Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 39

Thank u everyone once again! I guess many of u all are busy and hopefully all of u are reading the updates silently…..Thanks for that and once again the time is here now for me to disappear…I am so sorry but I can’t update regularly for the time being…. I wanted to tell this in the last update itself but my mind got slipped into forgetfulness! I just typed this update to inform u all about this. I am not sure how this update is as I typed it in a rush too…..It’s a very short update too!

Ok now back to the story…..
Pragya, Yes I loved him all this while and even before he knew me…..The reason is simple I loved him for loving others not caring about their background. He only cared about their character. But how do I tell him that I am scared that my presence in his life will affect him?

He said he loves me and wants to be with me all the time…..I also want that….but maybe it have to be in distance….I think I have to be far from him and be with him in his thoughts……Why can’t he understand that? How do I tell him that my presence in his life will only create troubles?

Abhi, I won’t totally disagree with what she is worried or feeling bad about….Her presence in my life is troublesome….I have to convince my parents that how important she is to me….I even have to convince her that she is not something that I want but I need in my life……She is my necessity!

The moments we spent together only reflect how enjoyable it is….there were closeness both in our fights and romance….only closeness….I never felt like moving far away from her….Yes I maintained a distance with her at one point of time….I did that as I was scared that I will be closer to her….In that way, I always wanted to be closer to her…..Why can’t she understand that her closeness makes me more closely attached to my life…..Without her presence, I feel lost in life….Why can’t she understand that?

Pragya, It’s not about understanding each other….but it’s all about understanding the wishes of others….especially those who care about us for a very long time…..Just like how Tanya wished us to be together….and yes both of us are together in some way….but now Aunty wish us to be not together….In that way, we should respect her wish….It can be confusing why am I not thinking about my wish and I am always trying to fulfil others’ wishes……I feel my wishes are not that cared by anyone….I feel those who wish for us really care for us and understand about us….Abhi! You are my only wish to the wishes I have but I feel I don’t have the right to wish for u!

Pragya was still in the terrace with those thoughts, she didn’t realized that Abhi was also there after talking to Tommy. Pragya was completely lost in her thoughts about her feelings……As for Abhi he was lost in his own feelings by looking at Pragya.

Abhi realized that it was getting dark and they should make a move from there. He walked towards Pragya and carried her. Pragya was taken aback and said “What are u doing??” Abhi “What can I do? You are lost in thoughts and I don’t want to disturb u! So I ended up carrying u!” Pragya “Just let me down!” Abhi still carrying her now was walking down the stairs said “I care for you and that’s why I am carrying u!” Pragya “I know that but just let me down! This is not your house to do whatever u wish!” Abhi just ignored her and continued to walk and let her down once they reached the living room. Pragya adjusted her duppata and stared at Abhi in anger. Pragya “Thank god! Tommy is not here! And most importantly his family is not here! What if his family members see us like this?” Abhi with a smirk asked “Like what?” Pragya got annoyed and she just slapped Abhi!

Abhi was shocked and said “Not that painful though….Maybe u can try slapping me with your kisses!” Pragya “What?? Are u mad? How can u even tell like this?” Abhi in a seductive tone “U said Tommy and his family are not here then I had mad thoughts of what to do….so why not slaps with kisses?” Pragya “Disgusting!” She walked off to a room and Abhi was keep on following her. Pragya just slammed the door before Abhi could enter. Abhi “You can’t do this to me! You know how badly u have influenced me….both in thoughts and actions!” Pragya from inside the room replied “I never ask u to be influenced by me….You should have control of yourself!” Abhi “How can I be in control when u make me uncontrollable in every way???” Pragya “Sorry for all that….I am feeling sleepy now and good night!” Abhi “Always sleeping….You are my sleeping beauty yaar….” Pragya “But u are not my Prince charming!” Abhi “I can’t hear what u said….Good night!” Pragya, Very smart he just don’t want to hear what he dislikes about….As soon as possible I have to make him leave from here….

Abhi “Pragya! No choice now….u have to come along with me as Ma wants to see u!” Pragya in doubtful tone asked “Aunty wants to see me?” Abhi “Yes not only that she also wants something from u……” Pragya was now confused…..

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