SERIES 2 ..EK NAYI SHURUVATH…ZINDAGIKA # Part -1 (an Ishqbaaz fan fiction by PHANIKIRAN)

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Hi my beautiful nd sweet hearted readers… ur Phanikiran …heartly welcoming u all  with a new book again on Maahi’s track under the same title of EK NAYI SHURUVAATH …ZINDAGIKA (ENSZ)  Series -2 with Prologue…hope u will all like this nd give ur support to this my new book also like before….thank you nd start ur reading journey…..

An humble request….its purely a fanfiction….nd plz don’t try to locate the locations in Mumbai or around Mumbai…..dont know some of the area are really located in Mumbai or in its surroundings…they all are my imaginary ones…so plz excuse me for that if u didn’t locate them in real….thank you…

Nd one more request…the stories in which Maahi will be there ..that track mostly relates to previous track….if I get any new idea then I will definitely write adding Maahi in new track….plz understand nd enjoy the track…..thank you


A village which is surrounded 3 sides by beautiful hills nd another side by wonderful forest… is nearly 50 to 55 km far from Mumbai National Highway….its neither an undeveloped nor a developed village …it contains nearly 150 houses in total….

The people of the village already woke up in the early morning nd started their work…..but the rising Sun from behind the Hills make their work speed up ..vanishing their drowsyness completely by spreading his endless energy through his warm rays….

A door of a house opened …a middle aged woman cameout with a plate in her hand which was filled with puja materials….after coming out she locked the door …..started walking towards the Lord Shiva Temple…..she reached the temple which is welcoming her with its peaceful atmosphere…..

The temple surroundings were very calm nd spreading the holiness ….in this temple instead of Shiv Linga …the ancestors of the village placed a idol of Lord Shiva…..he just sat in  an meditation posture spreading the positive vibes …..

She slowly climbing the steps went near the idol….seeing her the Pandit came near her….she gave him the puja thali ….he took it nd started performing puja…

Starring at the idol….with an added hands….

Woman (in mind): hey Shankarji…plz give me one chance to rectify my mistake….no…my offence that I did 25 years back…I didn’t ask anything else…plz pardone me nd complete my wish by giving a chance….she prayed …

Pandit came near her completing the puja…he returned the puja thali  with Prasad….

Pandit: I am seeing you from last 20 years…everyday you are performing puja…till this day he didn’t hear you….how many days you will do it like this…..he questioned….

Woman: till I hv a complete trust on him….definitely he will show me the way…wtever the pain I am baring inside from years …one day it will go out…for that definitely he will send a person to me…until then the only thing that I will do is just to wait keeping trust on him….saying she moved from there….

The Pandit starred at her nd turning to Lord Shiva’s idol….

“hey bhagwaan…send that person as soon as possible to remove her pain”…he prayed….

The Pandit asking this same question….the woman giving the same answer…later he prays for her…it’s a routine one that’s going on from 20 years….even the people of the village are also waiting to see that will her trust on Lord Shiva comes true or not…

Who is that woman?…wt the offence (she feels about her act that she did as always offence) that she did years before?…

For whom she is waiting to rectify her offence?…will her trust on Lord Shiva comes true or not.? Will he send the person near her? If yes then whose that?

To know just start the reading journey ….

Hey all how is it…..dont forget to share ur views through comments nd  votes….then only I will come to know whether I will post next part or not….

Plz don’t forget to share….all comments are welcome…..

After seeing ur response….Will meet with the next one with the character introduction….until then bye bye …take care….nd stay tuned….

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  1. This is awesome but what about the previous one why Did u leave it ??
    Will there be no oberoi in this and only mahika??
    Is this the continuation or a new start of our mahika??

    Please clear my doubts rest the episode was good and looking forward for the same….??

    1. Phanikiran

      Hi Aditi dear… I am very happy for the response.. Thank you??now i will clear ur doubt.. Don’t worry Our MaahiKa are there… That is a different one nd this Series 2 is another story on Maahi’s track… So this is completely different from MaahiKa’s track.. But this story also on ShivaAhi’s with different plot… Infact when i posted i forgot to post the starter of the story.. I will post it along with Characters introduction part… So i am giving you all two stories at a time.. So plz enjoy, give support nd plz share ur views through comments nd likes… Thank you dear. ???

      1. Thanks for explanation …..but if both stories are different can u please give another name to this book so that we don’t get confused!!
        It is just a suggestion implementation depends on u…

    2. Phanikiran

      Hi Aditi dear… in fact I tried a lot to keep a different name but I didn’t get a perfect name…finally after an utmost effort I decided to give this under the same name adding Series number?so final product came like this?

  2. Hey wat about previous one.eagerly waiting.when will u post.this too is also good.pardon me. But previous one awesome,wonderful,fantabulous.

    1. Phanikiran

      Hi Ramya??thank you very much for this love .❤️I am very happy for this love… will post the next episode of first FF soon as typing takes a little more time. Nd this one is a new one on Maahi. . Hope u will like this ☺️

  3. Phanikiran

    Hi dear lovely readers. A humble request..plz after Story starts it’s journey whenever any of you will get a perfect name to my new ff on Maahi ..which I am started posting under the same name adding Series number ….plz suggest the name..after seeing the response I will keep the name through opinion pole?☺️Thank you all

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely… Excited….

    1. Phanikiran

      Thank you dear??

  5. ItsmePrabha much suspense in the first part…super excited for this one too…

    1. Phanikiran

      Thank you Prabha ??

  6. Awesome?????

    1. Phanikiran

      Thank you very much ??

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