Service Wali Bahu 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Phool singh getting tensed seeing Payal’s progress. He tells his assistant that he has to stop her somehow. Don Thakur who is Phool’s puppet introduces Rajath to him and says he hired this man who needs more work. Phool thinks he saw him somewhere. Rajath realizes that Phool was in Natru’s land pooja and reminds him. He says he is Payal’s brother. Phool signals Thakur and asks him to let Rajath deliver his special boxes. Thakur takes Rajath from there silently. Phool then laughs seeing his good fate.

Dev comes back home sadly and informs Payal that he could not get loan as everyone are afraid of Phool singh. Payal also says even bank people denied loan as Phool’s men interrupted. Phool calls her and informs that her brother is arrested for smuggling liquor and asks her to go and bail him out if possible. Payal rushes to police station.

Payal reaches police station with Dev and asks Rajath why did he do such a big crime. Dev asks inspector if he caught Rajath red handed. Inspector says yes, Rajath does smuggling via his transport company, he got a tip off and caught him red handed. He may not get even bail. Bhuvaneshwar enters with Guddan maama and asks inspector if he can speak to his son. Inspector permits. Bhuvaneshwar asks why did he do such a big sin, why he wanted to build a house from his sin money. Rajath asks him to stop and says he is the reason his drastic step. He always called him incompetent his whole life and compared him to Payal, so to prove himself, he took a wrong way. Bhuvaneshwar warns inspector not to free Rajath and leaves from police station.

Bhuvaneshwar reaches home. Indu asks where is Rajath. He says he sent him to jail. She says he is her lonely son and he cannot be hanged for his mistake. He says he is also his son, but he will not tolerate anyone doing sin.

Dev says Rajath if he tells whom he is working for, police will free him. Rajath reminisces thakur’s words that he should be loyal and if caught never reveal his name. He stands silently. Dev asks Payal to go home and maama wait there while he meets lawyer and comes back.

Payal comes back home. Santoshi asks he how is Rajath. Payal says he is behind bars. Natru starts spilling his poison and taunts payal that she is symbol of truth and her brother is a culprit, he is better than her brother as he looted people’s money and her brother looted people’s life.

Phool laughs saying he looted big thugs natru and is enjoying it. He asks his men to enjoy the party and laughs.

Precap: People blacken Natru’s face for thugging them. Payal gets an offer by financier to clear his contract in exchange of 50 lakhs. Her evil soul provokes her to accept bribe to bail her family out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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