: Guddan informs that Jogeshwar did not permit Dev and Payal’s meeting due to some family rituals. Bhuvaneshwar informs Jogeshwar that Payal does not want to marry Dev without meeting him before.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Payal you are caught in this ride.You are trapped and will have to deal with the highs and lows.the trials and tribulations that comes with this journey of life.

    1. What y mean by that

  2. Payal is in bad trap wish u all the best

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